Friday, June 10, 2016

Unplanned Visit in a Planned Day

I had an appointment this afternoon to see Dr. Mousolf for an eye exam after the Laser surgery following Cataract removal. We always try to combine activities in our trips to Lincoln and this was no exception. We have a tradition of going to Olive Garden for lunch as a part of celebrating our Wedding Anniversary. That was our first stop and when Elaine told the waiter that it was for our 67th, he gave us a complementary choice of dessert.
Our next stop was at Computer Hardware where the Technician shown was able to correct a problem and download an update.
I have had my Apple Laptop in for minor problems a few times since buying in there several years ago and am always amazed at how quickly they are able to resolve the issue. I ask him how he leaned the computer so intimately, and he said it was by experiencing trial and error. Education comes in many forms. After checking into Dr. Mousolf's office, the gentleman pictured with me said, "Hi Tony" and I immediately recognized him as a fellow I worked with at the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission back in the 1980's. We had nearly an hour of opportunity to catch up on the past 25 years since we had any contact. Adolph is a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge and had bought my Grandfather Walker's farm south of Garland when it was sold in the early 50's. He and I are close to the same age, and we talked about how the "young guys" that we worked with back in the 80's are now all retired. He was their for his wife's appointment, and I got to see the Dr. soon after she was released. My exam resulted in the prescription for new glasses which were ordered from Sutton Optical. We stopped by the Owens home where preparations for a Garage Sale tomorrow were well underway.

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