Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Coping with Change

I attempted to order some photo prints from Walmart this
evening and was not successful. It was on April 15, 2015 when I last visited the site to order prints. Since then, the website has been completely reorganized and I just wasn't able to work my way through it. I wanted to get some prints of our Garland High School Reunion, a couple when Verlon was here, as well as this Mother's Day photo. It is another example of why our resistance to "Change" increases as we grow older. As long as we keep doing what we have always done, we can cope with the aging process by adapting to minor changes. But attempting to start from scratch on those that are not extremely "user friendly" is most difficult. I have "written out" the steps to follow on some sites that I don't use very frequently. If people like Walmart would have a "tutorial" when they make changes, it would certainly help some of us older users. I may take my laptop down to Walmart and see if they will "walk me" through it. Or, I might just try to figure it out on my own, knowing son Jon will be here a week from tonight.


  1. I have found the Walmart photo site not very user friendly either, Dad. I'll try to help you with it sometime this week--or show you what I've been doing to get my photos.