Monday, June 20, 2016

Seward Memorial Library

Becky Baker, Director of the Seward Memorial Library presented the program at Kiwanis today. She told of the many programs the Library has for people of all ages, especially for kids. She says that hundreds of them participate in various programs. One of the new initiatives is “Preserving Seward County’s History" by digitizing past issues of Seward County’s newspapers and posting them online. Their website at <> already contains linkage to a wealth of information. The  Kiwanis motto of serving the children of the world, one child at a time, is closely related to what the Library does on a local basis. As it's programs on the Internet expand, like the History project, the bounds of their services are greatly expanded. Becky and her staff have done an excellent job of utilizing the expanded facilities with programs and services during the past 13 years in the new building.  Many of us are not taking advantage of the Life Enriching programs of the Library, to the extent that we should.

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