Saturday, June 4, 2016

Our Garage Sale is Over

We had our Garage Sale today and the highlight was when Jan and Chuck came over and brought Roses for our Wedding Anniversary which will be tomorrow. Jan even brought Elaine a special Rose that is just beautiful. Chuck even picked up some of our sale items including a "hand driven" tire pump manufactured by the Golden Harvest Company in Hastings, NE. Chuck spent some of his "growing up" years living in Hastings so he couldn't pass it up. Our sale was an interesting experience but we don't plan to have another. The greatest satisfaction comes from being able to pass on to others, items that we no longer need nor used for bargain prices. A couple customers even gave us a little extra.
My golf clubs, balls, cart and equipment made up the largest category of items on the sale. The new balls were the "hottest" item, but we did sell some clubs. There is something about Garage Sales that attract a wide rage of people. It was a reminder to us of how narrow the range is of most people with whom we come in contact.  Elaine and I both enjoy visiting with people, and we felt that we made some new friends during the day. We also enjoyed with old friends that stopped by. Much of what didn't sell will now be taken down to the Et-Cetera thrift  store here in Seward where it can be passed on to where it can be utilized.

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