Saturday, June 18, 2016

Gruntorad Auction

Schweitzer Auction Service conducted the Marilyn Gruntorad estate sale at the 4-H Building here in Seward today. There was an exceptionally large number of quality items. This 2007 Cadillac DTS, with 60k miles and in excellent condition, is an example. The Gruntorad's lived in Butler Co. but have relatives here in Seward. It was obvious that they had good taste in the selection of all their posessions and took good care of them. 
Another example of a quality item was this Melodeja, 4-row button accordion, made in Italy. I didn't stay to see either of these items sell but their was a good size crowd and things seemed to be selling well. There were many old, small items that were most interesting. One was this live "rabbit trap" like I remember seeing years ago. They also must have done cut glass work as a hobby, enjoyed Polka music, and done some traveling. They were apparently "good people" and even had a copy of the Butler County published Soil Survey at the time Gene Sullivan was the SCS State Conservationist here in Nebraska. 

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