Friday, June 3, 2016

Magazine Club & Garage Sale

Greg is shown placing the Traditional President's necktie on Gerald which signifies the leadership change of the Seward Magazine Club. The annual Spring Installation event was held at Greg and Dixie's Lakeside home last evening. They were assisted  in hosting the celebration by Summer Party Committee. The food was delicious and drinks refreshing. It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed riding with Chuck and Jan as we carpooled for the ride through the beautiful countryside. At our short business meeting, we talked about bringing our History up to date, and I was assigned the chore of going through my records for some data. We will not meet during the summer but will resume our monthly meetings this fall. It is the oldest Social  Club in the City dating back to 1898 when a group of Seward Business Men and their wives would coordinate their Magazine subscriptions. They would then meet and each report on articles  from the Magazine which they had chosen to subscribe. A light lunch was served to conclude the meetings with the men seated at one table and the ladies at another. 
Elaine and I continued to prepare for our Garage Sale tomorrow by getting things organized and attaching price tags.  We are not very astute on such sales and plan to prepare a sign to say: " If you see something you want and think the price is too high, see us". Our main objective to share some of our surplus items with those who may need or want them.

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