Monday, October 31, 2016

Mission in Kenya, Africa

Greg Hershberger and his wife Cathy, presented the program at today's Kiwanis meeting. They have returned from their 3rd mission trip to Kenya, Africa, with a Methodist Mission. It is difficult to comprehend the living conditions of people living in such developing areas. He told of seeing water being bailed out of a pond where livestock had trampled, to be used as drinking water. One of the mission project is helping the installation of "above the ground" cisterns which catch rooftop rain runoff and filter it for drinking water. He showed pictures of dirt floored school rooms with all the students dressed in mandatory uniforms. They have taken sewing machines and material to them and taught sewing. Gardens have been promoted for growing food products.
And have promoted dairy goats, ducks and other foul for nourishing food. The female goat offsprings are passed on to others in a manner similar to the "Heifer Project".  He told of seeing young people sniffing glue to alleviate hunger pains. It is difficult to imagine how a race of people have been able to survive through the years living under such conditions. While the work of Missions is certainly  commendable, one has to wonder what led such people away from their native customs that must have had some degree of sustainability. Our Club President, Al Schmidt, is shown with Marlin Pozehl presenting the Hershbergers with a box of Crosses from the Cross Makers of Seward for their Mission.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Post Season Baseball

With the potential of the World Series ending this evening, I thought it appropriate to list how we got to this point of post season play. It all began on October 4 when Toronto beat Baltimore 5-2 and has continued through 32 games to where we are tonight. The Cleveland Indians have the possibility of becoming the 2016 World Champions if they win tonight. However, if the Chicago Cubs win tonight, the Series will move back to Cleveland with the Indians leading the series, 3-2. It takes 4 wins to be Champions so that would be decided in Cleveland in November. Up until 1969, when Divisions were established in the Leagues, the pennant winners played the World Series which began in early October. The League Championship Series began in 1969, the Division Series started in 1995 and a one-game wild-card playoff came in 2012. The American League adopted the Designated Hitter concept in 1973 but the National league has not. During the World Series they follow the practice of the home team. Lights were not added to Wrigley Field in Chicago until 1988 which is the oldest of the 30 current Major League Parks and I have had the privilege of seeing games in all 30.

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Jack welcomed Sadie to help him blow out candles on his birthday cake at today's special Luncheon. It was a great event with Grilled Burgers and lots of "goodies". Balloons and birthday caps added to the festive atmosphere. Jack knows he's two but likes to hold up 4 fingers and say "four" when asked how old he is. I continue to be pleasantly surprised at how well Jack and Sadie get along. He looks forward to her help in doing things like opening presents, and she seems to get just as much pleasure in his gifts as he does. While he received many nice gifts, the little barn with farm animals seemed to be his favorite followed by a wooden firetruck.
After all the gift opening, we went home and had naps. Then took on the leaves in our front yard. I removed the catcher the first time over and just chopped them up, then put it on and picked up the ground up residue. Elaine carried it back to the compost pile, and I used the lief blower to finish off the job. We decided it was time to "toast our health" which we did on the deck. Nebraska is down 7-10 against Wisconsin at the half and Cleveland just went ahead of the Cubs 2-1 in the top of the 2nd inning.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy Birthday Jack

Jack and Elaine were out on the Deck celebrating his 2nd Birthday when I got home from coffee this morning. He was dressed in a new shirt with trucks and tractors on it and knew that this was a special day. The weather added to the blessings of the day with 83 degree temperatures. He and Elaine had a ball and one of my Model JD tractors out for him to play with. Elaine has taught him that JD's go "pop, pop," so that is
the sound he makes when playing with it.He hasn't made the distinction between those old ones with only 2-cylinders and the more modern ones with more. I wanted to get a picture of him with his hair combed and even brought out the hair brush, but he didn't want anybody brushing his hair except him. There are some days when he isn't ready to leave when his ride comes, but this morning he was going to get to ride in Grandma Carolyn's Jeep which made it exciting. He is saying more words each day and beginning to put a couple of them together. Happy Birthday

Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Lumber Jack and Butterfly

Jack and Sadie competed in the Seward Rotary Club Halloween Costume Contest this evening at the Bandshell. There must have been over 50 kids involved in about 10 age classes. Jack competed in a class of 1 but under 2, age group and got 2nd place in a class of about 10. He went as a "Lumber Jack" with his stocking cap, plaid shirt, blue jeans and suspenders. His face was "made up" to look like a growth of whiskers. A set of twins won the 1st prize in that age group. Dr. Ron Wallman is shown here interviewing Jack. Rod did a great job with the kids.
Sadie went as a Butterfly and won first prize in her age group which included some 10 contestants. Ron asked her if she had been a cocoon last year and interestingly the little girl next to her was one this year. Since Sadie won 1st in her class of 4-year old's, she competed with all the class winners for the Championship Trophy. The winner was about a 10-year old dressed and performed as "Mary Poppins". She was dressed perfectly, made up ideally, carried her suitcase and sang, "A spoonful of sugar..." It was an ideal evening to hold the event at the outdoor Bandshell. Our temperature got up to the high 70's this afternoon but it began to cool down quickly after sunset. There were many 80 degree temperatures shown for western Nebraska towns on the 5:00pm local news. The leaves continue to fall from our Birch and Maple trees. The Maple leaves have put a beautiful yellow blanket over much of our front yard. The Linden and Red Oak trees are yet to have their days of glory.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


This picture of Sadie is on the front page of the Seward Independent which we received today. It was used in announcing the annual Seward rotary Club Children's Halloween Costume Contest scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 27 at the Seward Bandshell. The caption under the picture in the paper read, "Over the weekend, Sadie Owens of Seward had her thinking cap on for the annual Seward Rotary Club costume contest. Seward County has a variety of Halloween activities planned for this year's holiday." I wasn't able to recall how she and Jack dressed last year for the contest but remember distinctly how 3 years ago, her Mother went as a Potato Farmer and she as a sack of potatoes. I believe she has won a prize every year in the contest. Her Daddy is very active in the Rotary Club but I don't think that anything to do with her picture being on the front page of the paper. 
We are enjoying seeing the Chicago Cubs come to life this evening and lead the Indians 5-0 in the top of the 6th after getting beat last night 6-0. The baseball season has extended into football weather, and the people in Cleveland are dressed accordingly.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Framed Poster & Story

We watched Antique Road Show last night and saw a campaign poster for Theodore Roosevelt in his run to be elected President. It was in excellent shape and appraised very high. It reminded us of a Ronald Reagan poster that we received from a High School Classmate in California who was very active in Republican Party politics. We hosted a "Down on the Farm with Charley Thone" event at our farm during the summer of 1982 when the Governor was running for a second term against Robert Kerrey. We were in contact with "Rusty" who provided this poster to us which we framed, put under glass, and used  at the event as part of the "back drop" for speakers on our front porch. It is a large poster with the frame measuring 28 x 34 inches and has hung for many years in our lower level, storage area, partially obscured by coats, etc. I have no illusions as to its monetary value but it certainly brings back some mixed memories. The event at the farm was very successful, but it didn't get Gov. Thone re-elected and Bob Kerrey become Governor.
 While I was taking picture of framed items, I snapped this one of a story I wrote recently for the Seward Independent "Bridal Section". The folks at the paper were aware of our long marriage and thought its story might be something that young people contemplating marriage, would find interesting. The picture at the top is of our family that was taken at my 90th birthday celebration. The other one is our Wedding picture. I just hit the highlights of our similar backgrounds, our jobs,  children, moves, challenges, etc. The paper wrote the heading, "Hard work trumps trials and tribulation of marriage" which is a very fitting summary of our "story". I did write that "We always lived within our means". And, now that we are older, "We live within our capabilities." It's been a good ride.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Seward Elementary School Principal

 Jessica Dominy, Principal of Seward Elementary School, provided the program for our Kiwanis meeting this noon. Josh Fields, Seward HS Principal and immediate past-President of our Club, was there to help get things set-up, and Dr. Greg Barns school Superintendent, was in the audience as a long time member. The refreshing message that Jessica brought to the attendees was like an antidote to the fear mongering that occupies the media today. I couldn't help but compare the individualized education that young people get today with that of even not too many years ago. The small groups made up of students from grades 1-4 is an interesting concept. The after-school programs appear to be very popular. I was pleased to hear of continued interest in teaching cursive writing. The Olympic theme for the school year provides a platform for many exciting activities. I can only imagine the “big eyes” that the youngsters must have when Concordia Football players visit their rooms. Jessica very effectively demonstrated her leadership ability for working with teachers in providing quality education to our children. Our Seward School Systems is a significant factor among the many that attract people to move to our community.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

By the Grace of God...

 We stayed up last night to see the Chicago Cubs win the National League Pennant by beating the SanFrancisco Dodgers 5-0 and winning the series 4-2. The Cubs will open the World Series in Cleveland Tuesday evening against the Indians representing the American League. I saw my first Major League game on September 23, 1948 with the New York Yankees playing the Chicago White Sox in Cominsky Park. The next day we saw the St. Louis Cardinals beat the Cubs 4-2 in Wrigley Field. I am presently up-to-date on having seen games in each of the current 30 Major League Parks with Wrigley Field being by far the oldest.
We went to 8:30 Church to hear Rev. Robert Henre give his sermon on “I am a United Methodist... Because I Am a work in Progress.” He went on to tell of John Wesley's distinctive understanding of God's saving grace. This incredible grace flows from God's great love for us and was described by Wesley as being threefold: prevenient grace, jusitifying grace and sanctifying grace. Prevenient grace is God's active presence in our lives and enables us to discern between good and evil and make wise choices. Justifying grace points to the reconciliation, pardon and restoration of our sins being forgiven and our relationship with God restored. The process of salvation involves a change in us and may be sudden and dramatic or gradual and cumulative. Sanctifying Grace is the ongoing experience of God's gracious presence transforming us into whom God intends us to be. Through God's sanctifying grace, we grow and mature in our ability to live as Jesus lived. But, we are to press on with God's help in the continuing path of sanctification toward perfection. (It was a good sermon, but I had to do some additional research. )

Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Good Day

We took things to the recycle center this morning and then on down to the 4-H building where Schweitzers had an auction for B. Erb and guest. We "made the tour" and then sat down to watch things sell. This is the only gun on the auction which sold for $250. It is a .22 Cal Remington Pump that appeared to have some age. It didn't seem to me that things were not selling for quite as much as they have at some recent sales.We bought a box of glass relish dishes, pie plates, pitcher and glasses for $2.00. I do regret not getting a bid on a box of children's books that included one on Smokey Bear. As I paid the 14 cents City sales tax, I wondered just how much tax revenue the City collects over the year with Seward being a popular location for auctions. It was a beautiful day again and nice to be outside. 
We planned our day around the auction, watching the Nebraska-Purdue football game and the Chicago Cubs-San Francisco Dodgers baseball game this evening. While Nebraska was a 24 point favorite, we were pleased to see them come back and win 27-14 after trailing 10-14 at the half. It is ironic that the Huskers have Sam Foltz #27 football shirt draped on the sidelines as a memorial to him, and they have scored 27 points in the last two games.  We went out at the half, took the grass catcher off the mower, and went over the front yard, chopping up the leaves and cutting the grass. The leaves on our Maple tree are turning yellow and dropping, but they are not nearly as colorful as the one across the street nor some of the others around town. Kershaw and the Dodgers are having their problems in Chicago and trail 4-0 after 4 1/2 innings.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Drive to Days Gone By

We have traditionally gone on an annual car ride out past where Elaine and I grew-up, as well as past the 2 farms that we owned at one time. We usually make the drive in early September, at about the time of Elaine's birthday, but were unable to do so until this afternoon. We also drove the route in the opposite direction today. And, did have to make some turns to get the picture like this one of the old Vrana farm. The only landmarks remaining are the Walnut tree and the Windmill across the road. Wagenknecht's house shows very much like it did on a family picture taken back in 1932. Elaine's home farmstead still has the Barn, Windmill and Corn crib.
Our farm out in "A" township has what appears to be a new "head" on the old "tower". We seeded it to grass back in the Conservation Reserve days and it has never been farmed since. While they built a dam for livestock water after we sold the place, the new "head" may have been necessary for water distribution over the 160 acres. It was a beautiful afternoon and good to see most of a great crop of soybeans harvested and the corn harvest well underway. The native trees along the way were not very colorful in comparison to the improved varieties that we see here is Seward.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jack & Sadie's visit

Jack knows how to take pictures with my laptop while setting on my lap but he hasn't figured out the 3-second "count-down" after he pushes the pad until the shutter opens. So, many of the "poses" are "by chance". He spent some time with us this afternoon and enjoyed one of the strawberries that we picked up at the grocery store this morning. There are few things that he doesn't like, and it wouldn't be our house if their wasn't a cookie for him in the kitchen. His Grandma and sister Sadie stopped by during the time he was here so that added to the activity. Carolyn and Sadie had been to a garage 
sale where they bought a small case that contained beads, wire, etc. Sadie sat at my workbench and cut the wire the right length for a necklace. After she got it strung, she decided to rather have a bracelet, which it became. We went to the workbench again to make the transition. She is much more interested in the tools on the bench than Jack but maybe he will develop more interest in it as he gets a little older. Right now, it it doesn't have wheels, take pictures,  or be able to eat it, he's not interested.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Our Home in Mantua

During the time Verlon was here recently we talked about our house back in the Mantua neighborhood in Fairfax, VA. We only owned this house for 4 years prior to moving back to Nebraska in the summer of 1980. We were doing some work on our deck here in Seward that we built in the early 80's and wondered how the one we built across the back side of this house in the late 70's was holding up. I pulled up this recent picture (left) off Google Street view. 
Here is how the house looked back in the spring of 1980 with our little Buick on the parking area. It is a great house with 5 bedrooms and 4 baths but only a single garage. Regulations may have prevented a double garage but we never even checked on it. The old historic maps and early air photos did show a wagon trail along the south boundary of the property which ran from downtown D.C. to Bull Run but it was never marked as such. The little wooden mailbox is still shown in other current Street views though the address has been changed. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Kiwanis Back Pack Program

Teresa reported at Kiwanis this noon on the advanced ticket sales and final preparations for the 9th annual Empty Bowls Luncheon that will be held tomorrow at Harvest Hall here in Seward. This luncheon is used to raise funds for the "back-pack program" which involves sending weekend food-stuff home in a back-pack with elementary students who qualify for benefits under the Elementary School Program. The Helping Hands Kiwanis Club of Seward has a program for students during the summer vacation months. Teresa has provided leadership for this program since its inception here in Seward, but will be moving with her husband to Wayne, NE in the near future. She will be missed, not only for her leadership on this program, but also on others.
Teresa reported that 14 vendors will bring their soup specialty  to the luncheon where participants are encouraged to try more than one and then vote on their favorite. Hot Rolls are also being provided this year for the first time. While many advanced tickets have already been sold, they will still be available for purchase at the door tomorrow. Marv Taylor announced at today's meeting that Jane Erickson, from Bellevue, NE was written up in this mornings Omaha World Herald as this years International President of the Kiwanis Organizations. This is the first time that we have had an International President from Nebraska during the Clubs 100 year history. Teresa has sent her an invitation to attend tomorrow's event.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Old War Stories

The story of Julius and Edith Rosenberg who were executed for espionage on June 19, 1953,was featured on 60 Minutes this evening. It also included the story of their 2 young sons, their lives and current activity to exonerate their Mother.   Julius and Ethel were both born in NY City, and he received a Degree in Electrical Engineering from CCNY and in 1940, joined the Army Signal Corps  Engineering Lab in New Jersey, where he worked as an inspector. He was fired in 1945 when it was discovered that he had membership in the Communist party years earlier. He not only supplied Soviet operatives with secret information but also recruited informants at Oak Ridge, TN, for secret information. Edith was convicted for her role in typing some of the information which has since been questioned. 
I had remembered the case so went to my old 5-year Diary to see what I had written. I did note that: "Rosenbergs were electrocuted last nite". Dale Flowerday was with the Army in Korea at the time and I noted that "Flowerday's haven't heard from Dale for quite a while". He did come home OK and went on to get his PhD in Agronomy and had a very successful career. In March 2016, Michael and Robert (via the Rosenberg Fund for Children) launched a petition campaign calling for President Barack Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch to formally exonerate Ethel Rosenberg before they leave office in January 2017.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Full Day

Norm Helzer sent us tickets for the Lincoln Center Kiwanis Club Pancake Luncheon this noon, and we had a great time. Pictured are Dayle, Elaine, Bill and I. Dayle was the head of the NE Natural  Resources Commission during the '80's and my boss. I sponsored him in the Club and he just completed his 30th year. Bill was a good friend back in those days when I was in the Club and headed the 4-H programs in the State with the Extension Service. I had an opportunity to visit with many old friends whom I hadn't seen in some time. Rich was on the Commission staff and told of their breakfast meetings. Gary was with NRCS and is now the Kiwanis Lt. Gov. for District 21. He and son Jon are old friends so we had a lot to talk about. I also visited with Clinton and his wife, Imogene, who are old friends from SCS Days. Elaine was able to visit with Val and Darlene. Val was actually my sponsor in to the Lincoln Center club. We drove back to Seward on Highway #6 and saw some things we hadn't seen for a while. It has been a full day with an Auction this morning, Kiwanis Luncheon, Nebraska 27-Indiana 22 football game, Cleveland 2-Toronto 1 baseball and Chicago Cubs leading the L.A. Dodgers 3-0 in the 4th inning. Plus our talking to both Tim and Jon this evening.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Jack's Pennies and Julia Child's Desk

Jack visited us this morning and learned that his Texaco Truck was a "bank" to put pennies in as well as his "Piggy Bank". We had gone down to the lower level earlier, and he walks right to the record player to get the Polka music going and then picks a model truck off the shelves to play with. He has even discovered that the TV there gets the same PBS Kid's program that he sees in the living room. He is in all his glory when he can play with models on the coffee table, listen to Polka music, watch "T" and have me sitting on the couch watching him do all these things. I continued to work on the bookshelves in the storage room this afternoon and found some books I didn't remember ever having. 
One of these is "From The Desk Of" by Hal Drucker and Sid Lerner. It was published by Narcort Brace Jovanovich; copyright 1989. It is an 83 page, 10 by 10 1/2 inch hardback, slick paged publication which features a picture of 42
celebrities of that era with a picture of them sitting at their desk and a story on them on the facing page. I have included the coverage of Julia Child. The narratives provide interesting stories on each of the celebrities.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tiger Woods

While sorting collections of old magazines last week, I came across this November 1996 Golf Digest that featured Tiger Woods. While I subscribed to the Digest for a number of years, this is the only issue I still have. It's ironic that it was just 20 years ago that it was being asked, "Is this Kid Superman". Earlier this week, in withdrawing from the Safeway Open, he said, "After a lot of soul searching and honest reflection, I know that I am not yet ready to play on the PGA Tour," he said. "My health is good, and I feel strong, but my game is vulnerable and not where it needs to be." Tiger is 40 years old with a generation of young golfers filling the void, but none with the excitement that many of us had watching him during his "glory years". He is younger than Phil Mickelson and other notables on the tour but questions are being raised as to, if and when he will be ready. The next likely opportunity will come in December. I hope he can come back and play competitively. He doesn't have to win any more majors, but just seeing him play a good game would be inspiring. Meanwhile, I will hold on to the Magazine and may even have the opportunity to use it some day as an example of how personal decisions can trump ability and keep potential  and reputation from being realized and in tact.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Family Generations

Carolyn drove as we took Verlon to the Lincoln Airport to catch his United Airlines flight back to Richmond, VA. He called after getting home early this afternoon. We were able to get many little and some big things done while he was here. We were also able to do a lot of high quality "visiting" while he was here. He mentioned several things that happened when the kids were little that we had no idea that he remembered. We also enjoyed watching a lot of baseball together where we shared memories. After taking our oldest son to the airport, we came home to take care of our young Great Grandson. He is learning new words every day and for the first time, has put two words together. His favorite words are those where he tightens his lips and pops them open with the word. I wonder what he will remember.
He and Elaine watch a bit of "T" after he has ridden his "Hobby Horse" and played with several things from the big toy box. When I get home, he's ready to go to the lower level where there is Polka Music and Model trucks and tractors. He loves to have me take his hands, which he raises above his head, and have me "dance" with him by keeping time to the music. He even moved his feet around a bit this morning in time with the music. His favorite toys seem to be the Red Texaco truck and the Green John Deere tractors. He even goes, "Pop, pop, pop" pushing the JDs.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tees and Trees

 It has been said that, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" so this afternoon, Verlon and I went out to the Driving Range at the Golf Course and hit some balls. My right shoulder has "stiffened up" since I quit playing golf on a regular basis 3 years ago so I hit several "dull" shots. Verlon has never really played the game and his "baseball swing" also produced some dull shots. One reason for going to the Driving Range was to get a cart which enabled us to also check out a couple trees that I planted several years ago and continued to "nurture" them during my golfing years. 
 I am standing in front of a Spruce tree with a White Pine down the hill a ways and to the left of the Spruce. A few years ago the Spruce was infested with Bag Worms while Verlon was here, and we spent part of an afternoon "picking them off". We grew both of these trees from seedling out at our farm in the 1980's, brought them into town as small trees and moved them out to the Golf Course. The Spruce was planted out there is 1999 and the Pine in 2002. Both were planted as "Memorials" to dear friends. We stopped by at the Walnut planting done about 10 years ago and saw considerable growth. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Columbus Day

During a break in the action this afternoon, Verlon commented on the Father's Day Card he sent me last June. He wondered if Elaine had taken the cloth seal off the card and put it on one of my jackets. Being the conservative people that we are, we had decided to keep it intact and in a safe place. He had written a nice message on the inside that was even more impressive than the "seal". He had another good day of home maintenance that ranged all the way from changing a light bulb in the stairway to calking around the bath tub, to repair on a backyard fence post, to planting some Iris rhizomes, etc. We also enjoyed having Jack at our house this morning.  He has always been an inspiration to have around but now that he is learning to talk, he is most entertaining. Verlon has long been a Red Sox fan and a Nationals fan for several years. While we were disappointed in seeing the Red Sox eliminated, we have been pleased with the Nationals play. It's also great to see the Chicago Cubs looking good. The Cubs were my "first" team going back to when a radio announcer would "broadcast" their games with the telegraph clicking in the background. I was probably 12 years old before I found out he didn't see the game

Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Fun Sunday

I never thought our Red Oak would become an attraction for climbing at the time we planted it several years ago.  We had hoped that it would provide shade for the deck which has certainly been achieved. Verlon has kept it trimmed to where it has an ideal shape. John and Julie brought Sadie and Jack down to the Seward Fire Hall where they were able to ride on a Fire Truck. Then we all went to Goehner where an Open House was held at the Museum. Free train rides were also provided which was a big draw. We had been through the Main building but were impressed by the newer ones.
 These newer buildings house a great collection of farm machinery, tractors, yard and garden equipment along with many old unusual items. They ranged all the way from a Deluxe 1953 Chevy to a bicycle equipped to go down railroad tracks. Yesterday, Verlon took a picture of his shadow shown on the Red Oak tree trunk as the sun was rising. I thought that looked interestingly weird so this morning I tried it. I had on my long bathrobe which accounts for the shape. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Home Maintenance Continues

Home maintenance work continued today. After a run to the recycling center this morning we made a run to Walmart for supplies. Then to Seward Lumber and Fuel for Window Well Covers. There are numerous ways of installing them but we opted to hold them in place with stakes on each end. We bought the 40" wide ones with some 8" of rise. While Verlon and I were out buying them, Elaine cleaned out the window wells. Hopefully, these will prevent her from ever having to do that again. The window wells not only collected leaves but debris from animals that were attracted to the spots for the benefit of heat that seeped through the basement windows. We have a total of 5 windows and it took 2 stakes on each cover. Our underground lawn sprinkler system is self draining but the supply needs to be shut off in the basement which I did this evening. Verlon also took the "skirts" off the heat exchanger for our Air Conditioner system; and, hosed off the dusty film that had collected. We had planned to watch the Dodgers-Nationals game in D.C. but it was postponed because of the rain brought about by Hurricane Matthew. The Giants-Cubs game is on a pay channel so we won't see it either tonight. We have seen more football than normal and decided that after their bye week, Nebraska will have their hands full when they travel to Indiana next week.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Nebraska Life Magazine

Here are 4 years of Nebraska Life magazines. These are from 2012-2015 and were issued bi-monthly by Nebraska Life Publishing, Inc. of Norfolk, NE. Christopher Amundson is the Editor & Publisher assisted by Angela Amundson as Associate Publisher. The magazine is an excellent publication. Even the ads are well done and in excellent taste. Seward was featured in the May/June 2000 issue. Our coffee group was interviewed and pictured. I was not aware of the publication prior to that time but have been a regular subscriber since. The magazine contained 50-60 , center stapled pages in those days and priced  at $3.25/copy. It now has over 100 bound pages, and listed at $5.95/copy. We have "saved" a few selected issues but will probably pass-on most of these through Seward Swap, Et Cetera or the "Free Box" at the Library.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Rainy Day in Seward

This was a rainy day so home improvements were inside the house and involved some cleaning out and cleaning up. This is 4-years of "Journals of Soil and Water Conservation" that will go to the recycle center. They are "refereed" ,technical publications from the Soil and Water Conservation Society at Ankeny, IA. For several years, I passed them on to the Concordia Library here in Seward. They no longer stock them since much of the material is available on the Internet. I have kept those published during the years that I was the Executive VP and continue to receive them as a "lifetime" member. Jim Gulliford, the current Executive VP, writes an article occasionally which I read, but leave the technical details to those currently involved. 
Our "clean-up" focused on my desk in the living room. I don't really use it as a desk but more as a "side table" to my Queen Ann chair.We brought up a card table to use in the sorting process but forget to take a picture until there were several other "piles" around the room. Some of the books and other items will go down to my "office" on our lower level, and shared some of the pens with Elaine so she doesn't have to borrow mine. We woke up this morning with rain and have had a storm move through the area this evening. So far, we haven't had any damaging weather. Farmers are watching the clouds closely with the corn and soybean harvest underway. The beans are vulnerable to shattering during storms. The Toronto Blue Jays are up 1-0 over the Baltimore Orioles after 3 innings.