Saturday, October 8, 2016

Home Maintenance Continues

Home maintenance work continued today. After a run to the recycling center this morning we made a run to Walmart for supplies. Then to Seward Lumber and Fuel for Window Well Covers. There are numerous ways of installing them but we opted to hold them in place with stakes on each end. We bought the 40" wide ones with some 8" of rise. While Verlon and I were out buying them, Elaine cleaned out the window wells. Hopefully, these will prevent her from ever having to do that again. The window wells not only collected leaves but debris from animals that were attracted to the spots for the benefit of heat that seeped through the basement windows. We have a total of 5 windows and it took 2 stakes on each cover. Our underground lawn sprinkler system is self draining but the supply needs to be shut off in the basement which I did this evening. Verlon also took the "skirts" off the heat exchanger for our Air Conditioner system; and, hosed off the dusty film that had collected. We had planned to watch the Dodgers-Nationals game in D.C. but it was postponed because of the rain brought about by Hurricane Matthew. The Giants-Cubs game is on a pay channel so we won't see it either tonight. We have seen more football than normal and decided that after their bye week, Nebraska will have their hands full when they travel to Indiana next week.

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