Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Drive to Days Gone By

We have traditionally gone on an annual car ride out past where Elaine and I grew-up, as well as past the 2 farms that we owned at one time. We usually make the drive in early September, at about the time of Elaine's birthday, but were unable to do so until this afternoon. We also drove the route in the opposite direction today. And, did have to make some turns to get the picture like this one of the old Vrana farm. The only landmarks remaining are the Walnut tree and the Windmill across the road. Wagenknecht's house shows very much like it did on a family picture taken back in 1932. Elaine's home farmstead still has the Barn, Windmill and Corn crib.
Our farm out in "A" township has what appears to be a new "head" on the old "tower". We seeded it to grass back in the Conservation Reserve days and it has never been farmed since. While they built a dam for livestock water after we sold the place, the new "head" may have been necessary for water distribution over the 160 acres. It was a beautiful afternoon and good to see most of a great crop of soybeans harvested and the corn harvest well underway. The native trees along the way were not very colorful in comparison to the improved varieties that we see here is Seward.

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