Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Family Generations

Carolyn drove as we took Verlon to the Lincoln Airport to catch his United Airlines flight back to Richmond, VA. He called after getting home early this afternoon. We were able to get many little and some big things done while he was here. We were also able to do a lot of high quality "visiting" while he was here. He mentioned several things that happened when the kids were little that we had no idea that he remembered. We also enjoyed watching a lot of baseball together where we shared memories. After taking our oldest son to the airport, we came home to take care of our young Great Grandson. He is learning new words every day and for the first time, has put two words together. His favorite words are those where he tightens his lips and pops them open with the word. I wonder what he will remember.
He and Elaine watch a bit of "T" after he has ridden his "Hobby Horse" and played with several things from the big toy box. When I get home, he's ready to go to the lower level where there is Polka Music and Model trucks and tractors. He loves to have me take his hands, which he raises above his head, and have me "dance" with him by keeping time to the music. He even moved his feet around a bit this morning in time with the music. His favorite toys seem to be the Red Texaco truck and the Green John Deere tractors. He even goes, "Pop, pop, pop" pushing the JDs.

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