Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tees and Trees

 It has been said that, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" so this afternoon, Verlon and I went out to the Driving Range at the Golf Course and hit some balls. My right shoulder has "stiffened up" since I quit playing golf on a regular basis 3 years ago so I hit several "dull" shots. Verlon has never really played the game and his "baseball swing" also produced some dull shots. One reason for going to the Driving Range was to get a cart which enabled us to also check out a couple trees that I planted several years ago and continued to "nurture" them during my golfing years. 
 I am standing in front of a Spruce tree with a White Pine down the hill a ways and to the left of the Spruce. A few years ago the Spruce was infested with Bag Worms while Verlon was here, and we spent part of an afternoon "picking them off". We grew both of these trees from seedling out at our farm in the 1980's, brought them into town as small trees and moved them out to the Golf Course. The Spruce was planted out there is 1999 and the Pine in 2002. Both were planted as "Memorials" to dear friends. We stopped by at the Walnut planting done about 10 years ago and saw considerable growth. 

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