Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Verlon's work and Play with Jack

Verlon continued with his home maintenance activities by cleaning the gutters and trimming the Birch branches that hung over the roof. It is pretty easy to get spoiled with him around to do these things that are very difficult for me, or else they just don't get done. We also pulled more old magazines off the storage shelves and made an inventory of them as the first step toward getting rid of them. This afternoon we visited the National Guard Museum. Jerry Meyer is most hospitable and while Verlon discussed things with a staff member, Jerry and I sat down and had a good visit. Verlon and Elaine went to the Farmer's Market and Grocery store after we got home. Verlon bought 3 flavors of Kolachies at the Market. We had some of the Apricot ones after supper, and they were excellent. Elaine and I have decided to abandon some of our frugal habits that have been a burden since the depression days of the 30's, and start enjoying some of the luxuries.
Jack came to visit this morning. When I got home from coffee, he took me by the hand and led me down to the lower level. He picked a couple Texaco Tank Trucks off the shelf which  was higher priority than listening to polka music. He was willing to take them upstairs when I had to do another chore. When I got back home, he and Verlon were playing "push the trucks back and forth" under the coffee table. He was always careful to turn them around so they went back with the headlights showing the way. I understand that he enjoyed some Pumpkin Pie before I got home. He liked it. 

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