Sunday, October 30, 2016

Post Season Baseball

With the potential of the World Series ending this evening, I thought it appropriate to list how we got to this point of post season play. It all began on October 4 when Toronto beat Baltimore 5-2 and has continued through 32 games to where we are tonight. The Cleveland Indians have the possibility of becoming the 2016 World Champions if they win tonight. However, if the Chicago Cubs win tonight, the Series will move back to Cleveland with the Indians leading the series, 3-2. It takes 4 wins to be Champions so that would be decided in Cleveland in November. Up until 1969, when Divisions were established in the Leagues, the pennant winners played the World Series which began in early October. The League Championship Series began in 1969, the Division Series started in 1995 and a one-game wild-card playoff came in 2012. The American League adopted the Designated Hitter concept in 1973 but the National league has not. During the World Series they follow the practice of the home team. Lights were not added to Wrigley Field in Chicago until 1988 which is the oldest of the 30 current Major League Parks and I have had the privilege of seeing games in all 30.

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