Monday, October 10, 2016

Columbus Day

During a break in the action this afternoon, Verlon commented on the Father's Day Card he sent me last June. He wondered if Elaine had taken the cloth seal off the card and put it on one of my jackets. Being the conservative people that we are, we had decided to keep it intact and in a safe place. He had written a nice message on the inside that was even more impressive than the "seal". He had another good day of home maintenance that ranged all the way from changing a light bulb in the stairway to calking around the bath tub, to repair on a backyard fence post, to planting some Iris rhizomes, etc. We also enjoyed having Jack at our house this morning.  He has always been an inspiration to have around but now that he is learning to talk, he is most entertaining. Verlon has long been a Red Sox fan and a Nationals fan for several years. While we were disappointed in seeing the Red Sox eliminated, we have been pleased with the Nationals play. It's also great to see the Chicago Cubs looking good. The Cubs were my "first" team going back to when a radio announcer would "broadcast" their games with the telegraph clicking in the background. I was probably 12 years old before I found out he didn't see the game

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