Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jack & Sadie's visit

Jack knows how to take pictures with my laptop while setting on my lap but he hasn't figured out the 3-second "count-down" after he pushes the pad until the shutter opens. So, many of the "poses" are "by chance". He spent some time with us this afternoon and enjoyed one of the strawberries that we picked up at the grocery store this morning. There are few things that he doesn't like, and it wouldn't be our house if their wasn't a cookie for him in the kitchen. His Grandma and sister Sadie stopped by during the time he was here so that added to the activity. Carolyn and Sadie had been to a garage 
sale where they bought a small case that contained beads, wire, etc. Sadie sat at my workbench and cut the wire the right length for a necklace. After she got it strung, she decided to rather have a bracelet, which it became. We went to the workbench again to make the transition. She is much more interested in the tools on the bench than Jack but maybe he will develop more interest in it as he gets a little older. Right now, it it doesn't have wheels, take pictures,  or be able to eat it, he's not interested.

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