Monday, October 3, 2016

Professional Home Maintenance

I sat on the end of the west bench on the deck the other day, and it was obvious that the supports had rotted. Though the deck is supported by well preserved old RR ties, and the floor and much of the deck was built with treated lumber; the floor joist were used, full dimension 2x8's, that we just painted with wood preserver. I bought them at a farm sale and heard that they came out of the old wooden Garland HS. We built the deck in October in 1983 so after 33 years it's only reasonable to expect the need for some serious repair. We didn't even have this project on the list when Verlon came out to do some "home maintenance" but it took his excellent skills to be able to make the necessary repairs. We used nails to build the deck but Verlon says that he has used screws to put decks together for several years. 
He would not have been able to do the job had he not rented the screwdriver from a local lumber yard. Verlon suggested I mention the support crew which included Jack being here to inspect the site. We have been fortunate to have excellent weather so far during the time he has been here, but the forecast indicates that it may be changing. Elaine and I got our flu shots today so hopefully they will help keep us from catching the "bug" this winter. 

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