Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Passage of Time

Former Poet Laureate, Ted Kooser's weekly poem this past Sunday described how much faster time goes by as we get older. This picture of me was taken on my 5th birthday when we lived here in Seward. It is apparent that I was very much a "town kid". We moved to the farm a year and a half later and the adjustment process began. The drought and depression during the next few years seemed to last forever. I herded cows, learned how to milk them and worked with horses doing field work. We had 4 different teachers as I went through District 13 Country School. My sister Vivian and I took Guitar lessons for a year and we eventually traded the old Model A Ford for a '37 Chevy. Vivian was able to get a permit to drive and we car pooled to high school in Garland with the Plautz boys and Freddie Hromas. These were my "growing up" years when time moved slowly. 
By the time I was 15, I was 6'2" tall, weighted 175 lbs. and was on the Garland HS varsity basketball team. By contrast, I looked at things that happened back in 2002, 10 years ago, and many of them seem like yesterday. We broke ground for the City Library, designed the Swimming Pool, Elaine & I drove our new car to Florida to see baseball games, Eddy Soucek died, we went to an SWCS meeting in Indianapolis and on to a baseball trip with Tim & Tony, bought my first Digital camera, Carolyn and Ben got married, etc. These past 10 years seem to have gone by in about 1/10 of the time of those earlier described. It's also been said that time is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it seems to go. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This is the Budweiser display down at our local Pac n Sav grocery store. The white stickers on the Clydesdale ask that children not set on the horse. It reminded me of our visiting the Anheuser-Busch 281 acre "Grant's Farm" . It was the historic home of Ulysses S. Grant and now the home of the Clydesdale's. We did that following the 1985 Soil and Water Conservation Societies annual meeting in St. Louis. We had driven our Motor Home towing the VW and visited the Grosses' and Stone Hill Winery at Herman, MO on our way. I presented a paper at the meeting on the development of our Nebraska Soil Conservation Strategy. Mel Davis game the Wayne Pritchard lecture. Wilson Scaling had recently been named Chief of SCS and was on the program. It was an opportunity to spend time with many old friends from our days in D. C. Our visit to the Grant's Farm was very enjoyable. We went on from there to Branson, MO and went to Silver Dollar City, Marvel Cave (saw big Cathedral room >500' below the surface), Shepherd of the Hills, and the Foggy River Boys show. We drove home the next day on gas bought in Missouri for $1.09. I noted in my Journal that, "We had better get our traveling done before too many years go by or I may not feel like doing it". 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Empty Bowel Luncheon

Last Tuesday was the "Empty Bowl" Luncheon sponsored by the Seward Kiwanis Club. This is the major fund raiser for the Back Pack program. It is a program where back packs are filled with groceries and sent home with children on Friday afternoons to provide a family of 4 with food for the weekend. Within the Seward areas public and parochial schools, there are 54 students who receive the backpacks this year. This is the 5th year of our Kiwanis Club sponsoring the program. The Luncheon this year was our most successful. Some 9 restaurants provided soups. Tickets were sold at $25. with 308 people participated in the Luncheon at the Civic Center. There were a number of "Sponsors" that contributed desserts and cash. All told, the event raised $12,376. which will just cover the cost of the Back Pack program. In addition to the cash cost, the program requires a considerable number of volunteer hours to carry it out. The Luncheon is a great event with ceramic bowls made by Concordia College students, made available to each ticket holder. The soup is served in small containers with individuals tasting several of the choices and voting on their favorites. Pictured is Chez Bubba Cafe of Goehner serving Doc Winter. Their Chili Beef was  our favorite but The Spare Time got the most votes with their Cheesy Vegetable. Thanks to Julie and Teresa for heading it up. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Careful in Your Wishes

This is the Seward United Methodist Church where we have been members for the past 16 years. We served as Greeters for the 10:30 Service this morning. That resulted in our setting in the back, rather than our usual "up close to the front on the right side" pew. Setting in a different location changes the perspective of how you see things. The "Praise Team" led the Service with  Rev. Doug having a brief sermon as part of the team. Elaine and I are not big fans of the Praise Team Services, however, setting in back we could see the large number of young families with children who seemed to enjoy it. It made me wonder if we were out of date in preferring the sound of the organ playing traditional hymns and the Sermon, rather than the music,  being the core of the service. Elaine and I agreed at the time of our marriage that we would go to her UCC Church but would eventually go to mine. While there were many years when we went to the Presbyterian Church, we decided those 16 years ago that we would finally get back to my Methodist Church. The Presbyterian Church at that time was small with a minimal music program. I told Lisa, the Lady Preacher, that the Music program at the Methodist Church was a major reason for moving our membership. As I listened to all the music this morning, I was reminded of the old adage, "Be careful what you wish (or prayer) for, you may just get it". 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


We visited Julie, John and Sadie in their new house this morning. They got moved in yesterday. We had given them our old bedroom furniture some time ago. It was originally solid Mahogany but had been refinished as "Limed Oak" when we bought it. Carolyn has refinished several pieces of it back to the original Mahogany and it looks great.  This prompted us to check and see what we could find in our records to confirn when we bought it and what we paid for it. We know we bought it soon after we moved to our Arlington Ridge Road house and about the same time we bought the dining room furniture. We found that the dining room furniture was bought on June 6, 1964 from  people in Colesville, MD. The picture here was taken to celebrate Verlon's birthday that August with the dining room furniture in place. This was during my early years of taking classes at GW along with a very demanding time at work. I probably  missed more days of writing in my Diary at that time than any other and must have just missed the bedroom furniture purchase. We were able to get it "pined down" to be within a couple months' time span but we are not sure what we paid for it. We know it was just a fraction of what it is worth after Carolyn's refinishing.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Preparations for Winter

We continue to get ready for winter. With a high temperature of 41 degrees today, I decided it was time to take on the leaves in our front yard. I first took off the grass catcher and went over the yard just chopping them up; went over some areas 2 or 3 times where I had blown them into piles. Then put the catcher back on and picked them up. By this time they were pretty well pulverized. I dumped them on opened up burlap bags and carried them to the compost pile in the back yard. The process is much easier than raking leaves, putting them in bags or containers and having them hauled away by a garbage truck. It's a good way of recycling even if the mower did produce some CO. The use of burlap bags for yard work dates back to my time of working with Corny Speidell at Nebraska Nursery many years ago. I also switched the screens for storm windows in our 3 outside doors and stored them in the basement. Elaine checked to see that all the storm windows were in the "winter" position. We are watching the Nebraska volleyball girls host Ohio State. This will be the last year for them playing in the old Coliseum. It has served them well. I was a sophomore in HS when I saw my first basketball game there. It was the biggest building I had ever seen. It's amazing how it has become smaller over the years. 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Changing Weather

This was the scene a few days ago just a half block from our house. It's looking across the parking lot over toward the hospital. It rained some 0.80 inches last night and the temperature today only reached the mid 40's. (No Golf) I shut off the underground sprinkler system this evening as we continue to prepare for winter. We did "Home Delivered Meals" this noon and then went to the Senior Center Potato Bake. Elaine had gone to Bible Study this morning while I was at Coffee. Elaine baked pumpkin pies this afternoon while I reprogrammed our kitchen TV. This evening we are going to our Church, Small Group meeting for the continuation of study and discussion on environmental issues. The lesson for tonight is on "Water". I did a bit of "extra" research on the subject by pulling out some of the "Policy Research Studies" that we did back in the '80's while I was with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission. Hope to get home in time to see some of the World Series game. The Giants really put on a show last night, how about that Pablo Sandoval and his 3 HR's. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dwain "Whitey" Buel

The Garland, NE Blue Valley League baseball team in 1955. We lost another member of the team recently with the passing of Whitey Buel in Chandler, AZ. He was  a great guy,"one of a kind", who could talk with anyone about anything. He was Captain of the UN-L basketball team during the '55-56 season under Jerry Bush. He had a career with AT &T and co-hosted a weekly golf radio program in Phoenix. I had the pleasure of playing golf with Whitey a few years ago, some 50+ years after we had played baseball together. He married a local girl and would get back frequently for visits. On one occasion he and his Grandson went past the farm where a neighbor lived who kept sheep. The Grandson was familiar with sheep from Sunday School and wanted to get a closer look. As they approached the pen where the sheep were located, the Grandson asked, "Where is the Shepherd?" Just about that time, the farmer with his overalls and old straw hat, came around the corner and Whitey's comment was, "There he is Carson, there's the good shepherd". He is pictured in the front row, 4th from the left. (Guess who is 3rd from the left). Time marches on. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fae Ellen Rudolph Hinrichs

Fae E. Hinrichs was listed along with Mike Braunsroth as the owners of the interesting items that were sold at auction by Schwitzer's in Seward last Saturday. As I looked through one of the scrapbooks, I came across this note to Fred Rudolph from Fae Ellen's teacher. As I remembered, the Fred Rudolph's from Eagle, NE were relatives of my Aunt Edith Walker. The above picture was taken in 1938 and includes the Rudolph family as well as several Walker's and some of my family. Janice and Jerry are the two little kids standing in front of Mother in the flowered apron. Brother Don is on the left end of the front row. Fred Rudolph and his wife at in the back of the picture and the girl in the dark dress next to Janice might well be Fae Ellen.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Our Mums have done better this fall than normal. We didn't cut them back as we should have to cause more compact growth, but they have bloomed nicely for a month or so. Carolyn gave Elaine the Mum that is shown on the picture between the garage doors. It has been a beautiful plant from the time of her birthday on September 3, until now. The white blooms were beginning to fade so I cut off the flowers and we planted it in an opening between these that are shown. I  hose watered these Mums during the summer and fall and was surprised at the dryness of the soil. Elaine helped me plant and water it and will hope for continued enjoyment of it in the future. Thanks Carolyn.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sadie's Room

Carolyn & Sadie in her room out at the new house. She likes the pink walls, light tan carpet, big closet and the venetian blinds that Grandpa Ben put up. Moving day isn't very far away. We are having a beautiful 78 degree day with full sunshine and very little wind. We are having a good day for "old folks". John Nilsen, a professional pianist performed as part of our Church services this morning which was very enjoyable. Perry and I played 9-holes in just over an hour. When I got home, Elaine had gone for a walk and then we went out to the new house where covering was being put on pantry shelves, a TV was being installed over the fireplace, and blinds were put up which Sadie enjoyed. When we got home, we had our pecan dessert with  ice cream out on our deck and then turned on the lawn sprinklers. Then watched the Nebraska Volleyball girls beat Illinois and are watching golf instead of football. We saw enough of that yesterday to last all weekend.  We plan to round out the day watching the Giants-Cardinals game this evening while going back through the Sunday papers. A Great Day, all-in-all.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Old Phonograph

Schwitzers had an Auction in the 4-H building at the   Fair Grounds in Seward today. It was the property of Fae Ellen Hinrichs & Mike Braunsroth and included a wealth of interesting items. This is a Thomas Edison Phonograph. It preceded the old Victoria's that were popular in the '20 & 30's. The records for this machine are cylindrical and the needle is at the base of the horn which provides the amplification. Interestingly, we seemed to "inherit" one of these when Rudolph Gruber died who lived his later years with Grandpa Walker's. It may have been at the time Grandpa sold the farm and moved to town. The phonograph was among other things including an old Violin that we stored in our old chicken house. This was about the same time that we moved over to the Makovicika farm north of Staplehurst but continued to farm the old home place. Eventually brother Don and Gladys lived on the place after they got married in 1950. I don't know what ever happened to the old Phonograph, Violin,etc.  but I think they may have been disposed of during the late 1940's. I wonder if Brother Don has any memory of the "stuff". 

Friday, October 19, 2012

A Precious Little Girl

This was taken 59 years ago with Carolyn was all dressed up in her baptismal dress. She was baptised on her 2 month birthday. It seems obvious that the sun was so bright that she had her eyes shut. Back in those days, the picture would have been taken with Kodachrome film. We didn't take more than one "shot" of a pose because of the cost--it was much different than today's digital photography. Once a 20 picture roll of film was shot, it was mailed to the Kodak Processing Lab in Chicago and a box of 35mm slides sent back. Then it was necessary to get out the projector to see how the pictures "turned out". I hope that with all the pictures that are taken these days, they can be "saved" in as good a condition as these old Kodachrome slides. What's even more amazing is the good condition of some of the old black and white pictures that were taken 100 years ago. We were real proud of our little girl when she came along after having two boys. Elaine certainly had her hands full since Verlon didn't have his 3rd birthday until a few days after Carolyn was born (and Tim was in-between them). That was the summer that I played baseball with Seward as well as Garland.    Clarence and I were also working with the Nebraska Nursery in addition to our SCS jobs. I don't know how we got it all done. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Future Generations

This was taken a week ago when we stopped by to see Julie and Sadie. They were down to our house this afternoon and it's amazing how much she changes in a weeks time. Julie said she likes to set up so I held her on my knee for a while. She really enjoys laying on a blanket on the floor where she can swing her arms, kick and roll her head from one side to the other. Her eyes seem to be taking on a brownish tint and she follows sound; especially her Mother's voice. It is a chilly, very windy day here so they had her bundled up good to bring her to  visit. It wasn't a fit day to golf so I spent time in my "Office" catching up on filing. We have a Lodge Dinner this evening and then we will go to our "Small Group" meeting. Our chapter for discussion is, "Creating Hell All Around Us" which relates to our "garbage dumps" or Waste Disposal Sites. It describes the U. S. as having 4.6 % of the World's population but produces 1/3 if its garbage. We have become a "Throw Away" society and are running out of "Aways". I wonder what changes will occur by the time Sadie gets to be my age.  We didn't have that  much of a garbage problem when my Dad was born, 116 years ago today.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dry Weather Color

Our Maple tree reached the height of its yellow color today. With the high winds that we had all day, it was a short lived "height". While we played golf this morning the scores were nothing to brag about. I read in the Kiwanis District Newsletter an article about the importance of social contacts and exercise for senior citizens, which was my justification for being out. My personal goal was to play 200, 9-hole rounds during the year and today's was #185. The long range forecast makes it look possible. Our dry weather continues and some fall rains would be appreciated even if we couldn't play golf. Many of the farmers are running pivots just to get some moisture in the ground for next spring. We don't see much winter wheat planted in our area under normal conditions and I'm sure there was none planted this year. Hopefully, we will have some snow moisture and break the drought before next spring. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Auction & Bazaar

Underwoods have an auction in Seward Saturday in direct competition with the United Methodist Church Women's  4-Seasons Bazaar. The auction will feature a large collection of vases, figurines, and items similar to this Flamingo. The UMC Bazaar has new leadership this year and will have many hand-crafted items that have been made by members over the past several months. One of the "featured items" is a hand crafted Ukulele made by the husband of one of the ladies. It will be offered along with a few other special items, in a silent auction that will be open during the day. I will try to get to both events along with playing golf, watching Nebraska football, and the post season baseball games. It's not that I expect to buy anything but for some of us who don't travel very far from home, it's great entertainment. Not only to see other peoples "collectibles" but also to visit with our auction friends. In the past, the Bazaar has included homemade apple butter which was a best seller. I don't expect there will be any of that available this year. When you get to be my age, buying more stuff doesn't have much appeal unless you can eat it, drink it, or really need it.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bob Kerrey

This picture of Bob Kerrey was taken during the 4th of July parade here in Seward. We will be voting for him to replace the retiring U.S.Senator Ben Nelson. Kerrey's opposition is State Senator Deb Fischer who won the Republican primary over two well-know other candidates. We even voted for her in the primary since we are registered in that party and she was our preference of the 3.  At about the time she won the primary, she signed the Grover Norquist pledge to never raise taxes.  ( Our congressional representative, Jeff Fortenberry withdrew his pledge) In the first debate she considered the global warming issue a natural cycle. While she has been an effective State Senator, I am concerned that she would be controlled by the Norquist arm and party leadership. While Kerrey has lived in New York City for the past few years, he has continued to be involved in his Nebraska businesses that employ several hundred people. His experience in the Military, as a Businessman, as Governor, and his demonstrated effectiveness as a 2 term United States Senator, makes him an overwhelming choice in this election. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Colorful Season

This is the view across the street from our front door. The colorful maple tree is a show of beauty this weekend. I drive past several similar trees going to the Golf Course. I had a "shot of the Day" on the par 4, 8th hole today. I was some 80 yards out and put it in the cup with a 9 iron. It's an up hill green and I wasn't able to see it go in. I knew it was a good shot and was surprised when I got up to the green and couldn't see the ball. After driving the cart to the backside of the green and not seeing it, I looked in the cup and there it was for a birdie. I played by myself today with Charlie going to their Daughter's wedding reception. When I play by myself, I play with a white as well as yellow ball. The birdie helped me  have a good game where I shot under my age. Elaine had the water hot for coffee when I got home after stopping at a garage sale. We had 0.30" of rain last night which was very welcomed. The temperature got up to 70 so I did some yard work, putting away the hoses, filling the bird feeder and pulling the Black Eyed Susan vine off the trellis. I've also watched some football and will be ready for the Yankee-Tiger game this evening. Carolyn was down yesterday as the Yankees beat the Orioles in Yankee Stadium. We talked about what a great trip she and I had 3 years ago when we went back to visit Julie in New York City and saw games at the Stadium and Citi Field where the Mets played. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Memorial Tree

This is a Blue Spruce that I planted out at the Golf Course 12 years ago. I had received it as a seedling from the National Arbor Day Foundation and planted it in our back yard garden in the mid '90's. Soon after I started playing golf in '95, I saw my friend John carry water to a Red Oak tree he cared for. He had planted it in memory of a friends grandson who had died.When John died in '99, it seemed only appropriate that I plant a tree in his memory. It is near the cart path along the #4 fairway, just down from the cart shed. It was just about 18" high when I transplanted it from our garden. I have taken care of it over the years by watering it when it was small, kept the weeds cut around it, and picked off bag worms  during the past few years. It has been the most beautiful tree on the course. However, early this summer, the top 18" appeared to be dead. I suggested to the Grounds Keeper that he might cut out the dead part but it was never done. I thought maybe that a worm had gotten into it. I don't believe the hot dry weather had any thing to do with it. But, we did have some very hot, windy days last spring when the new growth was coming out, so that may have caused it. It does get the benefit of water when the fairway is being watered. We will hope for the best when the new growth comes out next spring. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Red Oak at SCC

I carried water to this little Red Oak tree just off the #4 fairway at the Golf Course this afternoon. I planted the tree 3 years ago and it has had a rough time getting started. It has been hit by a mower after having had the bark cut earlier with a weed eater. It seems to be recovering but felt it needed some extra water going into the winter. It is in an area where it gets some water from the Course sprinklers. It is close to one of the lakes so I just dipped water out of it to put on the tree. With the number of Pine trees being removed, we need all the broad leaf trees we can get to maintain the aesthetics of the area. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sadie in Snow Suit

Sadie weighed in this morning at 11 pounds and measured 23 1/2 inches. She is doing well. Julie bought this little snowsuit when she was only a couple months pregnant. It's still pretty big for her but she will grow into it. The temperature was down to 23 degrees this morning so warm clothes were a necessity. It was a sunny day though, that warmed up into the mid 60's. I worked out in the yard after coming in from the golf course which was a good time to chop up the tomato plants with the lawn mower and put them on the compost pile. Yesterday I cut them off and Elaine helped me pick off all the green tomatoes. We had a big bucket full of them and they too went on the compost pile. If I remember correctly, Mother used to make a Green Tomato Relish. I don't eat ripe tomatoes so I certainly wouldn't have ever eaten green ones. After going to coffee this morning, playing 9 holes of golf, working in the yard, I was ready to read the Seward paper and watch baseball. Then we decided to buy groceries on Senior Citizen discount day. Our purchases included a box of Broasted Chicken which we enjoyed for supper. And, we are still watching baseball even though the Nationals and Reds got beat and the Yankees are behind 1-0. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Seward Memorial Library Board

This is where the Seward Memorial Library Board of Directors meet monthly. I have been a Liaison to the Board as a member of the City Council for a number of years rotating monthly with another council member .  Our meeting this afternoon was my last since my term on the Council ends with the first meeting in December. This is the first of my Council related activities to come to an end and I have no regrets. I don't play basketball anymore either. There comes a time to step aside and let the younger generation take over. I have been very fortunate to be a part of the decision making process in the City for a long time. Next will come a Seward County Economic Development Corporation meeting on November 13, a Seward Foundation meeting on November 14, and 3 more City Council meetings and I will have my term completed. It's been a good experience. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Beauty Disrobed to Naked

We had beautiful fall weather last week when Tim and Laura were here. We certainly enjoyed their visit and the weather while they were here. I got back out to the golf course this afternoon for the first time in 4 days. The temperature hit 70 with a strong SE wind making playing difficult.  We didn't have Kiwanis today with it being Columbus Day. It is a Holiday that I believe could be dropped. I understand that it was made a Federal Holiday by President Roosevelt back in 1937 when he was looking for the Italian vote. While we were working it was nice to have the day to do our fall "chores" but now it just mixes up our normal routine.
These pictures were taken just a few days apart. It got down to 21 degrees early yesterday morning and had been below freezing the night before. That along with the wind really brought down the leaves from the Ash trees. They were particularly vibrant this year if only for a few days. Some of the Maples have already lost their leaves while others haven't shown much color. I don't know what the Pin Oaks will do. Many of the trees have shown the effects of the drought. I am concerned about many of them if we don't get some late fall moisture. There were very few lawns reseeded this fall and it's apparent that the grass in many of them is permanently dormant. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Sadie

This was a quiet day at our house. We were spoiled last week with Tim and Laura here. Not only did we enjoy their presence but our Seward "family" also spent more time here. We all got better acquainted with Sadie and she with us. Yesterday was her 2 months birthday and she changes every day. We went to Church this morning and participated in World Wide Communion. Our preacher was out of town so we had a fellow from India "fill-in" who was difficult to understand. We watched the Nationals beat the Cardinals 3-2 in St. Louis. This was the first post season win for a Washington baseball team since 1933. Now we are waiting for the rain delay to allow the Yankee vs Oriole game to begin. After Nebraska getting beat 63-38 by Ohio State last night, I wasn't up to watching very much football today. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sadie & Sports

Tim & Laura left on their way back to Indiana this afternoon following a few days visit with us here in Seward. They and Sadie got well acquainted while they were here and enjoyed each others company. One day was spent in Lincoln where Carolyn and Laura visited the "Quilt Museum" and Tim the "Tastee-Inn-and-Out" among other places. Tim and I saw part of the Seward HS girls volleyball trifecta with Schuyler and Fairbury. Then last night we went to the Concordia-Briar Cliff girls volleyball game at the new Gym on Campus. Tim announces athletic events at North HS in Columbus, IN and was interested in hearing other announcers as well as seeing the games and facilities. Concordia won the 5th set last night 20-18 after Briar Cliff had 3 chances at match-point. It was an exciting finish. We watched the Atlanta Braves-St. Louis Cardinals  baseball game up until the time we needed to go up to Concordia. We, like many of the Cardinal fans were shocked at the "infield fly" call by the left field umpire. Tim had some of his baseball books along and read the definition there as well as further research on the Internet. We agreed that it was a bad call that didn't meet the intent of the rule which is to prevent intentionally dropping a fly ball and getting a double play as a result. I believe  the incident will lead to some changes in the definition or the things which are subject to umpire review. This is the first year that the team with the 2nd best record was able to compete for the wild-card slot in post season play. Atlanta finished the regular season with a .580 record and St. Louis only .543. It's unfortunate that the excitement of an extra "play in" game was clouded by a disputed call as well as Chipper Jones making a critical error in his final game.  

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stained Glass Church Windows

These stained glass windows have found a home inside the newly "constructed" Evangelical Free Church in Seward. The building was a former WalMart  store and has been "worked over" into a great facility for the Church. The windows came from the local Saint Johns Lutheran Church building that was demolished some 35 years ago. They were purchased at that time by a local antique dealer and put in storage for all these years. When it was determined that they were available, the Concordia University Art Department completely re leaded the windows and stored them until the building was ready for their installation. They are on an inside wall that divides a Library room from the Sanctuary Vestibule. It is an ideal location and lights from the Library illuminate them. (My picture doesn't do them justice). These windows are just one example of how this congregation has converted the old building into a beautiful church facility with a lot of creativity and "sweat equity". They are fortunate in having within their membership many well trained professional people with the varied skills necessary to make this conversion possible. In addition, they all had the passion to make it a success. I think Sam Walton would be proud of them. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The "Guys"

The "guys" decided they would walk downtown this afternoon as the temperature approached 80 degrees. Sadie enjoyed the trip in her "baby buggy". Julie wanted Roxie at the Cosmic Cow to see Sadie. Julie enjoyed working there part time during the past year or so before Sadie was born. They also visited the Chapters Bookstore which is a very valuable part of our downtown shopping district. Then took another look at the 5th and Seward St. intersection which was discussed at the City Council meeting last night. The Indiana opinion is that a traffic light would be  the ideal solution, recognizing that it may need to be coordinated with the light at the corner of 6th and Seward St. The next suggested alternative would be to eliminate at least one parking space at the SE corner of the intersection and perhaps limit the size of vehicle that could be parked in the second space. A roundabout may even be an alternative at the large 5th street intersection. A topic of this nature where everyone has an opinion, makes for interesting Council meetings. I'm going to miss it after    my term expires in a few weeks. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Conversation

Dad: Tim, this is a picture of you in the fall of '62 in your Halloween Outfit. What ever possessed you to make it? Tim: We had just moved from Lincoln and it was before the days of Herbie Husker. The Cornhuskers had a mascot dressed in a similar outfit. Tim: How on earth did you make it?? Tim: I had a lot of help from my parents. As I recall it was cut from cardboard and paper mache. I had been in Fairlington Elementary for only 2 months and I was made "fun of" for my outfit. I was very homesick. Dad: What happened to it?? Tim: It got vandalized and destroyed. Dad: What did you learn from all of that??. Tim: I learned that sometimes you have to go ahead and do things that you feel strongly about regardless of what other people may think. Dad: What did you do to get in the good graces of those Fairlington kids who made fun of you?? Tim: I didn't worry about it and by the time I broke my ankle, they were all my friends. Everybody signed my cast. Dad: How did you break your ankle?? Tim: I was playing baseball with Topps and broke it sliding into 3rd base. Dad: How long did it take you  to get back on the field??. Tim: I broke it in an early spring practice game and didn't get back playing until late in the summer. But the incident really brought out the friendship from my fellow students. Mr. Bouchard kept me on the team so I had the full year to play as a 12 year old. It was a great experience. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Guess who was the center of attention at our house today. Tim and Laura got in about 9:00pm last evening. Carolyn, Julie and Sadie came down this  morning while I was at coffee. Sadie really enjoys laying on the floor, waving her arms and kicking her legs.
Later this afternoon, Elaine and I had the pleasure for the first time of taking care of Sadie. Tim and Laura had gone downtown for a walk and Carolyn and Julie had run out to check on the house. Elaine was very comfortable giving Sadie her bottle. I just watched to make sure every thing was going O.K. We were able to spend enough time with her today to really get to know her. With the Major League baseball season in its final 3 days of the regular schedule, we watched the Royals vs Detroit and followed the Yankees, Baltimore, Nationals and Cincinnati on the computer. A highlight of the evening was Tim demonstrating to Elaine what constitutes a balk for both a right and left handed pitcher. In addition to Tim's depth of knowledge on the subject, he has a book that he was able to reference. He also has an acquaintance up in Indianapolis who is a security guard but also a baseball umpire with whom he has discussed the subject. It involves many fine points of which I was never aware.