Friday, October 26, 2012

Preparations for Winter

We continue to get ready for winter. With a high temperature of 41 degrees today, I decided it was time to take on the leaves in our front yard. I first took off the grass catcher and went over the yard just chopping them up; went over some areas 2 or 3 times where I had blown them into piles. Then put the catcher back on and picked them up. By this time they were pretty well pulverized. I dumped them on opened up burlap bags and carried them to the compost pile in the back yard. The process is much easier than raking leaves, putting them in bags or containers and having them hauled away by a garbage truck. It's a good way of recycling even if the mower did produce some CO. The use of burlap bags for yard work dates back to my time of working with Corny Speidell at Nebraska Nursery many years ago. I also switched the screens for storm windows in our 3 outside doors and stored them in the basement. Elaine checked to see that all the storm windows were in the "winter" position. We are watching the Nebraska volleyball girls host Ohio State. This will be the last year for them playing in the old Coliseum. It has served them well. I was a sophomore in HS when I saw my first basketball game there. It was the biggest building I had ever seen. It's amazing how it has become smaller over the years. 

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