Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dry Weather Color

Our Maple tree reached the height of its yellow color today. With the high winds that we had all day, it was a short lived "height". While we played golf this morning the scores were nothing to brag about. I read in the Kiwanis District Newsletter an article about the importance of social contacts and exercise for senior citizens, which was my justification for being out. My personal goal was to play 200, 9-hole rounds during the year and today's was #185. The long range forecast makes it look possible. Our dry weather continues and some fall rains would be appreciated even if we couldn't play golf. Many of the farmers are running pivots just to get some moisture in the ground for next spring. We don't see much winter wheat planted in our area under normal conditions and I'm sure there was none planted this year. Hopefully, we will have some snow moisture and break the drought before next spring. 

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