Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sadie's Room

Carolyn & Sadie in her room out at the new house. She likes the pink walls, light tan carpet, big closet and the venetian blinds that Grandpa Ben put up. Moving day isn't very far away. We are having a beautiful 78 degree day with full sunshine and very little wind. We are having a good day for "old folks". John Nilsen, a professional pianist performed as part of our Church services this morning which was very enjoyable. Perry and I played 9-holes in just over an hour. When I got home, Elaine had gone for a walk and then we went out to the new house where covering was being put on pantry shelves, a TV was being installed over the fireplace, and blinds were put up which Sadie enjoyed. When we got home, we had our pecan dessert with  ice cream out on our deck and then turned on the lawn sprinklers. Then watched the Nebraska Volleyball girls beat Illinois and are watching golf instead of football. We saw enough of that yesterday to last all weekend.  We plan to round out the day watching the Giants-Cardinals game this evening while going back through the Sunday papers. A Great Day, all-in-all.

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