Saturday, October 20, 2012

Old Phonograph

Schwitzers had an Auction in the 4-H building at the   Fair Grounds in Seward today. It was the property of Fae Ellen Hinrichs & Mike Braunsroth and included a wealth of interesting items. This is a Thomas Edison Phonograph. It preceded the old Victoria's that were popular in the '20 & 30's. The records for this machine are cylindrical and the needle is at the base of the horn which provides the amplification. Interestingly, we seemed to "inherit" one of these when Rudolph Gruber died who lived his later years with Grandpa Walker's. It may have been at the time Grandpa sold the farm and moved to town. The phonograph was among other things including an old Violin that we stored in our old chicken house. This was about the same time that we moved over to the Makovicika farm north of Staplehurst but continued to farm the old home place. Eventually brother Don and Gladys lived on the place after they got married in 1950. I don't know what ever happened to the old Phonograph, Violin,etc.  but I think they may have been disposed of during the late 1940's. I wonder if Brother Don has any memory of the "stuff". 

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