Monday, October 1, 2012

Guess who was the center of attention at our house today. Tim and Laura got in about 9:00pm last evening. Carolyn, Julie and Sadie came down this  morning while I was at coffee. Sadie really enjoys laying on the floor, waving her arms and kicking her legs.
Later this afternoon, Elaine and I had the pleasure for the first time of taking care of Sadie. Tim and Laura had gone downtown for a walk and Carolyn and Julie had run out to check on the house. Elaine was very comfortable giving Sadie her bottle. I just watched to make sure every thing was going O.K. We were able to spend enough time with her today to really get to know her. With the Major League baseball season in its final 3 days of the regular schedule, we watched the Royals vs Detroit and followed the Yankees, Baltimore, Nationals and Cincinnati on the computer. A highlight of the evening was Tim demonstrating to Elaine what constitutes a balk for both a right and left handed pitcher. In addition to Tim's depth of knowledge on the subject, he has a book that he was able to reference. He also has an acquaintance up in Indianapolis who is a security guard but also a baseball umpire with whom he has discussed the subject. It involves many fine points of which I was never aware.

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