Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The "Guys"

The "guys" decided they would walk downtown this afternoon as the temperature approached 80 degrees. Sadie enjoyed the trip in her "baby buggy". Julie wanted Roxie at the Cosmic Cow to see Sadie. Julie enjoyed working there part time during the past year or so before Sadie was born. They also visited the Chapters Bookstore which is a very valuable part of our downtown shopping district. Then took another look at the 5th and Seward St. intersection which was discussed at the City Council meeting last night. The Indiana opinion is that a traffic light would be  the ideal solution, recognizing that it may need to be coordinated with the light at the corner of 6th and Seward St. The next suggested alternative would be to eliminate at least one parking space at the SE corner of the intersection and perhaps limit the size of vehicle that could be parked in the second space. A roundabout may even be an alternative at the large 5th street intersection. A topic of this nature where everyone has an opinion, makes for interesting Council meetings. I'm going to miss it after    my term expires in a few weeks. 

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