Thursday, October 25, 2012

Changing Weather

This was the scene a few days ago just a half block from our house. It's looking across the parking lot over toward the hospital. It rained some 0.80 inches last night and the temperature today only reached the mid 40's. (No Golf) I shut off the underground sprinkler system this evening as we continue to prepare for winter. We did "Home Delivered Meals" this noon and then went to the Senior Center Potato Bake. Elaine had gone to Bible Study this morning while I was at Coffee. Elaine baked pumpkin pies this afternoon while I reprogrammed our kitchen TV. This evening we are going to our Church, Small Group meeting for the continuation of study and discussion on environmental issues. The lesson for tonight is on "Water". I did a bit of "extra" research on the subject by pulling out some of the "Policy Research Studies" that we did back in the '80's while I was with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission. Hope to get home in time to see some of the World Series game. The Giants really put on a show last night, how about that Pablo Sandoval and his 3 HR's. 

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