Friday, October 12, 2012

Memorial Tree

This is a Blue Spruce that I planted out at the Golf Course 12 years ago. I had received it as a seedling from the National Arbor Day Foundation and planted it in our back yard garden in the mid '90's. Soon after I started playing golf in '95, I saw my friend John carry water to a Red Oak tree he cared for. He had planted it in memory of a friends grandson who had died.When John died in '99, it seemed only appropriate that I plant a tree in his memory. It is near the cart path along the #4 fairway, just down from the cart shed. It was just about 18" high when I transplanted it from our garden. I have taken care of it over the years by watering it when it was small, kept the weeds cut around it, and picked off bag worms  during the past few years. It has been the most beautiful tree on the course. However, early this summer, the top 18" appeared to be dead. I suggested to the Grounds Keeper that he might cut out the dead part but it was never done. I thought maybe that a worm had gotten into it. I don't believe the hot dry weather had any thing to do with it. But, we did have some very hot, windy days last spring when the new growth was coming out, so that may have caused it. It does get the benefit of water when the fairway is being watered. We will hope for the best when the new growth comes out next spring. 

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