Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dwain "Whitey" Buel

The Garland, NE Blue Valley League baseball team in 1955. We lost another member of the team recently with the passing of Whitey Buel in Chandler, AZ. He was  a great guy,"one of a kind", who could talk with anyone about anything. He was Captain of the UN-L basketball team during the '55-56 season under Jerry Bush. He had a career with AT &T and co-hosted a weekly golf radio program in Phoenix. I had the pleasure of playing golf with Whitey a few years ago, some 50+ years after we had played baseball together. He married a local girl and would get back frequently for visits. On one occasion he and his Grandson went past the farm where a neighbor lived who kept sheep. The Grandson was familiar with sheep from Sunday School and wanted to get a closer look. As they approached the pen where the sheep were located, the Grandson asked, "Where is the Shepherd?" Just about that time, the farmer with his overalls and old straw hat, came around the corner and Whitey's comment was, "There he is Carson, there's the good shepherd". He is pictured in the front row, 4th from the left. (Guess who is 3rd from the left). Time marches on. 

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