Monday, October 8, 2012

Beauty Disrobed to Naked

We had beautiful fall weather last week when Tim and Laura were here. We certainly enjoyed their visit and the weather while they were here. I got back out to the golf course this afternoon for the first time in 4 days. The temperature hit 70 with a strong SE wind making playing difficult.  We didn't have Kiwanis today with it being Columbus Day. It is a Holiday that I believe could be dropped. I understand that it was made a Federal Holiday by President Roosevelt back in 1937 when he was looking for the Italian vote. While we were working it was nice to have the day to do our fall "chores" but now it just mixes up our normal routine.
These pictures were taken just a few days apart. It got down to 21 degrees early yesterday morning and had been below freezing the night before. That along with the wind really brought down the leaves from the Ash trees. They were particularly vibrant this year if only for a few days. Some of the Maples have already lost their leaves while others haven't shown much color. I don't know what the Pin Oaks will do. Many of the trees have shown the effects of the drought. I am concerned about many of them if we don't get some late fall moisture. There were very few lawns reseeded this fall and it's apparent that the grass in many of them is permanently dormant. 

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