Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fae Ellen Rudolph Hinrichs

Fae E. Hinrichs was listed along with Mike Braunsroth as the owners of the interesting items that were sold at auction by Schwitzer's in Seward last Saturday. As I looked through one of the scrapbooks, I came across this note to Fred Rudolph from Fae Ellen's teacher. As I remembered, the Fred Rudolph's from Eagle, NE were relatives of my Aunt Edith Walker. The above picture was taken in 1938 and includes the Rudolph family as well as several Walker's and some of my family. Janice and Jerry are the two little kids standing in front of Mother in the flowered apron. Brother Don is on the left end of the front row. Fred Rudolph and his wife at in the back of the picture and the girl in the dark dress next to Janice might well be Fae Ellen.

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