Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Models and Crows

Yesterday we focused on getting a bookshelf moved up here and books on it. Today we worked at moving one on the model bookshelves and bring up models. This is only a small sample of our models with more of them going to be sold than kept. The kids including Jack will want some of them so we will have some shifting before the sale bill is finalized. One of my top priorities is the '48 Chevy Fleetline (in the center of this picture) that is what my folks bought on Mother's 48th birthday and we drove it to California on our Wedding Trip in 1949. Their car was blue, but it's a beautiful red model. I will also keep a Model A JD as well as a 720. I have spent many hours on each of them. We have the frame for the bookshelf in place but are waiting for Jim to anchor it to the wall before putting in the shelves and any models on them. Ben and Carolyn have not only hauled up the bookcases but also this old Crow looking in our window.
Carolyn bought this old bird for me several years ago and we have had it displayed on a back yard fence post. I hope that it may bring back the Crow we saw here a few days ago. The name Vrana is what you call the bird in the Czech language. Some years ago, I belonged to a Crow Organization that published a quarterly newsletter. It contained some interesting stories of the ability of crows to be trained to do many things. I don't know which may have come first, the Crows or the Vranas but it would be interesting to know the connection. We were walking through a cemetery over in England some years ago when we had taken Carolyn and Julie along to visit Elaine's relatives. The Crows were calling each other and Carolyn remarked that even they had English accents.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Bookshelf in Place

We continue to make progress in my entertainment area. The bookshelf was the focus of the day. Yesterday I had sorted most of the books on it at the house into Keepers, Library, Et Cetera, Recycle. This morning we loaded up all but the Keepers and went to the Library where they took everything designated and even a few of those for Et Cetera where we went next. They took everything we had left including the Recycle group. I went to Kiwanis where the program was on Home Instead. We went back later and loaded up all the Keepers and Carolyn and Ben hauled the bookcase up to our unit. With help from a Brookdale employee we got the books in, and after Carolyn doing some maintenance work on the bookshelf, got them put in place this evening. These are some of our favorite books but actually represent about 25% of our total. I believe a high percentage of them will fall in the Recycle category.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seward UMC at 150

We were up and around early this morning to participate in the Seward United Methodist Church Sesquicentennial Celebration. We went to the 8:15am service which was the beginning of several hours of celebration. Carol Lee (Radden) Rees came back from Shenandoah, Iowa to play the Prelude on the Grand Piano and Virginia Fraser played the Organ for the Hymns. Rev. Robert Henre gave the responsive Call to Worship and Ministry Assistant, JoEllen Axthelm led the unison affirmation of Faith. The combined Chancel Choir and God's Squad sang  "Cathedral of Praise"; this was followed by the Dedication of a Quilt, it's Holder and a Stained Glass. Rev. Bill Ritter, Blue River District Sup't, gave the Children's Sermon, Lynette Broderick read the Scripture Lessons and Introduced Bishop Ruben Saenz, Jr. of the Great Plains Conference who gave the Sermon. The activities continued well into the afternoon with the second service,  picture taking, recognition of the 59 current 50-year members, a review of historic memorabilia (including my 1931 Sunday School Class picture) and lunch. While we came home after the 1st Service, it was reported as a Great Event. Virginia Cattle headed the list of long time members having been one since  confirmed in 1934.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cleaning Out

Our cleaning out brought to light this Omaha World-Herald "Midlands" magazine of February 11, 1990 with my picture of the front page. The "Conservation's Educator" was written a few months after my appointment as Executive Director of the International Soil and Water Conservation Society in Ankeny, Iowa. I had a very close working relationship with the OWH during the 80's while working for the State of Nebraska. Elaine and I commuted every couple weeks between Seward, NE and Ankeny during this time. T. L. Henion had been over to Ankeny to interview me so I was aware of the article going to be published but had no idea that my picture would be on the front page. Elaine and I were over in Iowa at a gas station when I first saw the picture and was very surprised. I asked the operator if I could buy it from him and he said, "No!, I've never seen anyone  before whose picture was on the front page before so I want to keep it." And, so did I and got several copies but I will get rid of all but one, unless the kids indicate interest in a copy.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Carolyn and I did some planning yesterday on how we might get our record player moved up to my computer/TV area. We  were down at the house at 9:00am this morning working toward that plan. I first disconnected the large 3' speakers, lifted the record player off it's base which Carolyn carried up to our car. I brought along a pair of 10 inch speakers that were left over from previous players. Up at our unit, it then involved switching the 2-drawer wooden file cabinet to the right side of the computer desk which had to be moved to the left to provide room. We moved the library table slightly to the left and set the TV on it; this provided room for the record player. We scrounged around and found cables that enabled Carolyn to make the connections after some unsuccessful tries.
We hadn't brought along a record to test the system when Carolyn remembered that she had some in her car on the way to Et Cetera. When she used the right connections, we had music. She then got the speakers concealed behind the library table. We went down to the house later this afternoon where I put a few file folders in plastic bags, and Elaine carried them up to the car. We got them unloaded and after supper, got them all put in the cabinet. They are our most important files. We have several bags of file folders in the garage of less importance but interesting things which may go into a file cabinet out there. Carolyn has really focused on stuff in the house garage with help from Ben and has made remarkable progress. There is a lot of work remaining, but we are making excellent progress.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Every Day a Holiday

I spent several hours today at this station going through old work files, saving a few items, and recycling most of it. This afternoon I even went through Life Insurance files and reduced their thickness by about 70%. I disposed of paper today that we would have moved from our house in Arlington, to Fairfax, VA to the Farm and then to our current house 36 years ago. Those files were reduced by about 98%. I have saved some of the old SCS/NRCS information for Jon as well as any thing I had on Hugh Hammond Bennett. Very little was saved from my 8 years with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission nor my 3 years with the International Soil and Water Conservation Society where I headed the staff. 
Elaine took time out this afternoon to get a new permanent from her regular beautician downtown. They have a Beauty Shop here in Brookdale but Elaine is not ready to make any unnecessary changes, those required are enough. Melissa, the Dining Service Director came in to interview us today. She asked of any food allergies and our reaction to what we had been served. I told her of my problem with onions and of some other things I don't care for. Elaine was more constrained in her comments. We have learned that there are often alternatives particularly to salads and desserts We usually have 2 choices of entrees when we sign in a day ahead of time. Our temperature was up to 95 in Lincoln after not even reaching 90 during the month of August. And, the air conditioner  in our unit quit working. We didn't notice it until after supper so had to call Jim who came up from the Milford area to put in a new battery and get it going. All of the employees here go the "extra mile" to make people satisfied, a real plus. Oh Yes! we found the IRS file and got our quarterly payment made.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Family Fun

I didn't find anything of note today in my sorting but Carolyn came up with this Gym Outfit that was hers from Wakefield HS back in Virginia. It had been preserved well and came out in good condition. She is going to "save it". It wasn't all work and no play today. The girls and Jack came up after lunch to "admire" our computer and TV set-up and also do some planning as to how our record player may be able to fit into the system. Jack got out some of his wind-up toys to play on the plastic carpet covering under my computer chair. But they weren't done playing; they went down to the house and pulled some of the trucks and tractors off the shelves, and Jack was even able to have the Allis Chalmers combine hooked behind a John Deere. Our best news of the day was Elaine passing the Driver's License test this morning at the Court House to renew it for 5 years. I just renewed mine a year ago. After sleeping good last night and not getting up early, we decided to have breakfast at home with our Daily Devotional, Juice, Oatmeal and Coffee. It was really a pleasure to read the papers and eat breakfast in our PJ's. It was also a carry-over from the snack we had last evening of cheese cake and ice cream. The "regimentation" of
meals being served requires some "adoption". Jack likes to eat a cookie whenever he sees one.
We received a reminder of our need to pay our quarterly income tax this month. That was never a big problem because Elaine knew where the current folders were located on my desk and took care of it. Today, however, the folders are yet to be found. I was the one that cleared off the desk  and have about ran out of possibilities as to where they are. I hope neither of us have trouble sleeping tonight because of it and have every reason to believe they can be found.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Red Letter Day of Progress

This was a "red-letter " day for "moving it forward". Jim was in after breakfast and got our TV "going" in our computer/sewing room. He worked diligently for well over an hour, making phone calls, and trying various combinations before being successful.The new Spectrum system is challange enough but then coming through the Brookdale central server makes it even more diffficult; but Jim got it working just great. He was gone for less than an hour when Roger got here from Windstream to switch our land line telephone system from the house to our new home. Here again Jim had to show him around and help him with the Brookdale system. The telephones were fairly simple but we also use Windstream as our Internet provider.
The process of getting the HP PC and printer set up was also complicated somewhat with the Brookdale system. I have been able to "latch-on" to their system with my laptop since we have been here but it's not possible with my old PC. Brookdale policy provides TV and Internet service but not for land-line telephone.  The Manager here assures us that we will need to pay the Monthly Windstream billing and they will reimburse us for the Internet portion of the bill.  Roger is shown here checking on the printer to assure that it will print remotely from the laptop. As I worked at the computer this afternoon, I watched the stock market go up, and glanced out the window to see a blooming red rose bush, I told Elaine that this is a better set-up than I had at home. Our goal is to Organize, Arrange and Adapt other imprtant components of our daily lives so we can say the same thing about them.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Hugh Hammond Bennett Conservation Stamp

Some years ago I had the opportunity to buy some sheets of 50 U. S. Postal Service stamps of various Ag and Soil Conservation stamps. I framed them and have them hanging in the stairway of our house. Only recently in our cleaning out some of my old files, did I find the Blue folder which announces April 26, 1985 as the first date of issue of the Soil and Water Conservation USA 20 cent stamp. It was done "In Honor of Hugh Hammond Bennett, the Father of Soil Conservation, on the 50th Anniversary of the Soil Conservation Service." The folder contains a postmarked stamp from the Hugh Hammond Bennet Wadesboro, NC 28170. Our son Jon who has followed me as an employee of SCS/NRCS. has asked us to save any HHB memorabilia we find in our old files so this will certainly qualify. While the framed stamps are a lone item, we have 8 of the first day of issue packet.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Good Progress Today

This was a great day in my adaption to living here in Brookdale. Ben and Carolyn got my old HP PC moved up to our "computer/sewing" room. We are scheduled to have Windstream out on Tuesday to transfer our phone and Internet system. I was delighted to be able to download pictures from my camera and "process" them into my normal files.  I have been using my Mac Book connecting with the Brookdale's Windstream server and cell phone for communication since we have been here. Carolyn and I spent a lot of time considering alternative set-up's before we came up with this one. We would never have thought of setting the computer up on the desk shelf had the connection to the printer not being so short that it had to be close.  It is a much more compact set-up than our earlier one. We hope to get a plastic floor mat tomorrow to easier roll my chair.  Ben was also able to repair Elaine's sewing chest this afternoon by reattaching the 4th leg. I have long recognized that every old man needs a daughter living near him and it also helps if her husband is a Handyman and a guy like Ben.  We could have never made this move without their continual help and encouragement.

Saturday, September 9, 2017


It's amazing what can happen when you have an ambitious daughter in charge of getting years of family possessions cleared out for an auction. This clock came out of the first office room I was assigned to when we moved to Washington, D.C. back in 1962. Completed in 1936, the South Building was the largest office building in the world until the completion of the Pentagon, with dimensions of 458 feet (140 m) by 944 feet (288 m) in seven stories with 4500 rooms and one of these clocks in nearly every room. I had been promoted to a position in the Personnel Division of the USDA Soil Conservation Service (SCS). It was an "office job" after my having worked 13 years as a field technician, construction inspection and in watershed planning. I knew it was an opportunity for me to complete my college degrees and advancement, but it was boring work and I could hardly wait for this clock to show that 5:00pm was approaching. 
All of the clocks in the building were electric with transformers and controlled centrally. By the late '60's they were all replaced with much simpler clocks and I had advanced to Chief of the Employment Branch. While the disposal of the old clocks was done by GSA with security,  somehow I came into possession of this one. For years it hung in our garage closet, set at 7 minutes before 5:00pm. When Carolyn came across it and heard the story, she decided I needed to have it restored. She took it to a clock repair fellow and had it cleaned up and converted to a regular battery operated system. We haven't decided where it will hang in our Brookdale Unit but it will be a reminder of what we went through years ago as I advanced to the Senior Executive Service level which enables us to live here today.

Friday, September 8, 2017

A Hard Day's Work with Family Time

I worked much of the day going through things in  bookcases in my old office after having taken several of my plaques off the wall. We brought the plaques up and put them in the closet to wait and see how they fit into the scheme of a sewing room, computer area and "Dad's new office" all in our small 2nd bedroom. I found some things on the shelves that hadn't been viewed for years. These old baseball magazines are an example. I wondered if Tim may wish to have these put on his "pile" in the "Save" category; I also have Auction, Et Ceteria, Recycle, and Garbage categories. I added several old SCS items to Jon's pile today including an old personal notebook of Carl Lindstrom's, my old boss and mentor. I was his Assistant while he served as Director of the Personnel Division and when he died very suddenly following a stroke, I inherited his job and his notebook. This happened back in 1972 so some of the information is no longer as germane as it was at the time compiled.
Julie, John, Sadie and Jack came up to visit this evening. We are always happy to see them and Jack seems more "grown-up" each time. They played soccer on the grass out in our backyard and then came in and "helped" Elaine sort some of her old jewelry. Sadie got along real well with a couple old necklaces and Jack didn't even realize that most boys don't wear dangle ear rings on both ears. We are so pleased to see Julie playing her cello with the Concordia group. She is very impressed with David, their conductor who played the piano to accompany us Kiwanis Kitones when he was in Jr. High. This was a busy day and we didn't even have our usual nap.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Carolyn and Elaine have set up our old bedroom as a "preparation area" for our up-coming Auction. I am not nearly as well organized as I work in my office area going through old files, saving a few things, and a lot going to recycle. We moved the "saved" items up to our new garage and hope to move the 2-drawer file cabinet up tomorrow. I am doing it in this order to obtain "working space" for attacking the sorting of books. We also moved a couple boxes of old travel information into the garage.  While we developed albums from our foreign trips, we still had "file boxes" with information left over from each trip.The China file the largest.
In visiting with our 3 boys about things they would like to have, we took pictures, will box and bring them up to the garage so they don't get in the "sale merchandise". The amount of time we spent eating here is one of our major adjustments. Breakfast is no problem because we serve ourselves. But it takes about an hour for both Dinner and Supper. It's not all bad but when you have work to do, it's not what you prefer. We did take an extra half hour this afternoon to hear Lonnie Piitz from Butler County entertain with his accordion, his singing and story telling. It was probably a half hour of rest and relaxation that we needed.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Getting ready for an Auction

This was my office in the lower level of our house before we started to move up to Brookdale. The desk has been moved, the name tags have been taken down, but little else has changed. We met with Linda Underwood about an auction and I spent all afternoon putting things in the bucket and boxes in this room. Elaine and Carolyn worked all afternoon upstairs doing preliminary putting things together. We are satisfied that having an auction is the way to go in getting this excess "merchandise" (as Linda calls it, is the way to go. We visited with all 3 boys this evening and they are supportive of going that way. They each have a few special things which they would like to have.
 Our old '92 Buick LeSabre was discussed with Linda and she thought it may be a bit of a "drawing" item at an auction. We bought it new, kept detailed records of every dollar spent on it and drove it some 160,000 miles without ever have to add any oil between changes. It has 4 new tires a couple years ago and has always been serviced by Rolfsmeiers and R & J's later. It is a great 25 year old and many miles still in it.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Adjusting with Help & Encouragement

I dropped Elaine off down at our house and went to Coffee at the Bank "just like I've done for many years". I did leave early to get to my PC computer which is still operational at the house. We continue discussion with Windstream getting our line move to Brookdale; Sept.12 appears to be the date. Meanwhile, we will continue to get along with our Cell phone and Laptop. We have moved very little stuff out of the lower level of our house. The picture demonstrates the fact that much of what we needed to live with was on the upper level and mostly already moved. I don't know where the picture of Vivian and I will end up. It  hung in the Folks'es  house and then Vivian's and now ours until now. Time will tell.
Carolyn was taking care of Sadie and Jack this afternoon and brought them over. She and Ben did some switching of lamp plugins and got it so we can turn on a lamp from the light switch near the entry door. Elaine and the kids were led to the ice cream machine by the kids who remembered where it was from when their Dad took them there several days ago. They came on to the Exercise room where I was riding a "machine" and visiting with Virginia. We count our blessings to be able to have family do so much to make us comfortable, see our Great Grandchildren as often as we do. And, be able to live in a place like this, with good people, etc.

Monday, September 4, 2017

A Good Omen

I was reading the paper this morning when I saw this Crow just off our patio & took it as a "good Omen" to welcome us to Brookdale. The word for crow in the Czech language is Vrana which explains why I call this blog site "Tony-The Crow's Nest". Some years ago Carolyn bought a life size artificial "crow"  that we have displayed on top of a fence post down at the house but it never attracted live companions. Carolyn also put a small wooden crow on our front door here before we moved in. But to have a real live one greet us at the back door this morning and then fly up on a roof, was a real treat. Our house is in the downtown area with many old trees which provides a much different environment for birds than what we have in this area that has been developed much later.
These 19 pair of new socks are an example of why people shouldn't have more storage space than necessary. (some of these are multi-pair packets) These were all stored in my big chest and the ones that I wore were kept in a dresser drawer with shorts, undershirts and hankerchiefs. Elaine washed 3-4 times/week and my drawer was always filled like magic with what I needed.
When Brother Don and I played golf a year ago this week, and took a picture next to the "John Cattle" Blue Spruce which we grew from a seedling and planted near the Tee Box on #4, that we would be living in Brookdale today. We planted this as a Memorial for John since he had done something very similar with a Red Oak when one of our golfing buddies lost a Grandchild. We have several of my old golfing buddies up her, some who still play, and one of these nice fall days, I'll have to see about going out and just riding around the course in a cart.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Elaine's Birthday

We had a birthday party this evening for Elaine. Carolyn and Julie brought Chocolate cake and Cheesecake to help celebrate. Jack has a band aid on the right side of his head from a mosquito bite but was ready to help eat the cake. The kids played on our living room floor with the Dominoes, checkers1 and the Piggy Bank that they knew from the house. They also played with color markers that would only apply their colors to a special paper that came with them. The lamp table between our chairs has become "their toy chest". Carolyn had been to Lincoln today and brought home some new clothes for Elaine to try on for her birthday but also to have some new "duds" to fit our new life style. 
We got to 10:30 church this morning and was able to announce Elaine's birthday during the joys and concerns. I didn't tell her age but said she was approaching her 19th birthday when we got married in June of 1949. All of the meals are served early here so we didn't stay for Social Hour at Church but came home after making a "Hurricane Relief" contribution and taking communion. We went down to the house this afternoon where Elaine did the laundry and we gathered up a few more things to bring up. This was a good Day.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Day 2

Elaine got her Hummels unpacked and placed back into their place in her Secretary. We had also emptied the drawers but just tossed in some crumpled up newspaper and wrapped the "fold down" area where all of her secretarial material made the move. We went to the Buffet breakfast this morning and was real pleased with all the choices. At about 9:15am, Elaine reminded me that she had a beauty shop appointment at 9:30. We stopped what we were doing and got there  on time. I spent the time in our house picking up some more things that we need here at Brookdale. While on our way home, Julie called to say they were already up their on our Patio so we went right up and enjoyed seeing Julie, John and the kids. Carolyn drove up too and when she turned in (a half block away), Jack said, "There comes Grandma Hughes". Carolyn also brought up a bird bath they had given is some years ago and got it set up outside our patio area which adds to our bird sanctuary that Ben had already established with a feeder. We ate dinner with friends who were just a month or so ahead of us moving in to this place. They live down the hall from us so we invited them in to see the way our girls have our unit arranged. We are real pleased with the way it looks and are learning many new things each day .

Friday, September 1, 2017

Moving Day

This September 1, 2017 moving day will never be remembered as a "day that will live in Infamy" as FDR coined Pearl Harbor Day on December 7, 1941, but to us and our family, it will be long remembered. As "Director of Moving", Carolyn was down early  after breakfast and took the Moving Crew on tour when they arrived to show them what was to be taken up to Brookdale. The 3 strong, young men loaded things without incident and took them up where Carolyn and Julie had the Patio door open to bring them in. Elaine and I gathered up a few things and went a bit later. When we got there, they suggested we just spend some time out it the vestibule, which we did. 
Elaine just couldn't wait so about 11:00am we stuck our heads in the door to see that much of the stuff was already in place. We went to eat a very good dinner  in the Dining Room and the girls enjoyed a sack lunch that Ben had brought to them. By the time we finished dinner and put away a few things, I was able to take my nap. Ben helped put up more pictures and the girls continued to get stuff put away. We had supper with long-time friends; went back down and picked up a few more things, and are all set to spend the night here after watching the Royals go out ahead of the Twins.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Moving Day Approaching

This picture represents the best look of our house this evening with all things taken out of my bedroom chest, and put in a couple boxes that will be picked up tomorrow morning and moved to the bedroom in our Brookdale unit. We have focused on the things that we will need in our new setting and lifestyle. We will have about 20% of the space that we have in our house, (counting our lower level). Our sorting process involves taking things to EtCetera, Recycling and Garbage. We hope to have a garage sale or two but also realize we may need to have an auction. We did get up to Brookdale with a few things this afternoon and took in a Dave Oates presentation on "Making Sausage". There was a good sized crowd of residents and guest to hear Dave and enjoy some of his samples. We have known him and his wife for several years through Church and Kiwanis and always enjoy his stories. Some years ago Elaine sold Dave the historic Flowerday Family sausage grounder which included 3 blades and was mounted on an oak table board. Dave asked her to write a story of its history and her memories of it. He read that as part of his presentation so it served as a great welcome of us.
Our current house was built in 1969 by a local builder for a elderly well-to-do widow who built in many features that we haven't fully appreciated until we realize the the bathrooms in the Brookdale unit are not close to the size and features that we have taken for granted the past 36 years.  I have prescriptions and other bathroom necessities boxed up to finish filling after breakfast tomorrow but will come down later and go through everything we have in the main bathroom closet. This move isn't easy, and we couldn't do it without Carolyn and others.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Things are Shaping Up

We were pleased to walk into our unit this afternoon and see the TV working and the end tables in place with lamps on them. It actually took some "reprogramming" of the Spectrum box that Jim was able to have done that made it work.
(The spots are in my camera and not on the wall and couch). The TV screen is just the right size and height for easy viewing from our new chairs. It was so comfortable that we actually just watched TV for a while and rested from our work. We make a point of taking up a few things each time we go and this was no exception. I know that Carolyn and Julie have plans to add more pictures on the wall around the TV but it already looks pretty comfortable to us.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nebraska University President Hank Bounds

University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds spoke at our Kiwanis meeting in Seward this noon. He was introduced by Gail (Schulz) Miller, Executive Assistant to the President. Gail is the daughter of Marvin (Pee Wee) and Marilyn Schulz of Seward. President Bounds is relatively new to Nebraska but brings very impressive credentials following progressively responsible positions in Education in his home state of Mississippi. He presented a vary favorable picture of the Innovative Campus, The Medical school, and the impact of technology on education and our lives. The increase need for security of medical records is just one of many challenges. He responded very favorably to the impact of Nebraska being in the Big 10, the effect locally of Washington decisions, the question of global warming, our collaborative research in building predictive models, etc. While he outlined the University Budget challenges, he said we have not done a very good job of telling our story. I was very favorably impressed by what he said and how he said it.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Swallowed up in Activity

We are swallowed up in activities with our move to Brookdale only 4-days away. A lot of the emotion of "cleaning-out" is lessened by not setting a time when we have to be out of our house. Tim called this evening and we talked about our surfacing the old Joe DiMaggio baseball glove. He too remembered it as a kid and made sure we keep it. I told him of having disposed of several files this afternoon but when it came to a couple Baseball files, they were put on his "box of things". We are recognizing that we will have a considerably different lifestyle after making the move and that some of the things that were important in our day-to-day life will not be so in the new setting. Hopefully we will be able to determine more nearly what we are going to want in our limited space after living in it for a few weeks than what we know now.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Drafting and Engineering Tools

I cleaned out a desk drawer today that held some of my old engineering and drafting equipment that included the slide rules and triangular rule shown in the picture. I had them setting next to me not knowing for sure what to do with them. The question was answered a few minutes later when Verlon called to say he would like them so they will go on his pile. Carolyn has set up a system in the lower level with names and piles for each of the 3 boys. (She just takes her own home with her) I also told Verlon of finding a mechanical pencil that uses "fat" lead, extra lead of various degrees of hardness, and the round sharpener used to get a sharp point. All of it will be on his pile before I go to bed tonight.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Verlon is back to Richmond

Carolyn took this picture of Verlon, Elaine and I  as she was ready to take him to the Lincoln airport for his flight back to Richmond, VA. We really appreciate the "heavy lifting" he was able to do during his multipurpose visit. This year his visit dates were determined by the Eclipse, but we also had several cool days for his home maintenance work. In addition this year, we have the "cleaning out" project underway in preparation to move to Brookdale. What he did toward that and cleaning out our attic storage, etc. was a great help. I worked all afternoon cleaning out the material stored in the Library Table which has been used as a desk in my lower level office. I was able to do that setting down, but I couldn't have done some of the things he did.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Old TV Sets

One of the several things that Verlon was able to get done yesterday was to take 3 old TVs down to Seward Electronics. We had talked to Joe earlier and he was going on a missions so suggested we just put this in front of his building. All three of them were in working condition and utilized to some extent when we had Time-Warner. When Spectrum took over the first of August and went all digital, they became obsolete. Joe will send us a bill for the processing that he is required to do before disposing of them. He says it's not much different than what is charged at Seward's annual Clean-up Day. I would never have been able to get the larger one up the stairs so was real pleased to see Verlon get rid of them while he was here.  That was true of several things that he got done for which we are really appreciative.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Joe DiMaggio Baseball Glove

This old Joe DiMaggio baseball glove of mine is one of the rare finds during the cleaning out process, that I thought was "long gone". As recently as Monday, I pulled out a box in our lower level storage area that I hoped may contain the glove but it didn't. I had accepted the fact that it was gone and this morning, Verlon brought down a box from the attic that had my glove, shoes and other equipment. I came back out to play in an "old timers game" at Garland after we moved to Lincoln in 1958 which is the last time the glove was ever used. I have done nothing to "clean it up" so it's just the way it came out of the box. There is a rip in the seam that separates the thumb from the fingers which I remembered. I used it in playing CF for Seward in 1953,  their last year in the Cornhusker League. I bought it from Norm Neujahr some years earlier. 
Tim, Laura and family were back here for the Vrana family reunion and before they left to dive back to Indiana, I suggested that he go through my Baseball books and take the ones he would like. Among them was this 2 volume set of Joe DiMaggio which included this picture of his glove that is in the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown, N.Y. When I scanned it less than a Month ago, I didn't really expect to ever see my "model" of it.