Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Jon

I posted a picture of Jon on Facebook this morning to recognize his birthday. We have had a practice for some years of sending each of our kids and their mates a check in an amount related to their age, for their birthday. But Jon won't get one this year on his birthday. We are quickly picking up on the adage that the less you have to do, the less you do. We forgot about his birthday coming up until yesterday when we got his check in the mail. (We didn't forget you Jon, just your birthday). I was also able to send him greetings via the smart phone by speaking vocally and sending it as a written message. I could become quite a pest to friends and relatives as I perfect my use of that technique. I also sent him a picture of Jeromy helping serve Dinner in an inflated Turkey suit. Jon thought it weird.
Jeromy told me that there is a little battery powered blower in the suit that keeps it inflated. He is the son of Holly, the Care Giver here, and does a lot of "chores" for people, like walking their dogs, etc. We didn't leave the building again today and participated in a group singing session with Ellie on the piano. There were some 10-12 of us with only a few men. We spent some time in an old general song book singing the likes of, "I've Been Working on the Railroad" where one of the fellows blew a whistle at the appropriate time. We switched to a religious book and sang several of the old favorites including "Beautiful Savior" and "How Great Thou Art" among others. That helped round out a pretty full day. Brother Don called this morning and we had a good visit. I envy his still playing golf but the 4 1/2 years difference in age shows up. I sent a note to the Plugger this evening saying that: "You know you're a Plugger when you thread your belt through the loops of your clean pants before you put them on". I do it which is much easier than reaching back with a bum shoulder.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Seward Welcome Sign

It was announced at Kiwanis this noon that the base for the "Welcome to Seward" sign was to be poured at 3:00pm this afternoon. There was some question as to getting a picture so Elaine and I worked our schedule to be down there at that time. We got our new license plates from the Court House, picked up a some things from the house and a few groceries from Pac n Sav. While I was able to get a picture of the reinforced pit that was ready for the cement, it didn't get there during the time we were there. In addition to me with the cane, the crew consisted of Dave, Clarence, Ken and Lloyd. It was an ideal day for pouring cement with the temperature in the mid-50's. We started talking in the 1st Impressions Committee about the need for a new Welcome sign on Highway #34 at the east entry to Seward at least 2 years ago. It is great to see the Kiwanis Club crew pick up on it and bring it to reality. Clarence Wattier who has been a member of both organizations for a number of years, deserves a lot of credit for it happening.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Good Day

This was an interesting day. We were up ahead of the sun and read the Lincoln paper after our Oatmeal breakfast at the table. Following our morning "chores" and listening to Plymouth Congregational Church services in Lincoln while shaving, etc., I set out to see if I could get my little wooden elephant back together. It had fully fallen apart in a plastic bag while moving. I had spent some time on it last night, made some progress, and finally got it figured out this morning. We had an excellent Dinner this noon with a Jello/Apricot salad, Chicken Fried Steak with gravy, mixed string beans, scalloped potatoes, bread, coffee and Angle Food Cake with Strawberries and Whipped Cream. I did some work in cleaning up things in my computer room
and had a short nap. Then worked on the computer listing of the additional phonograph records to my earlier list. I even played one of the Ernie Kuceria records and wished Jack was here to enjoy it. I also worked at the computer in scanning, processing and filing pictures. Elaine even brought out some Vanilla Ice Cream with Peanuts and Chocolate syrup as I write this. A day like today makes us appreciate that our life  following our Careers, years of golf and Public Service, this is a very logical progression where we can still enjoy many activities without physical work.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Virus

Brookdale residents have been going through a digestive track type "flu" over the past 2-3 weeks. I was one of the early victims at the early part of this month. Elaine followed me a week later. I got through it in a couple days but was tired for the next several. Elaine had Holly help her get over it. It has reached the point that the food servers all wore breathing "masks" today. Some of the people have missed getting to the Dining room for 3 days. We hope it can get all "cleaned out" before long. Actually, we are very happy with the food. It is a much more varied menu that we had at home. We always have a salad, entry and dessert. We do enjoy our "Home-made" instant Oatmeal breakfast and reading the paper in our PJ's.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Carolyn -Our Appreciation

After moving our '92 up to our #4 garage here, Jack Underwood brought the flatbed they use for hauling stuff down to the Auction which will be a month from today, December 17. I has a 2x4 edge which will hopefully keep things from falling off on the way down to the Ag Pavilion. Ben came down and helped them push it up the driveway and into the garage. We didn't go down until about 2:30 and Carolyn had this all loaded. I don't know how many trips she must have made carrying boxes up from the lower level. The Auctioneers have movers to take the furniture, etc. down and we will probably haul boxes of fragile stuff down on that Friday ahead of the Auction when Linda will lay it all out. 
We plan to leave the washer and dryer, refrigerators, ladder to go with the house.  I did enjoy seeing the color on the Burning Bush along the fence in the back yard. It would be easy to get sentimental about all of this transition were it not for the continued time and effort that Carolyn has put in to take over and relieve us of it. She had done everything possible to make our unit at Brookdale an enjoyable home while also doing the hard work of getting ready for the Auction. I didn't plan to do this blog page until after seeing just everything she had done in the last couple days. Her 3 brothers don't know what they are missing but hopefully they will appreciate it.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our '92 Buick LeSabre

Linda was over to the house Monday working with Carolyn taking pictures of things that she will have on our Auction at the Ag Pavilion here in Seward on December 17. 2017. This '92 Buick Le Sabre will be on the listing. We bought it new from Rolfsmeier's here in Seward in April of '92 and have continued to keep a record of all expenditures (including gas). We drove it over 12,000 miles in '93 which included Tim and my 4,000 mile Baseball trip. We have driven it from Coast-to-Coast and Mexico to Canada before my taking it as our second car when we bought a new Le Sabre in 2002. I drove it to the golf course, coffee and to the many meetings so that Elaine always had a car for her use. During the past few years as my activities have narrowed, so its use has been limited. It has 157,000 miles with less than 3,000 miles on 4-new tires. We have had it serviced regularly and never needed to add oil between changes. It has always been in our double garage and in very good condition with everything still working. It will make someone a very good 2nd car.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

All Things Considered

Our day was brightened by my having pulled this RCA radio, cassette and DVD player, out of the closet. I listened to a polka cassette and then tuned it in to the Nebraska NPR station at 91.1 FM. I enjoyed it the rest of the afternoon. I used it very little down at the house but had it on the card table next to my desk. I also had the instruction pamphlet and remote next to it. I have the distinct memory of picking them both up and putting them somewhere in our moving process. I have looked through everything up here and haven't found them. I can get along without but still won't give up.
This is an example of what I found in one plastic grocery bag today in my search. I pulled out the barometer as something that can be put on the wall as Carolyn hangs pictures. The golf balls all go in a separate bag and the pens went in the desk drawer. This Telephone # finder was a very useful tool during the 80's when I was with State Gov't and for a few years later while I was involved with many people. I'm sure its not been used in the past 10 years. As I "played with it" the only use that it may be put to is helping me remember names if I can think how it starts.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Picture in Lieu of ---

We were down at the house late this afternoon where Elaine had 2 loads of washing to do. Our cleaning lady is in the hospital with an ankle injury so we miss her laundry and cleaning. I sorted through some old books and papers and brought up all of the remaining cassette tapes. Just even sorting them out will require some time. I noticed one of Julie singing, "Somewhere out There", which will bring tears when I play it. I shot these 4 pictures near our front door as we were leaving. These items like the post cards, will have at best, a picture to look at of things we took for granted but were important to us.  The Flowerday butcher kettle has been with us since 1956. Jerry Hemphill did the 4" wooden pallet for hose storage just a few years ago. The part of one of the fins from the old
Dempster windmill wheel came from the old Vrana farm. As a kid, I remember when it was new and picked this up out there some years ago. The "River Rocks" are part of a small collection that we accumulated over the years in our travels. I used a couple of them on my desk while in Washington, D.C. for paper weights.  I may keep a couple of them.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Change is Sometimes Questionable

This picture of the off-street parking in the front yard of our first house came up today while making selections for our 2017 collages. I have selected some 120 pictures in each of the last 20 years, and put them on 3 or 4 collage pages. While I put all of our pictures on DVDs, the printed collages of selected ones are a quick way of getting an impression of our activities during the year. I got started on the project a bit earlier this year with having moved to this Independent Living Retirement Home. We are continuing to go through the adjustment process of downsizing and giving up many of our possessions and the lifestyle we enjoyed for many years.
When I set down at my PC and work on pictures, it's one of the few things that I can do exactly like I did before we moved. That is the reason I take time-out from getting ready for our Auction and getting things sorted out, to do it. I should add that writing  blogs on my laptop are also similar to what I did before. The upper picture was taken in April of this year and the lower one in 1954. It was also my Folks first home after getting married in 1920. We sold it to Elaine's folks who had it for years. It has a lot of family history.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Nebraska Coliseum

I spent much of the afternoon sorting through old picture postcards. We probably have between 2 to 300 of them and most with a memory. This one of the UN-L Coliseum prompted some research. I learned that it was completed in 1926 with Nebraska losing to Kansas 25-14 on 2/6/26 with seating capacity of 4,030. The Huskers got revenge in 1958 when Jim Kubacki came off the bench to score in the final seconds and beat the #4 Jayhawks with Wilt Chamberlain 43-41. University Basketball was played there until 1976 when Devaney was built. Nebraska women racked up 3 National Championships in Volleyball while playing there until 2012 when they too went to Devaney. The place closed down for inter-collegiate play in 2013 with wrestling bringing down the Curtain. I believe it it still used for intramural sports. I first attended a sporting clinic there with our HS Coach in early '41 and we stayed on to see a Nebraska basketball game that evening. Several of us "farm boys" remarked at how much hay this largest building we had ever seen, would hold. We saw many University basketball games there over the years including what may have been the greatest one ever played there when Kubacki beat Wilt Chamberlain. The question is, "What do I do with the old Post Card and many others?"

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Football and Walking Plows

I would like to have reported on the Nebraska football game up in Minnesota this afternoon but what can you say when your team is on the short end of a 54-21 score. Their running back the opening kickoff was an indicator of things to come.  So, I will make reference to my October 26 blog page where I referred to the USDA Seal. J. Sterling Morton, USDA Secretary of Agriculture at the time, spoke of the importance of the walking plow as part of the Seal. I told in that blog, the story of our little model plow having a broken handle and  unsuccessful efforts to repair it. As it turned out, a good friend was able to put it back in beautiful condition. I have placed it on top of a bookcase in front of Morton's declaration. While the picture leaves something to be desired, so too does the plow as a symbol for modern day Agriculture. Like many symbols, statues, etc. we have evolved in our thinking and practices beyond what may have been very appropriate at one time, . They can still be very useful in showing how far we have come in our evolution.
When the game was over, Elaine and I went back to the exercise room where I again rode the NU STEP bike.
 Elaine spent some time working on a Jigsaw puzzle that was in the process of being put together. She wasn't able to add many of the remaining pieces since they all were the same color. I enjoyed my supper of potato soup, dried beef/Swiss cheese sandwich with Rocky Road ice cream. We are already looking toward changes in Nebraska Football. 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Brookdale Activity

With moving into the 3rd month of our being in Brookdale, we took advantage of some of the features today that are offered. Frank Hronik, Tony Dolezal, Bert Hernacek, Elmer Nemec and others entertained this afternoon in the Dining room. Elmer and Bert also sang the Czech words to many of the songs that Dad played on his accordion. Frank mentioned that he could sing and he could play the accordion, but he couldn't do both at the same time. I wondered if Dad had that same problem because I don't remember of ever hearing him sing while playing his accordion. As they played the "Green Meadow" waltz and "When we Parted",
it seemed that music can condense time and space to where I felt close to hearing and of Dad being in our presence. We got around good time this morning and walked down to the exercise room.  I adjusted the "Nu Ride" after the picture was taken, to where I fit better, but didn't ride long. I do expect to become much more of a regular on it. Holly stopped by to visit this evening. She is the lady that helped Elaine get through her bout with digestive problems a couple weeks ago. We learned that her husband, is a Grandson of Ralph Fenster. His dad was Duane. My brother Jerry was a good friend of Verle, one of the 4 Fenster boys. Dad even farmed their land during the time the folks lived on the Sandusky farm.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Sleep and Eat

I went to the Seward Memorial Hospital last evening for a 9:30 appointment to have an overnight sleep study.  I was "wired" with sensors placed from head to nearly toe.  After the first few hours, it was apparent to the technical that I had a problem so remedial equipment was placed up my nose that wasn't acceptable. That gave way to a mask covering both nose and mouth. With some adjustment that worked pretty well and I made it to 6:00am before being awakened. I am to receive a report and am likely to hear from a Medical Supply company. I was back in our Unit at Brookdale by 7:00am. It wasn't long after that when the food truck rolled in and the driver wheeled in boxes of food for us residents here in Brookdale. The truck comes a couple times each week to keep us well fed.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Meeting an Old Friend

Elaine and I decided to go down to Pac n Sav this morning to pick up a few things that we keep for our breakfast and snacks. I heard someone say "Tony" and here was my old friend Ray Bieber. Ray and I go back a long way. In later checking my Diary, I found that he came to our house in Lincoln on New Year's Day, 1961 to check on some assigned UN-L Chemistry problems. Ray and I went through Freshman Chemistry during the '60-'61 school year. He and I stood out in the Class of over 100 because of our age and became good friends. He had been in the Service, lived down in the North Bottoms and was just starting to University. We lived in the Havelock area and I had been picking up credits on a part-time basis. We were very supportive of each other because it wasn't easy.
We got together numerous times during the course of that school year to provide each other help and encouragement. I became involved in an SCS Administrative Trainee program and transferred 70 Credit hours to GWU in Washington, D.C. where I went on to get a BBA & MBA. Ray went on to get his BS and MS from UN-L and a PhD from Colorado State where he spent his career teaching. He and his wife came back to Nebraska and bought an 80 acre farm SE of Garland. Marv Taylor and I went out to their place in the fall of 2013 and installed a light for the Kiwanis flag. We were both walking with a cane and I told him of having moved from our house of over 35 years to Brookdale. It was Great to be able to have a good visit this morning and Thanks to the "Checker" for taking the picture.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November 6,2017 Kiwanis meeting in Seward

I couldn't resist the temptation to add a picture taken by Club President Jerry Meyer of yesterday's Kiwanis Club meeting in Seward Honoring Veterans.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Mr. Ed Wimes

Ed Wimes, former Assistant Vice-President and Director of Human Resources in the Office of the President of the University of Nebraska, was the speaker at Seward Kiwanis this noon. This was the special annual Military Veterans program led by PeeWee Schulz that also included the Kitones singing their "salute" to the 6 branches of Military Service. Mr Wimes was born and raised in Lincoln, graduated from Lincoln High and saw service in VietNam. He was honored recently upon his UN-L retirement with the establishment of a Scholarship in his name at the Malone Center in Lincoln. His message today reflected his childhood, military service and a career in Human Resources. It focused on these words from our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag: "Liberty and Justice for All". It was well received by the exceptionally large crowd of Veterans and Kiwanis members. Thanks, PeeWee for an excellent event.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

My Models

This model of a '48 Fleetline Chevy 2-door was one of the first in my collection. It depicts the car that my parents bought from Sahn Chevrolet here in Seward on my Mother's 48th birthday. It was blue instead of red but brings back happy memories. Elaine and I drove it to California on our wedding trip in June of 1949. While we had shelves on which to display our many models of cars, trucks, tractors, etc. it is necessary to put many of them on our up-coming Auction. This one however, will be one of the few that I will be keeping. We are reducing the inventory down to those that have particular meaning and memories to us. Another is a '41 Chevy convertible. My first car was not a convertible but a '41 Chevy.
Mine was a Coach but even had the decoration on the front fenders as this model. We bought it off a Used Car Lot in Lincoln and had been driven many more miles than shown on the speedometer. It was Elaine and my car until we traded it in on a new '52 Chevy Coach from Sahn's. It too will be a keeper along with a '48 Ford Pickup truck. This is a model of the truck I drove while beginning my career with the USDA Soil Conservation Service (SCS) in the spring of 1948. I was able to personalize it with the addition of the Agency seal on the door. It seams that one of the new seals was attached to a black, hard sided briefcase of mine in a meeting with a large group of Administrative employees. I later took a picture of it and sized it to fit the model. These are 3-keepers but there will be 30-40 on the Auction.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Stan Matzke, RIP

Stan Matzke died Wednesday with a Memorial Service planned for Monday, November 6th at First Playmouth Congregational Church in Lincoln, with Rev. Dr. James Keck officiating. Stan certainly ranks high on the list of people with Seward "roots" who helped make our State and beyond, a better place. His contributions from State Government to Nut trees will be long remembered. Many of us remember his playing varsity basketball with the University of Nebraska team back in the early '50's. We had "home grown"men on the team those years that included Duane "Whitey" Buel from Malcolm and Norm Coufal from David City,  among those playing with Stan. While we saw several games those years, I noted in our "Highlights" that on February 8, 1954, "We took Bob and Jeanie Jeary to see Colorado beat Nebraska". I then checked my Diary and found that the score was 75-67 and that "We should have won". I also noted that sister Janice had gone to the game with Janet Stillahn. Janet and Whitey Buel were "going together" and later married. I believe Janice might have had a date or two with Norm Coufal. While that all relates to Stan's basketball days, his work with Pecan and Black Walnut trees will live on for years to come with the plantings made a few years ago along Plum Creek with trees from the Valparaiso "Nut House".

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Hugh Hammond Bennett Documentary

Son Jon sent us a copy of this 20 minute story of Hugh Hammond Bennett in establishing the Soil Conservation Service. (SCS)  Jon and others have been working on this along with their regular jobs, for some time. It is a great Documentary that brings to light the importance of caring for our Soil and Water Resources on a Sustainable basis. The Agency name in the Department of Agriculture was changed in 1994 to Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to reflect the Agencies expanded mission. It was a great pleasure to see Jon listed as an Executive Producer of the Documentary.
 While I went to work for SCS in 1949, the opportunity to meet the Chief never occurred. My work as a Technician for the first 10 years of my career was demonstrated in the film by our working with farmers on the conservation of their land.  Having grown up with family interest, it was only natural that Jon took that career path. After getting my college degrees and advancing in the administrative ranks, I was able to encourage Jon to get his degree in Agronomy with a Soils Major since that is the specialty that sets the Agency apart from others He has gone on to get an advance degree which has also served him well. It's admirable that he enjoys his job over the opportunity to retire. Our careers overlapped a few years but we only missed 13 of the Agencies 82 years.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Snow

We had a Jellyfish and Scuba Diver visit us in Brookdale during a Halloween snowstorm. The temperature was just below the freezing point but it accumulated to where you could "track a rabbit". It came down through much of the afternoon. Their visit was timely since a group from Kindergarten were a bit late in getting here. A crowd of residents and staff had gathered in the Dining room so Jack (the Scuba Driver) and I made the rounds to the delight of all. Other youngsters also came in during supper to visit relatives and for all  of us to enjoy.  The kids had some
competition from the adults in their costume displays. The Snowman was a fellow from Brookdale as is the lady who dressed as a witch. She is a lady that once lived as a neighbor of our house. My Dad used to say that we could expect the number of snows during the winter that matched the date on the calender when the first snow fell (enough to track a rabbit). I don't ever remember getting our first one on the 31st. Hope it doesn't hold true. We spent our first full day inside Brookdale since we moved the first of September.

Monday, October 30, 2017

New Sweater

I have written about a vest sweater of mine that appears to have gone astray during our move here to Brookdale. While the mystery of the missing sweater remains, Carolyn has provided me with an even better one. It is of the Patagonia brand made in Sri Lanka and sold at Scheel's in Lincoln. This was my first day to "model" it and the collar really proved it's worth. We were down at the house where Elaine did a washing and I did some cleaning up in the front yard. I cut down the Morning Glory vine that had been frosted, blew the leaves off the porch and those under the barberry bushes and then cut them up with the lawn mower. I put on the grass catcher to pick up the residue as well as leaves from part of the yard. The temperature was in the mid thirties with a strong 30-35mph wind blowing out of the north. The new sweater is what made it possible for me to do it.
We had been to Walmart and got gas before going to the house so we didn't have much time between unloading and going to supper. The supper was a little light so we enjoyed some of Gary's Kettle Korn. We also enjoyed a phone call from son Verlon in Richmond, VA. He commented on last night's blog of the grass seeding of our "A" Twp. farm. He and I walked over it a few years ago and had a great time. He was old enough to have helped with the seeding and remembers it well. We did have some question as to where yesterday's picture was taken. I'm sure that it was shot toward the south-east since the road in the background, is an east-west dirt road. I believe that my blogs bring back some memories but also provide the family living away as to what and how we are doing.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Our "A" Twp. Farm

During my review of files this afternoon, I came across the Conservation Plan for our "A" Twp. farm  as well as the ASCS Conservation Reserve agreement. Needless to say, I couldn't throw either of them in the garbage. This picture fits right into that time frame when we had the terraces constructed, much of the basic seeding done and were doing some "spot over-seeding" with this rig. Elaine was along to take care of the 4 kids when we unhooked the trailer and did our seeding. The little "end-gate" seeder ran off the power take-off and worked great. While we over seeded some bromegrass to make sure we had cover, we also seeded some Sandlove grass that came on beautifully in the following years. Basically, it was seeded to Switchgrass, Big and Little Bluestem, and Indian grass. The farm has been sold a couple times since we had it back in the 1950's and '60's but has never been cultivated. It has been pastured after coming out of the Conservation Reserve program. Unfortunately, much of the Native grasses have been overtaken by Bromegrass. My having seeded a bit of it to assure cover may have been part of the problem but the management of warm season grasses is distinctly different than the cool season Brome. We drove past it last week and it still looks much better than when we bought it 60 years ago.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Big Day for Jack

Jack was real proud of his special birthday cake that his Mommy made for his 3rd Birthday. It wasn't just a regular 3-layer chocolate cake but one cut and molded to provide a ramp for his truck to go from the 4th layer level to the 1st. After our soup lunch, he was able to blow out the candles following the "Happy Birthday Chorus" and then ate some of the cake. It was then time to open gifts with big Sister giving him some help. He first opened a "Filling Station" with which he was so fascinated, he had to be encouraged to move on. Next came 2 tractor-loaders which he wheeled around and then opened what appeared to be a "magic bus". It had buttons and doors that I couldn't even follow, but it was a big hit. He was most gracious in thanking us and giving kisses goodbye.  Don called on the cell phone as we got home, and I have the "ringer" set to where there was no problem hearing it. We had a good visit and I had my nap. It warmed up this afternoon and the wind finally went down. Ben reported that it got down to 19 degrees in Seward this morning. We are flipping between the World Series and Nebraska football.
Neither of the games is as exciting as it was watching Jack celebrate his birthday. It seems that Nebraska starts out well but then when something goes wrong, like the unsuccessful 4th down try early on, that they just can't overcome it. We are pulling for the Astro's in the World Series. Not that we have any strong attachments to either team. We did have nice times when we visited each of their parks some years ago. The Astro's have never won a World Series so this is their chance.

Friday, October 27, 2017


I'm not sure when we inherited this framed certificate of Mother and Dad's wedding. They were married before District Judge, Rob. R. Reid in Lincoln on October 14, 1920. Dad's sister Anna and Mother's brother Bert Walker were the attendants. I suspect we received this after Vivian passed on and Sandy probably felt we should have it. I'm sure Mother would have talked more with Vivian about their wedding than what she or Dad ever mentioned to me. The writing on the certificate is in Mother's hand which I'm sure she did at a much later date as the original faded. Dad's birth date was October 18, 1896 so he would have been 4 days short of being 24. Mother was born on August 7, 1900 so she would have been 20. I found it interesting that I was 20 days short of my 24th birthday when Elaine and I got married. Vivian wasn't born until over 3 years after the folks were married and I know of no reason for their wedding at that particular date. They did live with Dad's folks for a short time.
I also "found" this box of "sermons" that we had saved from Rev. W. Graham Smith, D.D at Fairlington Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, VA. Rev. Smith was from Ireland where he received his early degree before coming to the US. He was a scholar and excellent preacher. We became Presbyterians in moving to Virginia with Fairlington Church across the street from where we lived. They had an excellent youth program and with 4 youngsters, it was a natural. We continued our membership and active involvement through two household moves. Rev. Smith always provided a single spaced, 4-5 page copy of his weekly sermon. He came to the Church a couple years after we joined and was still there when we came back to Nebraska in 1980. What surprised me is that we have copies of his sermons well into the '80's that had been mailed to us.