Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year

This is Elaine and my Happy New Year toast to each other in the Hot Chocolate- soft Ice Cream area of Brookdale. With the temperature at -7 at 7:30 and going down, staying inside is a good choice. I am going to try to make a habit of riding the Nu-Ride bike every day and reward myself with a cup of Hot Chocolate which is near by. Carolyn brought my new 2018 Standard Diary (Journal) which she got for me through Amazon. I questioned at one time how much longer I should attempt to keep writing every day, but decided I would not only miss the writing but also the record that I go back to so frequently. Here at the end of the year, we do a lot of "summarizing". We have many years of "Highlights", "Selected Pictures", how we spent "Birthdays", "Thanksgivings" and "Christmases". Our move into Brookdale on September 1, breaks up many patterns that had existed for several years. There were minor adjustments but nothing as drastic as making this move. The longer we are here, the more convinced we are that it was the right decision. I miss my old coffee group but are making more friends here where we talk more about the past than the future. As I ate my Oyster  soup and Chicken Wing Dings at Supper this evening, we talked about paving highway #34 between Seward and Lincoln in 1941. Conversations like that eliminate a lot of young people.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Another Plus

After watching Duke win,100 to 93 over Florida State in a hard fought game, Elaine and I walked over to the exercise room. I rode one of the nu-Ride bikes for 10 minutes and then stopped by this Hot Chocolate machine. I followed the directions of letting up on the button when the cup was 2/3's full. Elaine had walked on back to our unit so I just set down to enjoy my drink and decided to make the exercise and hot chocolate a daily routine. Elaine continued to spend much of the afternoon going through the cards, etc. that Carolyn brought up in two shoe boxes yesterday. She showed me several that went back to when Julie was a little girl and many further back than that. One postcard was from Conway, AR in 1947 when 5 of us farm boys had gone down to the Ozarks in Bub's '37 Chevy. We were pleasantly surprised later this afternoon when John, Sadie and Jack stopped by. They had been to Lincoln to do some shopping. We always admire the way John manages the kids and are always happy to have them come to visit. It is days like this that it's pretty nice to get our 3-meals a day without having to wonder what we need and where we have to go to get it.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Bob Koerner's "Best of Times"

I logged over 7 hours on my Bi-PAP last night with some 4 hours without awakening; I'm adapting to the mask. We got down to the house mid morning and Carolyn was already there cleaning. Elaine did a washing before her Beauty Shop appointment. I sorted through books and brought several along. I also brought a couple boxes and then Carolyn brought up another one for us to work on during these next 3 days of frigid weather. This book, "the Best of Times" by Robert Koerner is autographed by the author and was given to Elaine and I in 2008 when it was published. The 100 page book traces Bob's career with the SCS/NRCS after spending a hitch with the Navy, and getting a BS degree from South Dakota State. I became acquainted with Bob after we came back to Nebraska when I was working for the State and active in the Soil and Water Conservation Society. Bob was a Biologist in the Lincoln Regional Office. Until the last few years, we would get together at the SCS/NRCS spring and fall Retiree events. Bob was known as a photographer and his book is filled with excellent photography. He makes reference to many people I knew in SCS and has pictures of some of them. He paid high respect to Norm Berg who was Chief of the Agency when I retired. As near as know, Bob is still living in Lincoln. He and Mary Ann, who died in 2011, had 7 children. I read through the entire book today and would enjoy visiting with Bob about it.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Auction Report

We received our Auction report today from Jack and Linda Underwood and are real pleased with the results. We had so many things that we didn't remember when or where we acquired them. This Model A Ford Distributor is a good example. I suspect I bought it at an auction some years ago since it brought back memories of 5 of us fellows taking a trip out to Yellowstone in a Model A during the summer of 1946. We really appreciated the listing of the names that went with their Auction number and the selling price of each item. It was surprising to see the wide geographic area represented by the list and also the number of friends who had numbers that we didn't see. Without divulging too much personal information, I can say that it sold for $30.00 and went to David City, NE. While Elaine and I can take credit for accumulating a lot of this stuff ( some was inherited), we have to acknowledge Carolyn's work not only in getting things ready for the sale but also the advertising she did in bringing in the bidders.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


With the temperature hitting -17 in Lincoln this morning, we spent all day inside the facility here at Brookdale. My activity for much of the day was "processing" pictures that had been "skipped over" during the past few months. I took many, many pictures during the various stages of our sorting, preparing for the Auction and our move. We knew that we could only bring a small portion of our possessions with us so felt having a picture of many of them was the best alternative. We understand that the Underwoods will eventually provide us with a listing of all the items and their selling price. That will be most interesting but may not answer some of our questions when several things were combined in a box. This Forest Service plaque picture is one that I came across today and wonder it it sold, was it in some of the stuff we stored in the garage, or could it even be in some of the stored things we have in the apartment. It is something that Elaine acquired during her many years with the Agency. I hope we still have it and can put it up somewhere, even hanging it up in our 1-stall garage.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My Western Boots

We were down at the house this afternoon where Elaine did a washing and I cleaned a few things out of my closet. Among the things I brought up to the apartment was my Cowboy Boots. While they are a few years old, they have been kept in the original box and are in excellent condition. While I was working for the State, Elaine and I belonged to a square dance club and that is the reason I bought them. I may have worn them along with my Stetson hat a couple times when we had meetings out in the Sandhills. After parting with so many personal possessions at our recent Auction, I just decided to have some fun with them. Carolyn was up and helped me get them listed on Seward Swap. I suggested a price of $25,00 and no one has indicated any interest. Maybe the price is too high for a used pair of ACME size 13 D cowboy boots but they are in nearly new condition. If they don't sell, I may wear them to the Dining Room one of these days with some of my shorter pants so they show. Cow hands out in the Sandhills dispose of old boots by lopping them over a ranch fence post along the highway. These aren't ready for that. They are in excellent condition, and hope some big guy can use them. I might even negotiate the price.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day

We had a great Christmas Dinner at the Owens house today. John had bought a prime rib roast locally and fixed it to perfection. He had also baked the chocolate cake that Julie is cutting. Even the frosting was chocolate flavored. Sadie and Jack are at the age where Santa Clause is very important in bringing toys to "good little boys and girls". Jack just takes it for granted that a 3-year old boy should get all the things that he found under the tree. Sadie is a bit more suttle about the whole thing but enjoyed building with little "Lego type" blocks. I received a unique book from Carolyn and Ben that I have already been into and enjoyed. It is titled: "Then Sings My Soul" by Robert J. Morgan and contains 150 of the World's Greatest Hymn Stories.
The book has the Hymns with music on the left page and the right page tells the "story" of how the words and music of the Hymn came to become one of our favorites. The ice cream dipper that Jack is using to fix cones has a magnet that attracts the "ice cream" when compressed. It didn't take long for him to catch on as to how it works. Since our auction, Verlon has used our car and is staying at the house. He brought us back to Brookdale this afternoon and came in to spend some time with us here. He was able to get several items ready to be put in a suitcase this evening and taken back with him tomorrow as he flies home to Richmond, VA. We certainly appreciated what he was able to do in helping with the Auction and also the necessary house touch-up.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Excitement of Santa

Carolyn and Ben picked Verlon, Elaine and I up this evening after they had been to Church and took us out to Owenses for a delicious soup supper with various accoutrements and chocolate cup cakes. Sadie and Jack were all excited about Santa Clause and his travels around the world delivering presents for the good little girls and boys. Sadie and Carolyn checked the computer to see where Santa was and were able to trace his route on the globe. They had already taken some things out on the driveway for Santa's Reindeer. Sadie fixed a little plate of cookies and candy with a glass of milk to be ready near the Christmas tree. As things wound down a bit, Carolyn read them a story. Jack insisted on sitting on her lap.
When it got to be bedtime, Sadie took the lead in getting Jack upstairs and ready for bed though Mother went up to help. Julie said that she was able to help him get into his pajamas. Meanwhile us old folks talked about how we were going to go back out tomorrow to see all the gifts and enjoy a Prime Rib dinner.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Joy of Youngsters

Carolyn brought Sadie and Jack up to visit this afternoon. Verlon had come up earlier and was still here so we had good Christmas company.  Jack had pulled out the story book from the lamp table storage area when he wanted to hear a story. I didn't remember but Carolyn said it was one that we had when she was a little girl. Sadie enjoyed the story but was more concerned about a loose, upper front tooth. Her Mother had taken her to the Dentist and was told not to be too concerned. Verlon and I watched the Birmingham, AL Bowl game with Texas Tech and South Florida. South Florida won in the closing seconds but it was close all the way with nearly 70 points scored. Elaine and I each had a sack of candy delivered to us this noon as we gathered in the dining room for dinner. It was from one of the Goehner Churches, and we had know the little girls ancestors. I have gone through stages of having to ask new acquaintances who their Dad was, to who was your Grandad, and now I ask (in this case) if Alvin or Paul are in your family tree.

Friday, December 22, 2017

The Christmas Spirit

We got this picture yesterday after Larry paid Elaine in cash for her Colorado Sandstone Art piece. Though it has been in our house since 1973, she was real pleased to see it go to someone who really appreciated it. In addition to Larry having 2 first cousin ladies here in Brookdale, he and Leroy are the fathers of a son and daughter who married. (Does that make them "Father's in Law?"). Leroy has been here in Brookdale (Heartland Park) for a number of years and will become another good friend. It appears that folks here develop relationship somewhat similar to what young people do in Sororities and Fraternities. After being here for 4 months, we continue to make new friends and get closer to old ones. Our friend Marvin with whom we normally eat dinner and supper, has become comfortable enough with Elaine to even ask how to soften up hard cookies. He and I had a "Joint Project" this evening before supper when the two of us had to work together to get the little green, felt Christmas tree to stand erect at the top of our accouterments holder on the center of the table. Elaine took our picture with the phone when the task was completed.
Between Marvin and I, we have over 185 years of experience in much in the same area. We knew many of the same people and enjoy talking about events that occurred years ago. At the table this evening, we even talked about what we give our Grandchildren for Christmas. While we only have 5, he has considerably more but all are treated very well. As a farmer, he was never one to belong to as many organizations as I did, and says that "family" was always the ones with whom they most closely associated. The Spirit of Christmas also has it's favorable impact on everyone here which hopefully will extend into the new year. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Happy Day

It was great to have visitors at our place this morning. Verlon brought some things up to our garage and had 3 items which we had set aside for him. He thought Concordia U. might be able to better utilize them at the Liturgical Art Center, or elsewhere than what he could.  We got with Carl, a retired professor just down the hall from us, who maintains close contact with  CU, who will get them where they need to go. Carolyn, Julie, Sadie and Jack also came up to spend some time with us. It was appropriate that on this 1st day of winter, that we should have "winter weather". The temperature dropped throughout the day. We had some freezing rain in early afternoon and is 25 degrees this evening. We always so enjoy Sadie and Jack when they come to see us. They know where all their "toys" are and easily find them.
We had a phone call from the fellow that bought the Hank Williams Poster at our Auction Sunday, along with some other items. He wondered what the "story" was on the poster and how we came into possession of it. After satisfying his curiosity, I suggested that he may be interested in an Art piece of Colorado Sandstone  that we hadn't put on the Auction. We got together this afternoon and he went home with the item that Elaine bought in 1973 while working in Washington, D.C. with the Forest Service. We had enjoyed it all these years and were pleased to pass it on. He was very familiar with Brookdale and has relatives here which he visits frequently. We not only made as sale but also a new friend.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Holiday Season

 To accommodate the Staff's Christmas party, we had an early dinner this noon. Many of them were all dressed in Holiday attire as our meal was served. Our noon meal is usually the big meal of the day but this was a bit of exception. After the salad it was a Big Hamburger with chips and baked beans served in a basket. The burger had lettuce and tomato. It was topped off with a Blue Bunny Ice Cream Cone. We talked at our table as to what one such cone may cost in the grocery store. And, decided that we didn't know because none of us had ever bought one that would have cost as much as this one. We still have trouble calling the noon meal Dinner. It probably took us a few years while back east to get used to calling it "lunch" and now we have to flip back to dinner.
Verlon noticed that a bottle of pills Elaine had given him had exceeded their expiration date. He is very conscientious about such things and suggested she go through the medicine cabinets and check out the dates. She did and here is a picture of what she found past the Exp date. It was interesting that I read in the paper this morning that it was recommended that this be done before the 1st of the year.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas Story & Log Rolling

We had a great Christmas Kiwanis meeting this noon. The meeting room was decorated for the season and the program was presented by the Fellowship and Human/Spiritual Values committee. Jack Swanson led the program with the nativity story in Luke being read  and commented on by several Kiwanians. Group singing of Christmas Carols  and that of the Kitones was interspersed between the readings. After the meeting, Dave showed me that he had bought the "log roller" at our auction yesterday. He was probably one of the few people there who knew what it was. He is already talking about getting a wooden handle made to fit into this metal "business end".  The arm is flexible up and down which enables the operator to roll logs to get them in position. It is usually used with the logs being in the water and the operator riding the logs. There was never any of that done in Seward County that I know of.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Auctions Over

One of the Auction high points was when brother Don took over and sold everything off one of the tables. He sold some Posters for a great price as he celebrated his  birthday. Like most sales, some things didn't bring what we thought they might and others sold much higher. All in all, we are pleased with the total. It was a pleasure to have as many relatives and friends there and to see them get some bargains. We appreciate the kind words of many friends who offered words of consolation but told them of having been through our farm auction and having time to condition ourselves to seeing things go. It's a particular pleasure to see young people anxious to take over some of the things we have enjoyed over the years.
While many people have been involved in bringing the Auction to a successful conclusion, no one has worked harder over more hours than Carolyn. Now that this is over, she will have more time to spend  with her family, grandchildren and friends. Some of the best bargains came at the end of the sale as tools and garden things were sold off the "Rack". Many of the things sold today were items that I had bought at auctions over the years. It enabled me to have a collection of tools and hardware items at my finger tips to take care of our house and yard and fix things occasionally.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

50 Year Old Scrapbook

This was a  relaxing day in preparation for the Auction. The Auctioneers like to get things set up with a day between things being in place and the Auction. We put some finishing touches on the Buick and will drive it down tomorrow soon after the doors open at 9:00. It will sell at 1:00pm though the Auction starts at 11:00am. In our continual sorting, I came across  this Scrap Book put together by my Mother after she and Dad visited us in Arlington, VA in December, 1967. I assume that this came to us after Mother's estate was settled back in 1990, but I don't remember ever reading it until today. The folks flew United from Lincoln to Friendship in Baltimore on December 21 and went home on the 31st. During the time at our house, we took them to numerous sites. One of the first was the USDA Christmas Party in Jefferson Auditorium where Dad got to shake hands with Secretary Freeman. They enjoyed Explorers Hall at National Geographic, Smithsonian Institution, Fairlington Church live, outdoor Nativity program where I was a Wise Man, and on Christmas Day, we drove out to Arthur Godfrey's ranch on the edge of the Blue Ridge.
The visited the Custis Lee Mansion, the Eternal Flame on the JFK grave,  the National Cathedral, Christ Church in Alexandria, the cobblestone street and Dock, the Wax Museum, the Mint, etc. They flew home from Friendship to Omaha and then on to Lincoln. Mother wrote a real nice description of everything they saw and did while they were here. It's interesting to think it was 50 years ago. Dad would have been 71 years old but was in very good shape. Mother would have been 67. They had been back in '63 and came at least 2 more times before our return to Nebraska in 1980.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Auction Sunday

Loading the truck started this morning soon after 9:00am with the 2nd load leaving about noon. It's been a busy day with our items being moved down to the Ag Pavilion for our Auction on Sunday. Carolyn took the moving crew on tour right away to give them a picture of the task. We even made some final decisions as things were being loaded. We have been very impressed with Linda's ability to arrange furniture to make it and rugs attractive. She has worked with this moving crew so they were well coordinated in the unloading and setting up. We really just didn't realize how much stuff we had until moving it.
There is a flat bed trailer (hay rack size) loaded with all the yard and garden tools, some antiques, and various items from our big garage.
Linda has several tables set up like the one to the right. They hold various things like my collection of model cars and tractors as well as other collectible items. I think people will be well satisfied at the wide collection of our 68 years of marriage.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

We're in the Late Innings

We had Helen take this picture as we set with Verlon at the Guest table this noon. We had a good fish dinner with curly fries and pork n beans. I had cottage cheese for salad and a chocolate coated ice cream cone. We got back down to the house where Verlon had been working on leaves. We pulled the big aluminum extension ladder off the fence under the trees and cleaned it up to sell. Carolyn loaded some breakable things in our cars that the movers will not have to fuss with tomorrow as they load up all the furniture and heavy boxes. The movers are the same crew that moved us earlier.
We were a bit concerned when some rain drops and a few snow flakes began to fall this afternoon. Tomorrow the mower will be gone as the movers take stuff to the Ag Pavillion. We had done very little with leaves this fall so Verlon first chopped them up and then picked up the residue with the bag on the mower. He got it all cleaned up. Carolyn is shown putting some of those boxes in our 1992 Buick LeSabre that will also be on the Auction. We bought the car new back in 1992, and it has taken us on many good trips. 
The Nebraska girls just won the first volleyball game of the NCAA Final Four. They beat Penn State 3-2. It was a close match.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Auction Preparation

Ben picked up son Verlon at the Lincoln, NE, airport this afternoon after his flight from Richmond, VA. We all gathered down at the house for him to get his first look at all the boxes of "stuff" that Carolyn has prepared for the Auction. We will be getting the '92 Buick Le Sabre through the car wash tomorrow, moving it and all of the "merchandise" down to the Ag Pavilion on Friday. That will give the Auctioneers Saturday to get everything displayed on tables for the Sunday Auction. As an old "spendthrift", I have been encouraging limiting the amount of stuff that the "movers" would load and take down to the Pavilion. I had even made provision for some volunteer help and equipment. However, later this afternoon the decision was made that the movers will take the bulk of it and we will move very little ourselves. It appears that the weather may bring some moisture during some time during the next few days but will generally be very good for this time of year. Verlon mentioned that it was warmer here today than in Richmond.
Our 25-year-old Buick would give someone an opportunity to have an "antique" to drive in parades someday if they have storage to keep it for a few years. It would take very little to put it in "like new condition" even now with the new tires and overall, very good condition. It has been the best car we have ever owned as demonstrated by never having to add engine oil between changes during it's 160,000 miles. In 1958 we sold a '36 Ford Victoria in good condition to a couple farm boys who put it in storage. That car today would be worth thousands.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


"Joyfully Sing", a group of 10 ladies that began singing as a group 25 years ago, entertained us tonight at Brookdale. They were led by the Daughter-in-Law of Jim and Chris Mackie who are residents here. They sang a variety of Christmas music that included audience participation in several of the traditional carols. They were very professional and followed a group of Seward High School students that sang and played instruments. Their duet of "Oh Holy Night" by two girls was outstanding. 
My involvement with the two musical groups this evening followed a Church Denomination discussion group led by Cliff Lowell. Tonight's discussion was on the Episcopal Church. So I had a full 2 hours of entertainment here after doing some work this afternoon down at the house. This is one of the boxes of items that I put together of historic publications that will hopefully be of interest to people at our household Auction this Sunday, December 17th. We have several boxes that include old Seward papers, some going back nearly 100years and several from the WWII era. Carolyn has worked closely with the auctioneers and has pretty good ideas of what is appropriate to have on the auction. My involvement has primarily been in sorting our old stuff, some of which has even come from our folks. I have enjoyed sorting through things that I hadn't for years and some, I didn't even know that we had.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


We were favored by having a group from the Malcoln Lutheran Church sing Christmas Carols during our supper time. It reminded us of the many years that we were among the Carolers and never realized how much the audience enjoyed it. This group also sang for those eating in the Assisted Living facility which we could hear. Then they came back through the dining room and visited with people. It gave us a chance to tell them how much we appreciated their singing and visit. I talked to a young lady who was a Junior in Malcolm HS and knew a couple boys whose parents we have known since the boys were little. One little girl stopped to visit with Elaine. She was a real cute little girl.
We had a busy day, didn't sleep very well last night so really appreciated and enjoyed the caroling, even more than supper. Tim reminded us last night that our phone answering machine wasn't working. I spent considerable time getting it reset. It got up in the mid 50's so we spent some time out in the garage. Got the old car cleaned out and went on down to Walmart shopping for a few things. Carolyn continues to work at the house, she has even done some things in preparation for Verlon's "living there" when he gets out mid-week. I don't know when I've ever been more apprehensive about any event than I am this Auction coming up on Sunday, the 17th. The work that Carolyn has done by herself in getting ready for it is amazing. She will look back on it someday and wonder how she did it. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Letter

Christmas Letter from Tony & Elaine
The year 2017 brought about a significant transition in our lifestyle. On September 1, we moved to Brookdale, a retirement facility here in Seward. We have an apartment in the Independent Living area where meals and some housekeeping chores are furnished. The facility also has a separate Assisted Living component. We have a garage for our car and some storage. The transition from our house after 37 years and the need to eliminate many of the “keepsakes” has been overwhelming and quite a challenge.
We continue to enjoy our family. Carolyn lives here in Seward and has been working diligently in preparation for our December 17 Auction of household items. (Sale bill at: <>. All 3 of the boys and families have been back to visit during the year. Carolyn and Ben’s daughter Julie, husband John Owens also live here and have our Great Grandchildren Sadie (5) and Jack (3). They are always a delight to have visit and even decorated our Christmas tree! As we enjoy the cycle of life with Great Grandchildren, we recognize the loss of relatives and friends. Elaine’s brother Dale died in June a few days before his 90th birthday and her sister Joyce died in November at age 98.
We continue to participate in most of our regular activities but have limited the depth of involvement as we transition to the many activities available here at Brookdale. We enjoyed a Vrana family reunion this summer at Mahoney State Park and the Solar Eclipse was a major event. Tony was surprised this fall by being presented the Seward County Community Service Award. We were pleased to contribute our 100 year collection of USDA Agriculture Yearbooks to the University of Nebraska Hugh Hammond Bennett Memorial that is being established.
Our Christmas Letters have been a tradition during the past 68 years of our marriage but they too have evolved with technology. It was difficult to accept sending them by email without a hand written note. Now I am planning on putting this on my regular Blog page <Tony-The Crow’s Nest> for the benefit of family and friends. Our new mailing address is: 500 Heartland Park Drive, Apt. #125, Seward, NE 68434.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Best Wishes and Good Health to one and all!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Elaine's SHS 70th Class Reunion

Elaine's Seward High School Class of 1947 held its 70th reunion with a luncheon this noon at R.O.'s here in Seward. The 8 pictured here are those in attendance from the 60+ that graduated. They are (l-r) Vernon, Lois, Wilma, Jean, Max, Elaine, Bonnie and Loren. Jean (seated) planned the event and reported on several of the classmates she had contacted who were unable to attend. While we ate in R.O. dining area, the class picture was taken in a back storage room of antiques. (Someone commented on the irony) The visiting during the meal was hampered somewhat by the cafe noise combined with a certain amount of hearing loss.
Classmates family members helped fill a long table that enjoyed the excellent food served. I had a Ruben sandwich which was among the best that I've ever had. Pictures were taken from both ends of the long table with "smart phones" by the "young people". Jean is given a hearty thanks for making the event happen, a good time was had by all.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

My Ag Yearbook Collection

I am shown here watching Dan box-up my collection of USDA Ag Yearbooks.  The books were published from 1894 through 1993. Dan's wife also helped by recording on the boxes the years it contained. The books are, on average, 400-page-long, color-photo illustrated, hardback annual reports on agriculture that were mailed out by farm state lawmakers to their constituents. They were written by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and published by the U.S. Government Printing Office until 1993 when the house Ag Appropriations Subcommittee won authority to discontinue production. I began my collection soon after starting to work for the USDA Soil Conservation Service in 1948. 
 The books on Soils, Water, Trees and Grasses were my favorites, but they were all useful back in the printed media days. They became a hot item on eBay which is how I was able to complete my collection some years ago. I even traded up in several instances to improve the quality of the book for a specific year and also sent some as far away as to France. This collection is going into storage but will eventually be a part of a Hugh Hammond Bennett Memorial (The founder of the Soil Conservation Service) on the Innovative Campus of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Joyce Althouse Funeral

Carolyn picked us up this morning for the grave side service for Joyce in Utica. It was one of the coldest mornings of the winter with a strong NW wind. Fortunately, people stayed in their cars until the service began and Zabka Mortuary did have a small shelter set up to accommodate the 10-12 people in attendance. She had been cremated and the Urn was buried after Rev. Dale Lambert had a brief, but very appropriate service. We were back in Seward for our regular noon meal. This evening we did some checking on dates and found that it was in 2002 that Joyce spent several weeks with various surgeries at Bryan Hospital Lincoln. The Doctors at that time indicated she would never be able to live alone in her house. She spent some time at Madonna, extended care at the Seward Memorial Hospital, the Greene House and for the last several years, at Ridgewood here in Seward. Now she is Home.