Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Max Wilson in Seward and Elsewhere

Max Wilson rode out from Lincoln this morning  with Chris, his next door neighbor to have coffee with us. Chris drops by occasionally and has brought Max out a few times in the past where we mostly heard of his early days in Seward and WWII stories. Max was born in Hordville, NE in 1922 where his Dad had a grain elevator and feed-mill. They came to Seward where he ran the Seward City Mill for a few years before moving to Goochs Mill in Lincoln. This enabled young Max to attend UN-L where he learned to fly in an Army Air Corps program. With an ME degree he was commissioned into the Army Air Force and became a B-17 pilot. He flew missions in the European theater when he was 21 years old. This picture of him is from a Sept. 1, 2015 story in the Lincoln Journal Star that told of his plane being shot down in a Swiss pasture and of his spending 6-months in an internment camp before escaping and finding his way back to London. We didn't talk much about WWII this morning, but he asked if any of us Seward natives remembered when the Boy Scout parades were discontinued,  since he remembers selling Poppies and walking in the Parade. We went on to questions about his career following the war, and it is fantastic. He went to work for General Motors and worked his way up the corporate ladder and was sent on a world tour by GM to see what possibilities may exist.  His assessment helped lead to General Motors expanding to a world-wide operation, This was at a time when technology was advancing at a rapid pace and he was assigned to head up beginning operations for GM in several near east countries and Africa. The number of World leaders with whom he had a personal relationship is unbelievable. After an outstanding career, he and his wife retired in Southern California and then returned to Lincoln to be near family. His ability to remember details and articulate them would be commendable for one at any age but at his age, it confirms his being one of the greatest of "The Greatest Generation". 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Valention's in Town.

Following our after-lunch naps, Elaine and I took on the task of doing some cleaning in the garage. It was stimulated by my asking Elaine to bring me a little tree trimming saw yesterday. She couldn't find the one I was expecting but was able to make the cut with the big one she brought. There were 3 smaller ones hid behind "stuff" piled on the  2 x 4's laying along the south edge of the garage. Our main objective  was of getting that area "organized". Some things went in garbage, others got placed in more appropriate locations. My stamina requires that I do as much work as possible sitting down. A cold Coors also helps after an hour or so. After over 2 hours, Elaine said that she had no idea of what to fix for supper. I heard good reports on the Valentino's that opened here in Seward a few days ago. That solved the problem of getting some supper.
We ordered a small Pepperoni  Pizza which was very good. So good in fact that we brought half of it home for lunch tomorrow. It was apparent that the team of 8 people people working, were in the "spring training phase" of preparing for a successful season. We got down there about 5:00pm and waited for a half-hour to be served. They seemed to be doing quite a bit of "call-in" business with orders being picked up. The place is relatively small with seating for about 50 people. There were about 5 tables filled with people "eating-in" as we left. We brought home a copy of their Express Lunches menu and believe that will become a favorite for us.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Lance Schwartz Journal

Soon after beginning employment with the Nebr. Natural Resources Commission in July of 1980, I started "highlighting" routes that I traveled with a State vehicle on Official business. I didn't include any personal travel and filed the map away after retiring from NRC in 1989.  I hadn't thought much about the map until Lance Schwartz featured Gunner Hulck in his Journal on May 22, 2017.  Mr. Hulck graduated from Lincoln HS in 1950 and worked for 40 years with the State inspecting elevators across Nebraska. Many years ago, he started coloring routes he had traveled with a pink highlighter. My map is pretty insignificant by comparison.
 I was much more limited in time as well as small towns. Much of my travel involved the NRDs and special studies in which we were involved. Had I used different color markings for private travel and that done while on the Center For Rural Affairs Board, it would have been much more colorful. It was interesting that when Lance finished interviewing Mr. Hulck, he showed his map marked with "stick pins" at locations withing the State where he had produced a program for his Journal.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

An Exciting Holiday Sunday

We got to Church this morning where Rev. Robert Henre used Acts 1: 6-11 as the scripture lesson and spoke on the "Ascension". He used the question, "Why are you looking up?"; and then spoke of Jesus being in our midst. With the Holiday, there was a comparatively small crowd for the 10:30 Service, and we didn't stay for social hour. We had coffee when we got home and watched the prelude to the Indianapolis 500. During the years that Tim was in Indianapolis, we went on a tour of the "brickyard", at the time they were running speed trials. It included a visit to the museum where we saw many of the old cars that had been part of the race in the past. I never had any great desire to see the race live,
One of the most dramatic crashes I'd ever seen, occurred fairly early in the race when Scott Dixon, who had won the pole position, collided with another car and went "airborne". His car went high in the air and twisted as it hit the wall. Flames shot out of various places and parts flew all over. It is certainly commendatory to the safety engineers who have designed equipment which enabled both drivers to walk away from the wreckage. The race was won by Takuno Sato, driving a Honda, who had started from the #4 position in the front row. He is the first Japanese to ever win it. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Pause that Refreshes

Elaine and I had a busy day and had no problem with taking a break out on the deck. This is a "selfie" with the camera setting on top of my Coor's beer can.The picture may have been better with a bigger can but I don't know how I may have looked. I got Elaine down to the Beauty Shop for her early morning "fix" and then took things to the "recycle center".  We went on down to "Dollar General" where we got a few things. Carolyn stopped in for a short visit before we had our naps. She told of putting out plants so we decided to shop for some.
We got Geraniums and Petunias that we planted in the old Black Kettle in front of our house. We also got some Dianthesis which we put in front of the house with others planted last year. We took a couple of them to the back yard planting under our clump Birch. I find that the use of the spade is an entirely different operation than what it was a few years ago. People show their age in various ways and watching an old man use a spade is one of them. I feel my best when relaxing on the deck, admiring Elaine's "hair-fix" and watching the birds.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Memorial Day Wekend

Jack spent some time with us this morning and helped fill the bird baths and gather Peonies to take to the cemetery. Sadie was along with Julie when she came to pick him up so we went out to visit with her. She was busy drawing in her sketch book. When I asked her if she could make an "S" she promptly wrote one and made some other letters to print her name. You can see what happened when I suggested that she look at me and smile. Jack didn't even realize he was going to be in the picture. Yesterday we  came across a picture that Julie had drawn of a bird when she was a bit older that Sadie, so we sent that home with her. It was really good and should challenge Sadie to draw as well as her Mother. 
This afternoon we took flowers to family graves at the Seward North Cemetery. I must confess to the use of pictures from past years since not getting any today. We did get flowers on parents, siblings, and grandparents as well as Aunt Ethel and Johnny Willers since they have  no descendants. We were pleased to see the number of flowers on grandparents graves since that has not always been the case. We did find that the task of getting the flowers in place seemed to be a more difficult task this year than what it was in the past though it was a beautiful day.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Enforcing an Old Memory

I have had a haunting memory of hearing a baseball game on our battery powered radio when I was a kid, of Babe Ruth hitting 3 Home Runs in one game. I remember talking about it with family at the time but was reluctant to bring it up as I got older because of remembering that he wasn't playing with the Yankees and with all the HR's he had hit, why would these 3 be special. This morning in reading the Omaha World Herald, I got my answer from their History column:
       "1935: Babe Ruth hit his last three career home runs-nos. 712, 713 and 714-for the Boston Braves in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates won, 11-7."
Stories on the Internet say that the Yankees released the 40 year old  Ruth in late February of 1935, and he was picked up by the Braves in an opportunity to return to Boston. The Yankees had acquired him from the Red Sox 15 years earlier. He made the Braves management look good by hitting a HR on opening day at Braves Field against the New York Giants on April 16. But through May 24, he was hitting just 153 with three home runs. On May 25th, Ruth was batting in the 3rd slot and got his first HR off the Pirates Red Lucas in the first inning with a runner on base. In the 3rd inning he hit another HR to right field off Huck Betts.  Still in the groove, Ruth added another RBI with a single off Guy Bush to put the Braves up 5-4 in the top of the 5th. However, the Pirates scored 3 runs in the bottom of that inning to take a 7-5 lead. With the score intact and Bush still pitching, Ruth came up for the fourth time in the top of the 7th with one out and the bases empty. Career home run #714 came on a 3-1 count and bettered the earlier efforts, majestically clearing Forbes Field's right field roof-for the first time in the ballpark's 26-year history. After rounding the bases in a 1935 version of his classic trot, Babe saluted the fans with a tipped cap, and then excused himself from the game. The Pirates ended up winning 11-7. While this was Babe's "Last Hurrah", he played 5 more games without a hit in 13 plate appearances. In early June he made his retirement official after pinch hitting on May 30. The Babe died on August 16, 1948 and his HR record held up until April 8th, opening day in 1974 when Hank Aaron hit #715. Roger Maris hit HR # 61 on October 1, 1961 breaking Ruth's record of 60 during the 1927 season.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chicken for Lunch

We had occasion to go down to Walmart this morning and it wasn't easy. Construction continues on Highway 15 limiting travel to one lane. Work continues on the bridge over the Big Blue just south of town. Traffic was backed up north of South Street here in town as we got in line. Then we had another delay for construction on "turn lanes" at the entry to Walmart. We were able to find everything we had on our list, including a roasted chicken. We visited with Elizabeth, the store Manager who observed the Chicken in our cart. She remembered earlier conversations where we discussed the number of meals that we get out of one chicken. On the way  home, we escaped the line waiting to cross the 1-lane bridge by going west on Walker Road, just south of the RR tracks. This took us past the proposed "City Rail Center" and over to 294th St. We went north to the "Beacon Light corner" and on home. (The  rotating beacon light was installed on a metal tower back in the 1920's to guide airplanes across the country. It was removed in the mid-40's but continues as a landmark for our generation.)

Monday, May 22, 2017

Fishing in Canada

Dr. Van Vahle and Courtney Meyer with some help from Art Schauer, presented the program at Kiwanis this noon. They presented pictures and told stories of fishing in a lake on the Albany River in Canada, 325 miles north of the US Border. Courtney told of having been up there numerous times following his first visit in 1987. It is in an area where French Fur Traders worked with the Native Indians to develop a community. They were also instrumental in bringing Christian Missionaries to further the development of the area. John Grace was recognized as having developed the fishing resort from an old Park.  Courtney has been instrumental in getting many local people up there to enjoy the fishing, wildlife, and comradery. It brought back memories of Elaine and my fishing trip to Canada back in 1997 with Willard and Audrey Kilzer.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Seward County Courtnouses

The City of Seward had agreed to build a building in which to transact the county business and a block of ground upon which to locate it, when it was chosen over Milford the be the County seat at a special election on October 10, 1871. The block of land is where the new Justice Center is located and for years, the location of the County Jail. This is the building that was erected on the site and served as the County Courthouse for about 12 years. County official became concerned about the fire hazard of having County records stored in a wooden building the rented a brick facility on Seward Street. This 2nd Courthouse is located in the 600 block of Seward Street where Woods Brothers Reality now occupies part of the building at #644.  Shortly before his death in 1900, Lewis Moffitt bequeathed his 360 acre farm to the County with provision cc the care of his widow. It was his plan that the funding from the farm would enable the county to have its own Courthouse on "market block" and a new jail. At the election in 1904, approval was granted for the construction of an 80 x 100' building of Indiana Limestone as nearly fireproof as possible.  The cornerstone laid on September 20, 1905, it was constructed during 1905-06, and opened for business in 1907.
When the original wooden building was of no longer of any use to the  County it was sold and moved up the street to the location currently occupied by Dale's Motel at the corner of 8th and Main. It was converted to a blacksmith shop and owned by George Knipple. Elaine remembers of going there as a little girl with her Dad in the '30's. I too remember the building and believe it was demolished during the 1940's.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Wm H. Seward

To commemorate the sesquicentennial, Alaska Governor Bill Walker proclaimed 2017 "The Alaska Year of History and Heritage." The state's Alaska Historical Commission has made grants to assist with the activities. With the State of Nebraska and the City of Seward also celebrating their sesquicentennials, arrangements were made to continue the close relationship between the two states with some ,activities. A Ketchikan sculptor, David Rubin, was commissioned to create a likeness of William H. Seward which will be placed at the State Capitol in Juneau. With our City of Seward named for Secretary of State Seward, who was instrumental in the purchase of Alaska from Russia, it was agreed that Mr. Rubin and the statue would visit our town. The life sized statue, Mr. Rubin and I are shown here in downtown Seward this afternoon. Mr. Wayne Jensen who is traveling with the folks from Alaska made a presentation this evening about Secretary Seward at the Bottle Rocket Brewery..

Friday, May 19, 2017

Norman Rockwell's "County Agent"

This large painting of "The County Agent" by Norman Rockwell was displayed for many years in the entry area of what is now "Hardin Hall" on the UN-L East Campus in Lincoln, NE. During the '80's when I worked in Lincoln the facility was called the "Nebraska Center". It housed the Nebraska Water Center and was the site of numerous  meetings and conferences. I was always very impressed with the painting since it was so typical of a County Agents visit.
Carolyn and I visited Computer World in Lincoln this afternoon and on the way home, she wanted to stop there to check the book store.  Not only has the facilitie's name been changed, but it has been completely renovated  with many changes, to now include the School of Natural Resources and the Department of Statistics. When I didn't see the painting, I asked at the book store and was told that it had been moved into storage at the Nebraska Historical Society. She asked if I remembered the name of the painting because it is often asked about. She pulled up Rockwell paintings on her computer, and I quickly recognized it. She then clicked on the picture I identified and my 10/3/2013 blog page came up.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nebraska State Capitol

This is a recent picture of the Nebraska State Capitol. It is the image I enjoyed out of my window whenever I turned away from facing my desk, during my years with the Natural Resources Commission. As often happens, I came across a couple pictures taken  during its construction back in the 1920's, while looking for something else. I had always assumed that the Sower was added to the top of the dome when the framework, at least for the tower was complete. However, this one picture leads one to believe that was not the case; since it is shown dangling from a crane with significant work remaining to be down on the dome of the tower.
We are in a thunderstorm area this evening with a tornado watch in an area just south of us across the state line in Kansas. We have received some 2.60 inches of rain since Sunday, prior  to tonight. While we have had hard showers, it has been spread over enough time that flooding has not been a problem. Rain is forecast for much of the day tomorrow and on into Saturday. It is to clear for Sunday. We don't like storms but not a good idea to ever complain about rain in Nebraska. Minimum tillage and cover crops have helped conserve moisture as well as soil on cropland, but rain is still important. Our rainfall is an important factor in the recharge of our groundwater aquifer. Our City wells are really on the eastern edge of the Ogallala aquifer and must be managed to keep up with our growing population. The NRD with headquarters in York, covers our County as well as several others, has regulation is place to control groundwater pumping if necessary.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Continuation of Conservation on the Land

This is a continuation of the "Conservation on the Land" blog page that I wrote yesterday about Verlon and I walking over a Farm that we had seeded to native grasses 50 years earlier. The picture is of me in front of the Red Cedars that were shown yesterday. After writing what I did yesterday, decided that I should tell "The rest of the story". It goes back to March 20, 1944 when Dad rented the 160 acre farm from Anton Tesar in Tobias, NE. We called it the "Roth place" since that was the name of the people who lived there some years earlier, and had kids in country school with us. We farmed the cultivated land on the place during the years of '44, '45, and '46. The cropland was eroded and covered with sunflowers & cockle burrs. 
 In December of 1956, the farm was sold at a bankruptcy auction. I had talked to the Attorney whose family held the mortgage and bought the place on March 1, 1957. We had all the cropland terraced and seeded it to Native grass. We were able to get it in the Federal Soil Bank program (Conservation Reserve) for 10 years. During the first 3-4 years it was necessary to spray and to clip at a 7-8" in height. The picture used as the "trademark" for my blog shows how the native grasses looked after about 5 years. We were able to extend the federal contract and in August of 1966, Dad and I helped the neighbors "put up" hay from the Meadow that had never been in the contract. In June of '67 we talked to a farmer from Lancaster County about selling the place to him. We completed the deal in December of 1967 and utilized the funds for Kids College tuition. So we owned it for 20 years and walked back over it after another 30 years.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Conservation on the Land

Verlon was back from Virginia during July of 2007. In addition to painting our house and other "home maintenance" chores, we went out north of Garland to visit our old farm. This farm was a couple miles from the Vrana farm where I "grew-up" and we had rented it for a few years during the 40's. We then bought it at a foreclosure auction in 1956 and began a renovation process. Our objective was to seed it to native grass and put it in the Federal Conservation Reserve Program.  The first step was having a conservation plan installed with it all terraced and grassed waterways developed. Then we seeded  the whole farm  to a mixture of warm season native grasses.
 We planted Multifloria Rose for wildlife and also Red Cedars near an area where we planned to build a dam.  It took a couple years of spraying and clipping weeds but eventually the grass took over and it required little attention. Meanwhile we were transferred back to Washington, D.C. and sold the farm in the early 70's. This is background information for Verlon and my visit and walking over the farm in 2007. Here is what the Red Cedars look like after Verlon helped plant them as a little kid. None of the grass has been plowed and it is still in good condition. A future owner went ahead with building a dam in a bit different location than we planned, but it provides water for the cattle that spend the summer there. Our walk brought back a lot of happy memories and some frustration. (Incidently, the picture on my blog page of me with a couple of the kids, was taken on this farm as the native grass got established)

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Virginia State Flag

Many people commute between Seward and Lincoln for work and various other reasons on a daily basis. Highway #34 is in excellent condition and the scenery is most interesting. I commuted for work in Lincoln for 8 years and must say, I enjoyed every day of it. I went to work at 8:00am and got off at 4:30. There were always times during the year when the sunrise and sunsets were most beautiful. The addition of the Kiwanis Parade of Flags at the eastern entry to Seward has only enhanced the beauty of the drive and provides an appropriate entry to our "4th of July City" as well as the location of the Nebraska National Guard Museum. However, all things seem to come with a price. When funds were raised for "State flag sponsors" we made a commitment to cover the cost of "our state flag" as well as its perpetual maintenance.
What many of us didn't realize was that when flags are flown 24hours a day, 365 days a year, in Nebraska winds, they don't last very long. We are fortunate in having a retired clothier and his wife who still do alterations and reinforce each new flag before its displayed,  Another, repair and reinforcement is generally required before the annual replacement. We were told today that a contribution to the maintenance fund for "our flag" would be appreciated. We have the honor of having the beautiful dark blue Virginia flag as "ours". We lived there for a number of years and still have family there but just realized, we need to revise our Will to assure our maintenance commitment. (I must admit that Elaine was singled out as the one person who questioned maintenance at the time the project was being considered)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Busy but Happy Mother's Day

Elaine shared her Mother's Day Flowers with me and this is one of our timed shots. This is the Bouquet that came from Tim's via the local flower shop. We were able to have a good conversation with Tim this evening after missing an earlier call. Their son Tony got home for a few hours today to spend some time with his Mother and Tim. We had a  busy day. Went to early (8:30) Church this morning for the first time this spring.We got started going to 10:30 Church last winter when the nights were so long.  Julie, John and the Kids came over in late morning to visit and bring a beautiful Hydrangea plant. It has 5 big blooms that measure up to 7" across. We sat out on the front entryway during the afternoon and enjoyed looking at the hanging basket of Double Inpatients that Carolyn brought earlier. Carolyn stopped over this evening as we were having our Pizza supper with Blue Berry Pie dessert. Verlon called just about the time we finished eating and we had a good visit. 
 Among other things we talked about was his being out this summer at the time of the solar eclipse. This picture of us holding the Hydrangea looks a little strange because of our holding it and only having a few seconds from the time I pushed the shutter until the picture was snapped. Jon called a bit later and after his well wishes to Mother, we talked of the proposed organization changes within USDA. I would hope that the utilization of our Natural Resources on a Sustainable basis could continue to be a National Priority. Brother Don called a few minutes ago, and we talked about getting together for lunch here in Seward within the next couple weeks.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pre Mother's Day Celebration

We celebrate Mother's Day for an extended time. It began on Wednesday when Carolyn had a Double-Impatience hanging basket for Elaine. Yesterday this bouquet of cut flowers arrived at the door from a local flower shop from Tim and Laura & family. We took some pictures this morning after Elaine got home from the Beauty shop. We had also taken things to the Recycle Center, checked out a local Auction and went to Walmart. We are continuing celebrating by going to Nate's on the Nine this evening with Ben and Carolyn.  I have no idea what all tomorrow may bring, but it has already helped Mother realize how much all of us appreciate how much she does for us. Since my Mother died 26 years ago, Elaine has helped fill the void, continuing to serve as Care-taker as well as wife.
An example is of her insisting that I had to also appear on the picture with the flowers since we both were enjoying them. Who was I to argue, after all the eye drops, hot and cold pack therapy she provided me while getting over recent eye surgery. We are also keeping a close eye on when the big house will be moved down our street. We think there will be "No Parking" signs on the street, at least some time ahead of the move. There are many features about the old house that leads Ben to believe that his Great Grandfather built the house. Ben owned and lived in a house before he and Carolyn were married that he had built, and the houses have some similar unique features. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Jack's Nature Lessons

The new growth has come out on our Blue Spruce, as have the bright red leaves on the Japanese Maple. Both are at the height of their color today. While they maintain it throughout the season, their color is most vibrant when it first comes out. Jack was with us this morning and I decided to see how many birds he might be able to learn to identify. He already knew red Cardinals and this morning learned Grackle's. By the time he starts to school, I hope he will be able to recognize at least 20 as well as a number of flowers, trees, etc. He was fascinated with the individual blue needles from the spruce and had some difficulty with them since he already knew what a needle is for sewing. 
He thought it interesting that the individual needles would float on the top of the water in the bird bath. We then went in the house where he played with a favorite truck and then sat on my lap to watch just a bit of TV. He gave me a big hug when it was time for him to leave. As much as Elaine begged for one, he wouldn't budge so I got to give her Jack's hug. I have heard it said that every day you play golf doesn't get subtracted from your allocated number. I believe the same thing can be said about days with Jack.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Each House has a Story

This nice old house at the corner of Bradford and Columbia Ave. here in Seward, is in the process of being readied to be moved. In fact. Elaine and I drove past it late this afternoon to see if it was still there. It is only a couple blocks from our house and I took this picture this morning. It has been jacked-up for the past few days and this morning they were placing large I-beams under the building. There are big trucks with long trailers parked on the other side of the house. The property belongs to the Memorial Health Care Systems. They also have a Child Day Care facility next door to this property. Word is that the playground will be expanded after the house is moved. Interestingly, among my friends, we still don't know where this house is to be moved. 
We also drove on up past the house where we lived  at one time on East Bradford street. We had build a dry-limestone wall nest to the street and now it has this parking area. This was not only Elaine and my first house but also the first house that my parents lived in after they were married in 1920. Elaine's parents bought if from us and held it for many years as a rental until their Estate was settled. We are living in the 7th house that we have owned during our many years of marriage. We have lived for short periods of time in rental apartments but never in a rental house. While we did own a rental house for 2-3 years, we always felt it best to own the house where we lived.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May 10th, a Special Day

May 10th has long been a special day in eastern NE that was know by "Old Timers" as the time to start planting corn. Just as Good Friday was when you planted potatoes and St. Patrick's day was when Grandma Vrana planted Sweet Peas. My older sister, Vivian and Eddy were married on May 10th and a few years later their son Terry was born on this date. Today was made special by having Jack here with us this morning for a couple hours. Then, Carolyn took us to Lincoln in her  Subaru  SUV for Eye appointments with Doctor Mausolf. Elaine got a good report on her eye pressure as the result of nightly medication. I had the stitches removed from my lower eyelid surgery. The Dr. was pleased with the healing. 
Carolyn did some shopping while we were  occupied at the Opthamologist office. When she dropped us off back at home, she brought out a beautiful "Double Impatients" (Impatients Walleriana) hanging basket, from the back of her vehicle. We have quite a bit of shade round our house and yard, so Impatients have been one of our favorites but this one is special with the double flowers that look like little roses. It makes a beautiful Mother's Day gift for Elaine that will brighten our entryway all summer.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kiwanis Membership Directory

Kiwanis International is a world-wide organization with members in more than 8,400 Clubs throughout the world. Kiwanis was founded in Detroit, MI in 1915.  The international headquarters office is now located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The organizational structure below the headquarters includes Districts. These vary in size, but we in Seward are in the Nebraska-Iowa District. Within the Districts are Divisions. Divisions typically are made up of some 10-12 individual clubs. The Clubs have considerable autonomy within the Int. framework which includes "Saving the Children of the World, One Child at a Time". Our "Kiwanis Club of Seward" was founded in 1965 and has had over 90 members during the past few years. For many years a Membership Directory was published and available to all members at the beginning of the Kiwanis Year on October 1. However, as the world has moved toward a paper-less society, the International Office has made more Internet services available.
These services include a listing of clubs current members with pertinent information available with a "click" on the individual as shown at he right. Yesterday,  a current, printed Directory was made available to all our members. The Directory also includes significant information about the Club, Officers, organization, programs, projects, history, etc. To many of us older members, having a "hard copy" is much handier than having to go to our computer and well worth the extra cost. I am sure that for many of the younger members who grew up with computers, and carry a smart phone in their pocket, the Directory will get minimal use. We are fortunate in having active members over a wide range of  age,  and this new Directory will be used by many,  but "we see the writing on the wall".