Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Kiwanis Membership Directory

Kiwanis International is a world-wide organization with members in more than 8,400 Clubs throughout the world. Kiwanis was founded in Detroit, MI in 1915.  The international headquarters office is now located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The organizational structure below the headquarters includes Districts. These vary in size, but we in Seward are in the Nebraska-Iowa District. Within the Districts are Divisions. Divisions typically are made up of some 10-12 individual clubs. The Clubs have considerable autonomy within the Int. framework which includes "Saving the Children of the World, One Child at a Time". Our "Kiwanis Club of Seward" was founded in 1965 and has had over 90 members during the past few years. For many years a Membership Directory was published and available to all members at the beginning of the Kiwanis Year on October 1. However, as the world has moved toward a paper-less society, the International Office has made more Internet services available.
These services include a listing of clubs current members with pertinent information available with a "click" on the individual as shown at he right. Yesterday,  a current, printed Directory was made available to all our members. The Directory also includes significant information about the Club, Officers, organization, programs, projects, history, etc. To many of us older members, having a "hard copy" is much handier than having to go to our computer and well worth the extra cost. I am sure that for many of the younger members who grew up with computers, and carry a smart phone in their pocket, the Directory will get minimal use. We are fortunate in having active members over a wide range of  age,  and this new Directory will be used by many,  but "we see the writing on the wall".

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