Monday, May 15, 2017

The Virginia State Flag

Many people commute between Seward and Lincoln for work and various other reasons on a daily basis. Highway #34 is in excellent condition and the scenery is most interesting. I commuted for work in Lincoln for 8 years and must say, I enjoyed every day of it. I went to work at 8:00am and got off at 4:30. There were always times during the year when the sunrise and sunsets were most beautiful. The addition of the Kiwanis Parade of Flags at the eastern entry to Seward has only enhanced the beauty of the drive and provides an appropriate entry to our "4th of July City" as well as the location of the Nebraska National Guard Museum. However, all things seem to come with a price. When funds were raised for "State flag sponsors" we made a commitment to cover the cost of "our state flag" as well as its perpetual maintenance.
What many of us didn't realize was that when flags are flown 24hours a day, 365 days a year, in Nebraska winds, they don't last very long. We are fortunate in having a retired clothier and his wife who still do alterations and reinforce each new flag before its displayed,  Another, repair and reinforcement is generally required before the annual replacement. We were told today that a contribution to the maintenance fund for "our flag" would be appreciated. We have the honor of having the beautiful dark blue Virginia flag as "ours". We lived there for a number of years and still have family there but just realized, we need to revise our Will to assure our maintenance commitment. (I must admit that Elaine was singled out as the one person who questioned maintenance at the time the project was being considered)

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