Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chicken for Lunch

We had occasion to go down to Walmart this morning and it wasn't easy. Construction continues on Highway 15 limiting travel to one lane. Work continues on the bridge over the Big Blue just south of town. Traffic was backed up north of South Street here in town as we got in line. Then we had another delay for construction on "turn lanes" at the entry to Walmart. We were able to find everything we had on our list, including a roasted chicken. We visited with Elizabeth, the store Manager who observed the Chicken in our cart. She remembered earlier conversations where we discussed the number of meals that we get out of one chicken. On the way  home, we escaped the line waiting to cross the 1-lane bridge by going west on Walker Road, just south of the RR tracks. This took us past the proposed "City Rail Center" and over to 294th St. We went north to the "Beacon Light corner" and on home. (The  rotating beacon light was installed on a metal tower back in the 1920's to guide airplanes across the country. It was removed in the mid-40's but continues as a landmark for our generation.)

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