Friday, May 26, 2017

Memorial Day Wekend

Jack spent some time with us this morning and helped fill the bird baths and gather Peonies to take to the cemetery. Sadie was along with Julie when she came to pick him up so we went out to visit with her. She was busy drawing in her sketch book. When I asked her if she could make an "S" she promptly wrote one and made some other letters to print her name. You can see what happened when I suggested that she look at me and smile. Jack didn't even realize he was going to be in the picture. Yesterday we  came across a picture that Julie had drawn of a bird when she was a bit older that Sadie, so we sent that home with her. It was really good and should challenge Sadie to draw as well as her Mother. 
This afternoon we took flowers to family graves at the Seward North Cemetery. I must confess to the use of pictures from past years since not getting any today. We did get flowers on parents, siblings, and grandparents as well as Aunt Ethel and Johnny Willers since they have  no descendants. We were pleased to see the number of flowers on grandparents graves since that has not always been the case. We did find that the task of getting the flowers in place seemed to be a more difficult task this year than what it was in the past though it was a beautiful day.

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