Friday, May 19, 2017

Norman Rockwell's "County Agent"

This large painting of "The County Agent" by Norman Rockwell was displayed for many years in the entry area of what is now "Hardin Hall" on the UN-L East Campus in Lincoln, NE. During the '80's when I worked in Lincoln the facility was called the "Nebraska Center". It housed the Nebraska Water Center and was the site of numerous  meetings and conferences. I was always very impressed with the painting since it was so typical of a County Agents visit.
Carolyn and I visited Computer World in Lincoln this afternoon and on the way home, she wanted to stop there to check the book store.  Not only has the facilitie's name been changed, but it has been completely renovated  with many changes, to now include the School of Natural Resources and the Department of Statistics. When I didn't see the painting, I asked at the book store and was told that it had been moved into storage at the Nebraska Historical Society. She asked if I remembered the name of the painting because it is often asked about. She pulled up Rockwell paintings on her computer, and I quickly recognized it. She then clicked on the picture I identified and my 10/3/2013 blog page came up.

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  1. Tony,
    The grandson of the agent in this drawing just posted more drawings by Norman Rockwell on Facebook. Search Douglas Rappe if you are on Facebook. I was searching on Google for the sketch and found your blog.
    I am a retired Postmaster living on a small acreage farm in Indiana growing beans and corn. Huge baseball fan.