Thursday, May 11, 2017

Each House has a Story

This nice old house at the corner of Bradford and Columbia Ave. here in Seward, is in the process of being readied to be moved. In fact. Elaine and I drove past it late this afternoon to see if it was still there. It is only a couple blocks from our house and I took this picture this morning. It has been jacked-up for the past few days and this morning they were placing large I-beams under the building. There are big trucks with long trailers parked on the other side of the house. The property belongs to the Memorial Health Care Systems. They also have a Child Day Care facility next door to this property. Word is that the playground will be expanded after the house is moved. Interestingly, among my friends, we still don't know where this house is to be moved. 
We also drove on up past the house where we lived  at one time on East Bradford street. We had build a dry-limestone wall nest to the street and now it has this parking area. This was not only Elaine and my first house but also the first house that my parents lived in after they were married in 1920. Elaine's parents bought if from us and held it for many years as a rental until their Estate was settled. We are living in the 7th house that we have owned during our many years of marriage. We have lived for short periods of time in rental apartments but never in a rental house. While we did own a rental house for 2-3 years, we always felt it best to own the house where we lived.

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