Friday, May 5, 2017

Jacks Visit

Jack had a good morning at our house today. I left early for a 9:00am meeting as well as helping to celebrate a birthday at coffee, but Jack welcomed me home when I got here. He and Elaine had already done several things including eating the last piece of apple pie. We went out and got a few dandelions out of the front yard. Then, went to the back yard where we filled the bird feeder. He drug the hose over to the bird fountain and hollered for me to "turn it on" when he was ready. He then went to the new vining Black- Eyed Susan and gave it a good drink. I wanted to check some things on my laptop but we did a selfy with Photo Booth and took this one with a "time delay" camera shot. Julie came down to pick him up but he was in no hurry to go home.
He took Elaine down to play some Polka music while Julie and I had a good visit. We are so pleased with her renewed interest in taking Cello lessons and the satisfaction she gets from even the practicing. Her instrument was stored in Elaine's closet for many years so it has been a win-win situation with her picking it up, having it reconditioned, and now enjoying playing it.  We hope she will be able to get in with a concert group in the not too distant future after regaining her previous skills. Jack delights in tapping the pad of the laptop to take our selfy. My eye is beginning to clear up after the lower eye lid surgery last Tuesday. Elaine  administers the drops and provides the hot and cold packs.

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