Friday, May 12, 2017

Jack's Nature Lessons

The new growth has come out on our Blue Spruce, as have the bright red leaves on the Japanese Maple. Both are at the height of their color today. While they maintain it throughout the season, their color is most vibrant when it first comes out. Jack was with us this morning and I decided to see how many birds he might be able to learn to identify. He already knew red Cardinals and this morning learned Grackle's. By the time he starts to school, I hope he will be able to recognize at least 20 as well as a number of flowers, trees, etc. He was fascinated with the individual blue needles from the spruce and had some difficulty with them since he already knew what a needle is for sewing. 
He thought it interesting that the individual needles would float on the top of the water in the bird bath. We then went in the house where he played with a favorite truck and then sat on my lap to watch just a bit of TV. He gave me a big hug when it was time for him to leave. As much as Elaine begged for one, he wouldn't budge so I got to give her Jack's hug. I have heard it said that every day you play golf doesn't get subtracted from your allocated number. I believe the same thing can be said about days with Jack.

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