Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nebraska State Capitol

This is a recent picture of the Nebraska State Capitol. It is the image I enjoyed out of my window whenever I turned away from facing my desk, during my years with the Natural Resources Commission. As often happens, I came across a couple pictures taken  during its construction back in the 1920's, while looking for something else. I had always assumed that the Sower was added to the top of the dome when the framework, at least for the tower was complete. However, this one picture leads one to believe that was not the case; since it is shown dangling from a crane with significant work remaining to be down on the dome of the tower.
We are in a thunderstorm area this evening with a tornado watch in an area just south of us across the state line in Kansas. We have received some 2.60 inches of rain since Sunday, prior  to tonight. While we have had hard showers, it has been spread over enough time that flooding has not been a problem. Rain is forecast for much of the day tomorrow and on into Saturday. It is to clear for Sunday. We don't like storms but not a good idea to ever complain about rain in Nebraska. Minimum tillage and cover crops have helped conserve moisture as well as soil on cropland, but rain is still important. Our rainfall is an important factor in the recharge of our groundwater aquifer. Our City wells are really on the eastern edge of the Ogallala aquifer and must be managed to keep up with our growing population. The NRD with headquarters in York, covers our County as well as several others, has regulation is place to control groundwater pumping if necessary.

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