Sunday, May 14, 2017

Busy but Happy Mother's Day

Elaine shared her Mother's Day Flowers with me and this is one of our timed shots. This is the Bouquet that came from Tim's via the local flower shop. We were able to have a good conversation with Tim this evening after missing an earlier call. Their son Tony got home for a few hours today to spend some time with his Mother and Tim. We had a  busy day. Went to early (8:30) Church this morning for the first time this spring.We got started going to 10:30 Church last winter when the nights were so long.  Julie, John and the Kids came over in late morning to visit and bring a beautiful Hydrangea plant. It has 5 big blooms that measure up to 7" across. We sat out on the front entryway during the afternoon and enjoyed looking at the hanging basket of Double Inpatients that Carolyn brought earlier. Carolyn stopped over this evening as we were having our Pizza supper with Blue Berry Pie dessert. Verlon called just about the time we finished eating and we had a good visit. 
 Among other things we talked about was his being out this summer at the time of the solar eclipse. This picture of us holding the Hydrangea looks a little strange because of our holding it and only having a few seconds from the time I pushed the shutter until the picture was snapped. Jon called a bit later and after his well wishes to Mother, we talked of the proposed organization changes within USDA. I would hope that the utilization of our Natural Resources on a Sustainable basis could continue to be a National Priority. Brother Don called a few minutes ago, and we talked about getting together for lunch here in Seward within the next couple weeks.

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