Friday, December 31, 2010

Times Square on Labor Day weekend '09

While it isn't like being there to see the ball drop and the New Year come in, just being there was a thrill. This was a year ago when we went back to see the new Mets and Yankee baseball parks. Note the ball resting peacefully on top of the building above the Toshiba sign.

The Nation's Capitol 1963

Living within our income was not easy during the first few years in Washington, D. C. One of the many money saving items was utilizing the Barber College in Alexandria, VA for the boys and my haircuts, as is evident. They actually did a very good job and the cost was minimal. The  Beatles had more influence  on hair style than Dad as the boys got a little older.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coffee Klatch Forum

There is a lot to be said for Coffee Klatches in small towns. Our group is totally uninhibited in expressing their opinion on any and everything. Politics, Religion and Money are not discussed in some organizations but are among our principal topics. Our views cover a broad perspective and were shaped by family history,  education, and a wide range of experience.  There are some things we will never all agree on and yet it is surprising how often we can come to a reasonable consensus. We all have a common interest in promoting that which is in the best, long term, interest for the Seward community and consider the extent such things are "sustainable" over time. We always part friends and most of us back the next morning. I wonder if our public  policy decisions at the Federal, State, and Local levels might be able to come to "better" decisions if they had the "privacy" for open discussion that we enjoy. Have we gone too far with our "Open Meeting", "Freedom of Information", etc. laws and is their a Happy Medium??
What do you think??

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Fruits of her Labors

This is how a young married family "made-ends-meet" back in the 1950's. We didn't make much money but this lady's folks had a big garden and she was very adept at "canning". I carried a lunch pail and a half-pint of Blue Plums were standard along with summer sausage sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies.  The cellar was a small room under the kitchen of our first house and was accessed by lifting a door in the kitchen floor and going down the steps.  The shelves under the steps were built with salvaged lumber. There was a productive pear tree in the back yard and Colorado Peaches were canned by-the-bushel. Green beans were a staple and a years supply of Catsup was bottled and sealed with wax. Pickled beets added to the supply along with dill pickles and egg plant, etc. The young Mother also had a pretty dress.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Lake Moraine

I an in the lower lefthand corner if this picture enjoying one of the most beautiful scenes of nature in the world. This scene overlooks the glacier fed Lake Moraine with 7 peaks across the way. Located within the Baniff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Lake Moraine is some 9 miles from the more popular Lake Louise. This is the scene that was shown of the backside of the old Canadian $20.00 bills. This picture was taken 21 years ago as we drove our pick-up truck to Alaska.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

In Retrospect

Two score and 8 ½ years ago a father and mother took forth four children and traveled through Springfield, Illinois on their way from Lincoln, NE to Washington, D.C. Their quest was a new job conceived by Carl A. Lindstrom and dedicated to the proposition that it provided an opportunity for a young family.
Now looking back on the experience we marvel at the courage, the faith, and the help of friends who helped us along the way. The USDA Soil Conservation Service has little noted nor long remembered what we did there during our 18 years in the Agency’s National Headquarters. But in a larger sense, we cannot compromise that experience. It has provided a comfortable retirement, a resolve to remember the many who helped us during perilous times; and, in some small way, helped to conserve our Nation’s soil and water resources that future generations shall not perish from the earth.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Bride

It was 62 years ago during the Christmas season that this lovely lady accepted my proposal of marriage which occured the following June. We have both "matured" some since then but she is still the same lovely person. In fact, even as I write this she is baking a Pecan Pie which is my favorite. We continue to enjoy the season as much as we did those many years ago.                 

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house some 50 years ago. Now some of the kiddies are Grandparents.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Greetings

This card was sent to Aunt Lydia Koch on December 27, 1918 from a friend in California. Billy Gardiner, whom Lydia was engaged to be married was killed in WW I so I'm sure the card was appreciated. She did go on to marry, have a family and lived to be over 100, and was a delightful person. We can overcome obsticles that seem unsermoutable at the time

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This picture was from a year ago but we do have some snow forecast for tomorrow and should have a white Christmas. At least we are listening to  Bing Crosby dreaming of one.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time Marches On

Time changes everything. Even the initials SCS on my helmet which stood for the "Soil Conservation Service" is now the Natural Resource Conservation Service. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Penny Post Card

As a 14 year-old girl, my Mother sent this card to her Uncle Fred Turner in Columbus, Nebraska in February, 1915. Her message was, “Hello Uncle Fred, how are you? I thought I would answer your card. Dorothy and I were glad to hear from you. Well, I guess I will close. Write soon. From Florence. (And she added) This is not a very pretty card but I thought it would do this time.” Interestingly, Fred never married nor did Dorothy and they lived together, even operated a child care business during their later years.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Caption for Picture

Any ideas on a caption for this old family vacation picture. The location was "Hells Half Acre" in Wyoming back in 1956.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jerry's Ford

Never underestimate what a "farm boy" will do to get a "Ford Convertible"

Reducing inventory

It is the season for reducing inventory of “stuff” around our house. Among the vulnerable items are National Geographic Magazines.  They have accumulated over the many years that we have lived in this house. (Who ever throws them away unless they move.) We have the complete years of 1986 through 1989 and 1993 through 2006 that we are looking to dispose of, leaving us with the 3 most current years. Taking them to the Recycle Center is an option but before doing so, wondered if anyone had any better ideas. They are all in excellent condition.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures, etc.

Pictures are great aids in helping us remember how  “things” appeared at the time the image was captured. However, at a recent Kitone practice session where we sang Christmas Carols, I was again reminded how vividly music also brings back memories; Often much more clearly and meaningful than pictures. Hearing certain music can rekindle emotions associated with the sounds and transform time and space. It is often with “mixed” emotions that we hear or sing the Christmas Carols. Back come memories of “hard times” and misunderstandings. But, more importantly they bring back the happy memories of childhood Christmases and the assurance that those who have passed on, are with us in spirit and still a part of our lives. 

 ps. I took the picture of our group on this occsion. Please note the rapt attention my fellow Kitones are paying to their leader.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Letter

Some of you may have received our Christmas Letter that we sent out by email this afternoon. We know there are varied reactions to this manner of sending Holiday greetings. Just as there are to sending a card without writing a personal message. Time was when we would write personalized, hand written letters in each and every card that we sent. But times have changed--we have changed. Oh, we still send personalized messages to a few people with whom we worked or lived close to years ago and only hear from once a year but for many,we opted for the easy way out. It's not that we think any less of you but it has to do with expediency. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who sees this blog. Our email address is <

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yes, there is a Santa Clause or...

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause, a Tooth Fairy, and other mystical beings that provide us with gifts and “stuff” without our knowledge of its origin. One example of this has occurred at our house for many years and continues even through this very morning. I opened my dresser drawers and there were several clean pairs of shorts, undershirts, handkerchiefs and socks. I looked in my closet and was able to select from among several laundered shirts as well as trousers. They just appear like “magic”, day-after-day, year-after-year. The transformation of the clothes placed in the hamper to their being clean and in dresser drawers and the closet must be the work of a Tooth Fairy, a Santa Clause, or other mystical being. I think I know how they get there but it has happened for so long that it’s generally just taken for granted. So on this day, I want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to you who makes it happen.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Winter Weekend

Following our beautiful fall and 50+ degree days last Thursday and Friday, winter struck with a vengeance this weekend. We have “hunkered down” inside our happy home and haven’t ventured out. I mailed some of our eBay sales yesterday morning down at the Post Office but the >50mph wind gust and single digit temperatures were unbearable. We only received an inch or so of snow but it added to the misery of the weather. I didn’t even go to the Seward HS girls basketball game here last night as they beat Grand Island Northwest 67-29. We rationalized not going to Church this morning since it was the children’s Christmas program. It was a bright sunny day but temperatures topped out at 14 degrees. It made watching the Shark Shootout golf meet from southern Florida more attractive for old folks than getting out.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Seward HS Girls 74 vs Pius X 24

The Seward HS Grls basketball team extended their unbeaten streak to 53 games tonight by scoring 74 points against the Pius X team from Lincoln. Seward got off to a fast start with Beth Bohuslavsky scoring the first 8 points in the first few minutes of the game. Pius X didn't make a basket until 6:42 was left in the first half. Seward led 39 to 8 at the half and the final score was 74-24. . All 10 members of the Seward varsity team scored. Hanna Tvrdy had 14 points in the first half and Bohuslavsky finished with 17.

Golf Season

Our golf foursom played golf at the Seward Country Club yesterday afternoon along with several other parties out on the course. The temperature got into the low 50's and the NW wind was tolerable. My putting suffered from lack of practice but it was a good outing. While it doesn't show on the picture, the deer have done considerable damage to some of the young trees on the course. The tree shown had the bark rubbed off over  2 feet of the truck and about 3/4 of the circumfrence. I doubt the tree can survive. This is one of the many new trees that have been planted during the past 2-3 years to replace the Pines that are dying because of the pine-bark beetle.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thought for the Day

The less you know about a problem, the easier it is to suggest solutions.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Mayor for City of Seward, NE

Roger Glawatz who has served as Mayor of Seward for 15 years handed the gavel to Josh Eickmeier last evening. Eickmeier was elected to the position in November. Glawatz served an additional 15 years on the Seward City Council and decided not to run for another term. The new Mayor, Josh Eickmeier graduated for St. John Lutheran School, Seward High School and earned degrees from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Journalism, Poitical Science and Law. He serves as Legal Counsed for the General Affairs Committee of the Nebraska State Legislature. Two new Council members were also sworn in: Barbara Pike and Richard Hans. They replace Loren Pogreba and Robert Fiala, neither of whom ran for reelection.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

We never miss the water till the well runs dry

What does it mean to a small town like ours with some 7,500 citizens when we lose another downtown business. That was the discussion at coffee this morning as our local "Hometown Hardware" continues their closing out sale. The store is located on our city square and carried a great inventory of everything a "Happy Home Owner" might need or want. Within the past few years we have lost our Shoe Store, our Men's Clothing Stores, a local Drug Store, and others. Yes we still have a downtown Lumber Yard where you can get some of the things the Hardware store carried. And there is the Walmart store just a short drive from downtown. Lincoln is only 25 miles away and "Internet shopping" is as close as your computer. But we miss each of these "hometown" businesses as they pass on, it's like missing "old friends", maybe we don't need them as much as we once did but what makes for "The Good Life"?  What makes a community of shared interest? Where is it taking us??