Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pictures, etc.

Pictures are great aids in helping us remember how  “things” appeared at the time the image was captured. However, at a recent Kitone practice session where we sang Christmas Carols, I was again reminded how vividly music also brings back memories; Often much more clearly and meaningful than pictures. Hearing certain music can rekindle emotions associated with the sounds and transform time and space. It is often with “mixed” emotions that we hear or sing the Christmas Carols. Back come memories of “hard times” and misunderstandings. But, more importantly they bring back the happy memories of childhood Christmases and the assurance that those who have passed on, are with us in spirit and still a part of our lives. 

 ps. I took the picture of our group on this occsion. Please note the rapt attention my fellow Kitones are paying to their leader.

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