Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Winter Weekend

Following our beautiful fall and 50+ degree days last Thursday and Friday, winter struck with a vengeance this weekend. We have “hunkered down” inside our happy home and haven’t ventured out. I mailed some of our eBay sales yesterday morning down at the Post Office but the >50mph wind gust and single digit temperatures were unbearable. We only received an inch or so of snow but it added to the misery of the weather. I didn’t even go to the Seward HS girls basketball game here last night as they beat Grand Island Northwest 67-29. We rationalized not going to Church this morning since it was the children’s Christmas program. It was a bright sunny day but temperatures topped out at 14 degrees. It made watching the Shark Shootout golf meet from southern Florida more attractive for old folks than getting out.

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