Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Fruits of her Labors

This is how a young married family "made-ends-meet" back in the 1950's. We didn't make much money but this lady's folks had a big garden and she was very adept at "canning". I carried a lunch pail and a half-pint of Blue Plums were standard along with summer sausage sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies.  The cellar was a small room under the kitchen of our first house and was accessed by lifting a door in the kitchen floor and going down the steps.  The shelves under the steps were built with salvaged lumber. There was a productive pear tree in the back yard and Colorado Peaches were canned by-the-bushel. Green beans were a staple and a years supply of Catsup was bottled and sealed with wax. Pickled beets added to the supply along with dill pickles and egg plant, etc. The young Mother also had a pretty dress.

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