Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coffee Klatch Forum

There is a lot to be said for Coffee Klatches in small towns. Our group is totally uninhibited in expressing their opinion on any and everything. Politics, Religion and Money are not discussed in some organizations but are among our principal topics. Our views cover a broad perspective and were shaped by family history,  education, and a wide range of experience.  There are some things we will never all agree on and yet it is surprising how often we can come to a reasonable consensus. We all have a common interest in promoting that which is in the best, long term, interest for the Seward community and consider the extent such things are "sustainable" over time. We always part friends and most of us back the next morning. I wonder if our public  policy decisions at the Federal, State, and Local levels might be able to come to "better" decisions if they had the "privacy" for open discussion that we enjoy. Have we gone too far with our "Open Meeting", "Freedom of Information", etc. laws and is their a Happy Medium??
What do you think??

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