Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Band Experience

This is the Seward Kindergarten Rhythm band at the "Federated" Church at 4th and Jackson street on May 19,1931. They had played at a Cradle Roll program at the Church under the direction of their teacher, Miss Fuering. I am in the back row at the right end. I remember having the picture taken but don't recall the program. While we "lost" some things in the process of moving to Brookdale, this picture is an example of something we have found. In my office at the house, I kept a list on my desk of things we knew we had but couldn't find. This picture had been on that list for the past 5 years. Then the other evening, Elaine came across it among other old pictures. I have a CD with 98 pictures  called "Buds #1" which is of my childhood. I wanted this picture included. Now that it's found, I can still get it worked in.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Flowerday Black Butcher Kettle.

This Black Butcher Kettle has been a part of Elaine's life for as long as she can remember. As a little girl her Dad rendering lard in it over a wood burning fire. She also remembers her folks making soap in it with tallow and lye. It would be cut in white blocks and used in the washing machine. She remembers of the kettle being stored near the smoke house with it turned over to not catch rain. Elaine inherited it when her folks had their farm auction in the spring of 1956. We had bought our 5th street house a short time before and suspended it with chains from a tripod made with oak poles. We have always used it for a "planter" except for a party that Carolyn had out at the farm. For that occasion, we dumped out the dirt and plugged up the 3 holes I had drilled in the bottom. She used it as a cooler at the event by filling it with ice, water and drinks. I took the plugs out later and it has been a planter ever since.
We have often pulled up this picture of Elaine and the kids because of her dress and attractiveness, but never before as a chance to see the Black Kettle soon after it became ours. We took it along when we moved to Lincoln a couple years later and had it set up in the backyard there like we had it in Seward. However, we took it back out to Seward and left it with Elaine's folks at their Locust Street house. They took good care of it but never put it to any use. Their Estate Auction was held March 15, 1983. So, it is obvious that we would have "reclaimed it" prior to that date. I do remember of our buying Geraniums at a Greenhouse in DesMoines in the late '80's while working at Ankeny, IA and making frequent trips back to Seward. The Geraniums were special and planted in the Kettle in front of our 1st Street house in Seward. I'm certain that it has occupied that location for at least the last 25 years. It was one of those things from Elaine's childhood that led to our quality of life, but it is appropriate for it to move along and bring happiness to others. She appreciated getting the check this morning.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Family Heirlooms

This family heirloom has had an interesting history. It has served a useful purpose in our garage for the past 35 years and now looks great after Carolyn's refinishing. Here is what Elaine wrote about it: 
"This table was part of the bedroom furniture give to Charles and Anna (Schneider) Koch as a piece of their wedding furniture when they were married in Pickney, Missouri on February 26, 1880. They moved to Seward, Nebraska, in1903.
In the following years, it was used by their daughter Christine (Dixie) Koch for a bedside table (while she made her home with Albert & Flora Flowerday from 1919 ‘til her death on Thanksgiving Day 1964.
The table was kept by Albert and Flora, passing it on to Elaine and then to her daughter Carolyn who has now refinished it beautifully for her home here in Seward.
Since the Koch’s were talented furniture makers, it may have been crafted by one of the Koch’s." There is also an interesting story on a bench that came about the same route.
Here is what Elaine wrote this afternoon about the Bench: 'This bench was made by Charles Koch for his family to sit on at the family table. Their children consisted of Settie, Meta, Millie, Anna, Carl, Amanda, Lydia, Flora, Della (lived only about a year), Dixie (Christine), and Verna.
The bench was made from a tree in their back yard in Missouri. In 1905 the family moved to a farm northeast of Seward where they farmed. When his health failed, they moved to house on South Columbia in 1918. After he died in 1920, the family moved to a house in the 100 block of south 4th street in the downtown area. When Grandmother moved to California in the 1930’s to help Verna with her little ones, Flora took the bench to the farm.
Flora & Albert brought the bench along when they moved to Seward in 1956. Following their Estate auction in 1982, their daughter Elaine kept the bench in the attic of their home. Now Julie and John have it in their beautiful home in Seward to enjoy."

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hank Williams, Dover, TN Poster

This is a Hank Williams poster sold on our December Auction. It was bought by Larry who called last evening to tell of his efforts to learn more about it. He has talked to people down in Dover, TN, where Williams was scheduled to perform on May 12, 1952. According to local people, he was a "no show" and unable to find a reason other than that he died about a year later. He was able to talk to a lady who has a tavern in Dover with this poster hanging on the wall. She had obtained it through eBay and wouldn't reveal its cost. It appears that there were never very many printed and their availability is definitely limited. While it appeared that he paid a healthy price for it, it seems that he may have gotten a bargain. He is certainly very pleased with it which makes us feel good about it, too. My Brother Don was a guest Auctioneer at our Auction and had the good fortune of selling this poster as well as others. One of his daughters was able to get a picture of his selling it with the poster  being held up for a clear view. That picture may become as valuable to our family as the Hank Williams poster. Julie and I are in the foreground with red cap.
I had 2nd thoughts and decided to add this picture as well since it was already referred to. What I haven't written about is son Jon's comment when he and Anna were here recently. When told of how well this poster and others sold, his comment was: "Dad!!!, You sold My Posters".  I honestly didn't know where they came from but assumed I'd picked them up along the way. Jon went on to admit that he too had no memory of where, when or how this Hank Williams poster came into his possession and got stored in a box at our house. It was probably there from when Jon's lived in the house for a relatively short time while we were in Ankeny, IA.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Dr. Jason Summa and My Bi PAP Machine.

I have been using my Bi PAP machine (Bi level Positive Airway Pressure) for about the past 6 weeks. It was prescribed by Dr. Rudersdorf in cooperation with Dr. Jason Summa, our local family Doctor. The equipment has been furnished by ACS Medical,LLC of Lincoln. I received a call from them yesterday of  having met the initial use requirements and of need to meet with Dr. Summa for a discussion of its use. We met this afternoon where I told him of my progress in becoming accustomed to the equipment. We talked about my having recently had normal dreams during the night which indicated that I was getting into a "deep sleep". Earlier I awakened frequently and never reached the stage where the air pressure may be most beneficial. I wasn't able to report any noticeable change in my energy level but believe the "shortness of breath" may have improved. I pushed a shopping cart all over the Walmart store this afternoon without stopping to rest until after having made my rounds, and Elaine was picking out cards. I have been writing these blog pages since the late 2010's. And, do it primarily for family and friends. This happens to be the 2,500 page that I have published. I have retained all of them on a Flash Drive. I also find that just "searching" for any subject or reference used on this number of pages, will bring them up for review and benefit. I started this years ago with the idea of it being something I could do as I got older and unable to do much physically. It's Working.                              

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Reality of Pictures

We were in Cattle Bank this morning renewing a CD and I took this selfy of Elaine and I with my phone. One reason Carolyn gave me her old one after getting a new one was for taking pictures. The phone was "reconditioned" so it works well, I'm still learning on it. My camera is O.K. but doesn't have the "detail" of the phone. I have long believed in the old adage that, "you need to be careful what you wish for since you might just get it". I thought of that as I looked at this picture. The bags under our eyes and wrinkles wouldn't nearly have shown up as vividly in a picture taken with my camera.  I have no reason to disagree with what is shown. But, I did get my haircut that included my eyebrows being trimmed this afternoon, which may have helped a little. We were able to get a better long term CD rate than we have had for some time so that was "good news" and we were happy. Just think what we would have looked like if the rate had gone down. When Carolyn sees this, I can almost hear her saying: "Dad, it looks just like you".

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

"Rock and Roll"

We had a fun "Rock and Roll Dinner" at Brookdale this noon. It was a take-off of Elvis Presley days. Some of the ladies serving food even did some imitations of him as well as the "Twist'. We had menus on which to select our ice cream dessert. Elaine chose a Root Beer Float and I had a Carmel Sundae. We had a mixed salad, pork'n beans and a big Cheeseburger. Old 45 records were displayed on each table, and the servers were dressed appropriately. Elaine did comment on none of them wearing a "Poodle Skirt". Brookdale management does an excellent job of making the ordinary exceptional. We don't regret not haven't been out of the building since Monday. We enjoyed Carolyn stopping by this afternoon to visit.