Sunday, October 22, 2017

Changes in Agriculture

We got up to the Seward County Historical Museum in Goehner this afternoon and got the "folding Walking A" turned over to them. The picture shows it in its extended "working" position but its folding makes it very compact. The fellow shown with me is whom we filled in papers for the gift. He was not familiar with the "tool" having grown up as a city kid in Superior, NE. I will provided them detailed information of its usage back in the early days of farm crops subsidies. It was used to measure the size of fields before the days of the land being photographed which enabled fields to be accurately measured with a Planimeter. This was back in the 1930's and '40's when farmers were provided subsidies for reducing the number of acres they planted to certain crops. It was thought that limiting the acres of production would increase the price that the crop would bring. It was commonly called "a program that paid farmers for not farming" which was an over simplification of commodity control.
We came back to Seward on Alvo Rd. which is 1 mile south of the highway. It took us past the Briggs Feedlot where we were amazed at the enormous silo that had been filled recently. There were many more lots of cattle on feed beyond what are shown in the picture. We saw several combines at work with this one harvesting soy beans. All reports are that this has been an excellent crop year with even dry land crops setting record yields. We have come full circle from the Walking A days of limiting production to feeding the world if NAFTA programs stay in tact. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017


Spectrum, our Internet provider went down last night as I was working on this Autoharp blog. It saved the picture but everything I wrote was lost. It's almost ironic since that is the story on this instrument as well. Elaine bought it for me as a Christmas present in 1981. These were not real happy days and she must have thought it would help get me out of the "doldrums". I just never took to playing it. While Jon was still at home before getting married, he and I would spent many happy hours singing but we haven't since.
 Jon has taken it out of the case a few times when back visiting but never really got in to playing it. A song book came with it that shows the cords that coincide with the buttons on the instrument. It couldn't be any simpler to play. Maybe that's the problem; no challenge!! I don't believe Mother Maybelle Carter's was that simple. We have offered it to Jon at times but it's still here. We are going to have to make a decision in the very near future as to putting it on our Auction in December. What do you think Jon, should we put it in the same box as the accordion?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Cherry Pie & Ice Cream.

Elaine baked her first Cherry Pie in the kitchen of our apartment here at Brookdale. It turned out pretty good and tasted even better. The butter pecan ice cream added to the pleasure. I began the days  activities by taking a folder of Soil and Water Conservation Society information over to Doug Garrison at the NRCS office here is Seward. Doug has been involved with the Society over the years and told of also getting a box of historic information from the Paul Smith files. Elaine had a pleasant visit with Susan Walsh who brought a bouquet of her last flowers of the season. This evening Carolyn came up to visit. She always has interesting things to tell us about Sadie and Jack but also about she and Ben going on a car ride out in the "hills". We have a tradition of going on about the same trip at the time of Elaine's birthday. We haven't done it yet this fall with the moving project but still plan to do so. Who knows; we may even do it tomorrow if its another nice fall day.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Missing Sweater

This picture was taken early last spring when we had no thoughts of moving to Brookdale. With Jack on my lap, he was all that I could think of. One of the things we are still looking for is the blue sleeveless sweater I was wearing. As I recall we ordered it from Haband a year or so ago. I am still wearing a older one with a narrow  mandarin collar. The "missing one" has a very pronounced collar as shown in the picture. It is also a bit larger and lighter blue than my old one. We have looked high and low at both places in everywhere it could possibly be, and can't find it. During the summer when the boys were here, I offered them to take any of my things they may be able to use, since we knew we would have to cut down because of space at Brookdale. We and Carolyn have also taken many things to EtCetera in our process of "cleaning out".  And, a lot of stuff has gone in the garbage so I just know where it may be. 
Here is another picture of Elaine and I out on the deck last spring when I was wearing the new sweater. This afternoon we were setting out on the patio having a drink when I had on my old one. The little black bugs drove us inside. I'm concerned that a few of them may have even followed us. The Yankees just won 5-0 over the Astro's in Yankee Stadium. They now lead the series 3-2 and will head for Texas to find the American League Champion.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Elaine, I and "The Girls".

We didn't spend much time at the house today but I brought home several files to go through while watching baseball games. I was pleased to see the Yankees win and will be pulling for the Cubs. One of the folders had Carolyn's name on it and covered the late '80's & "90"s. Carolyn was teaching school and Julie was in High School. The girls spent a lot of time with us and we were really caught up in all of Julies school activities. The picture is on the walk in front of our 1st street house. The two large Pin Oaks in the background were taken down a few years ago and we don't miss them. Going back through the file reminded me that this was probably one of the happiest periods in our lives. Our health was good, we were retired from day-to-day work. I played golf regularly, was on the City Council and involved with various other organizations. The girls helped me with computer problems.
One of our favorite meals was the Soup, Salad and Breadsticks at the Olive garden in Lincoln. The girls had also acquired a little poodle and named him "Jack". He was  a member of the family.
I would often pick him up from Carolyn's house after coffee and we would keep him until she would pick him up after school. We would visit when I brought him to our house with him setting on my lap and his head out the window. We would visit about a variety of subjects and he never seemed to disagree with anything I said.  It was a sad day  when he had to be put down. I was on the number 1 green when the call came that he was gone. The sorrow of loosing him was more than offset by the pleasure he provided. It was a touching part of those exceptional years of being a part of the girls exciting lives.

Monday, October 16, 2017

President Jerry Meyer's Address

Jerry Meyer, newly installed President of the Kiwanis Club of Seward, gave his incoming President Address this noon. He went over the 2017-2018 Goals and Objectives and what is needed and expected from members for the club to have a great year. Our Motto is: "Serving the Children of the World". Our Defining Statement: "Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world one child and one community at a time. Our Vision: Kiwanis will be a positive influence in communities that one day, all children will wake up in communities that believe in them, nurture them and provide support they need to thrive". Our Goal: "To perform meaningful service, with service to children as our priority". He also recognized Roger Mailand for his service as 
Chair of the Spiritual Aims Committee. Other Chairs had been recognized at previous meetings. We had 60 members present today and with Jerry's leadership, this is expected to be an outstanding year for our Club. The "Empty Bowl" Luncheon will be held tomorrow under the leadership of Pam Moravec. Some 16 vendors have agreed to provide the soup. This event continues to be the major fund raiser to support the "back-pack program" in the Seward Elementary schools. This is a program that the Club has sponsored for the past several years that fits President Meyer's Goals and Objectives perfectly.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Historic Folding "Walking A"

This was my blog page of August 2, 2015 in which I tell of acquiring a "folding Walking A" at an estate auction and our intent to giving it to the Seward County Museum in Goehner, NE. Today was the day that was to happen. We took it to Goehner and found that the Museum didn't open on Sunday till 1:30 pm so we went on a countryside car ride and returned after 2:00. The place was still not open so we came on home. It is a piece of history but unless we find a convenient way of getting it in the Museum, we just may put it on our December auction.