Friday, September 22, 2017

Birthday Trip to D.C. in '05

Among other things today, we brought up our Advantix and Samsung picture prints which we took during the 1998-2010 period along with our digital shots. In the process, I came across those from a trip back to D.C. for my Birthday in 2005. Our plan included picking up Carolyn, getting Julie from her apartment in Lincoln and driving to Columbus, IN to visit Tim, Laura and family. After a day of rest we added Tony and Maggie to our carload and left early for the Hampton Inn on old Lee Highway in Fairfax. It was not a happy day of travel with one of the girls having to set in the middle of our La Saber's front seat. 
It was further complicated by my having problems finding the Hampton Inn.  We had been in touch with Verlon who drove up from Richmond, and we all met at Jon & Mary's the next morning. The 10 of us rode the Subway down to the Mall for the Folk Festival and visited the Museum of Natural History. We got out to RFK with our "all day passes" and saw the Nationals beat Toronto 5-2. We rode the Orange line to Vienna and Mary rode with us for directions to the Hotel. It was a long day but a good Birthday. We spent the next day with Verlon in Old Town Alexandria and Jon's joined us near the Hotel for supper. We headed out early the next day and got back to Tim's in Columbus where Laura had a Kettle of Chili soup and Frog's Eye salad ready. Tim and Laura went to work the next day and the rest of us did a lot of shopping at the Outlet Mall. We left early the next morning and were back in Seward by 8:45. Great Trip.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Bookcases, Models and Alternatives.

Ben came up this morning and put this bookcase back together for me after his moving it up from the house. He understood how the little clips fit that hold the shelves and got it back in shape without near the frustration I "suffered" in attempting to do it. It was a real pleasure putting some of my models on it. Carolyn ordered some wider shelving that we thought Elaine and I could share in our "Den" room. It was easy to set up and we promptly set some things on it when we learned that Julie, John and the kids were coming to visit. I purposely put the 2 Texaco trucks on a shelf where Jack could reach them since they were his favorites down at the house. We even played a Polka on the record player for Jack this evening for the first time up here. I keep shuffling models to have the ones I like best in our limited space. The new bookcases are 2 stacked and may not stay in this location, like most things involved in a move of this kind, there are alternatives. As we work at setting priorities, we realize that the things we can interact with like the computer, TV, phone and people, are more important in our new lifestyle than models, books, and other things on a shelf (Unless they represent a story like the fruit jar on top of the first bookcase). 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tim Javorsky at Brookdale

A Brookdale lady came to the door this noon to check on our not being in the Dining Room and presented Elaine with a Birthday Flower and invited us to a Party this evening where Tim Javorsky provided an hour of musical entertainment. We had bacon and eggs in our room for early lunch since Carolyn came to take us to Lincoln for eye appointments with Dr. Mousolf.  We were both pleasantly surprised at our good examination results. Neither of us need to make any changes in medications nor glasses and we have 9-month appointments. We were not excited about the monthly birthday party but since Elaine was to be recognized, we decided to go. Our first impression of Mr. Javorsky did little to build up our enthusiasm, but when he started to sing, we sat up and took notice. His hour long program was recorded on a DVD which he played and accompanied the background music with his instruments and vocals. He has a great voice and covered a wide rage of favorite music. Nearly all of his songs brought back happy memories.
As new residents, this was the first performance we have enjoyed here in the same set-up where I sang with the Kiwanis Kitones many times over the years. It was a bit nostalgic but this guy was good. He sounded just like Louie Armstrong while singing, "It's a Wonderful World". Some of my other favorites were: "New York-New York",
"Waltz Across Texas", "Supercalafradreakxpalealadoshus", 
"Grandma's Feather Bed", "Falling in Love" and he ended with "Mack the Knife" with all the body movements you might expect of a 16  year old. This was his second performance of the day and he was headed back to Lincoln for a rehearsal. He will be back here in Brookdale before the end of the year. It was one of those rare events where we enjoyed it much more than anticipated.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Models and Crows

Yesterday we focused on getting a bookshelf moved up here and books on it. Today we worked at moving one on the model bookshelves and bring up models. This is only a small sample of our models with more of them going to be sold than kept. The kids including Jack will want some of them so we will have some shifting before the sale bill is finalized. One of my top priorities is the '48 Chevy Fleetline (in the center of this picture) that is what my folks bought on Mother's 48th birthday and we drove it to California on our Wedding Trip in 1949. Their car was blue, but it's a beautiful red model. I will also keep a Model A JD as well as a 720. I have spent many hours on each of them. We have the frame for the bookshelf in place but are waiting for Jim to anchor it to the wall before putting in the shelves and any models on them. Ben and Carolyn have not only hauled up the bookcases but also this old Crow looking in our window.
Carolyn bought this old bird for me several years ago and we have had it displayed on a back yard fence post. I hope that it may bring back the Crow we saw here a few days ago. The name Vrana is what you call the bird in the Czech language. Some years ago, I belonged to a Crow Organization that published a quarterly newsletter. It contained some interesting stories of the ability of crows to be trained to do many things. I don't know which may have come first, the Crows or the Vranas but it would be interesting to know the connection. We were walking through a cemetery over in England some years ago when we had taken Carolyn and Julie along to visit Elaine's relatives. The Crows were calling each other and Carolyn remarked that even they had English accents.

Monday, September 18, 2017

A Bookshelf in Place

We continue to make progress in my entertainment area. The bookshelf was the focus of the day. Yesterday I had sorted most of the books on it at the house into Keepers, Library, Et Cetera, Recycle. This morning we loaded up all but the Keepers and went to the Library where they took everything designated and even a few of those for Et Cetera where we went next. They took everything we had left including the Recycle group. I went to Kiwanis where the program was on Home Instead. We went back later and loaded up all the Keepers and Carolyn and Ben hauled the bookcase up to our unit. With help from a Brookdale employee we got the books in, and after Carolyn doing some maintenance work on the bookshelf, got them put in place this evening. These are some of our favorite books but actually represent about 25% of our total. I believe a high percentage of them will fall in the Recycle category.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seward UMC at 150

We were up and around early this morning to participate in the Seward United Methodist Church Sesquicentennial Celebration. We went to the 8:15am service which was the beginning of several hours of celebration. Carol Lee (Radden) Rees came back from Shenandoah, Iowa to play the Prelude on the Grand Piano and Virginia Fraser played the Organ for the Hymns. Rev. Robert Henre gave the responsive Call to Worship and Ministry Assistant, JoEllen Axthelm led the unison affirmation of Faith. The combined Chancel Choir and God's Squad sang  "Cathedral of Praise"; this was followed by the Dedication of a Quilt, it's Holder and a Stained Glass. Rev. Bill Ritter, Blue River District Sup't, gave the Children's Sermon, Lynette Broderick read the Scripture Lessons and Introduced Bishop Ruben Saenz, Jr. of the Great Plains Conference who gave the Sermon. The activities continued well into the afternoon with the second service,  picture taking, recognition of the 59 current 50-year members, a review of historic memorabilia (including my 1931 Sunday School Class picture) and lunch. While we came home after the 1st Service, it was reported as a Great Event. Virginia Cattle headed the list of long time members having been one since  confirmed in 1934.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Cleaning Out

Our cleaning out brought to light this Omaha World-Herald "Midlands" magazine of February 11, 1990 with my picture of the front page. The "Conservation's Educator" was written a few months after my appointment as Executive Director of the International Soil and Water Conservation Society in Ankeny, Iowa. I had a very close working relationship with the OWH during the 80's while working for the State of Nebraska. Elaine and I commuted every couple weeks between Seward, NE and Ankeny during this time. T. L. Henion had been over to Ankeny to interview me so I was aware of the article going to be published but had no idea that my picture would be on the front page. Elaine and I were over in Iowa at a gas station when I first saw the picture and was very surprised. I asked the operator if I could buy it from him and he said, "No!, I've never seen anyone  before whose picture was on the front page before so I want to keep it." And, so did I and got several copies but I will get rid of all but one, unless the kids indicate interest in a copy.