Tuesday, August 22, 2017

My Office Ceiling

I have spent a lot of time in my Office since we made the decision recently to move to the unassisted Living Unit at Brookdale.  The office is in the lower level of our house and was part of an unfinished, 20' 7" by 14' 7" storage room when we bought the house  36 years ago. We laid floor tile on the south 9 feet of the area as a first step, a hot water radiator was already in place near the bottom of the south wall. I built three, 3'sections of bookcases that provides the east "wall" and separates the "office" from the "shop". Wall board was put on the west wall of the office area and wood paneling on the south side of the room. We had a rug just the right size for the floor.
While the ceiling is finished with ceiling tile throughout the rest of the lower level, the 2 x 10" floor joist are visible in the whole storage room. We worked on remodeling this area during the time I was working with the Nebraska Natural Resources Commission and attending many meetings where name tags were provided. I started stapling them to the 2x10's to provide some color as well as an interesting way to display "reminders" of meetings throughout the country in various capacities. At least 30 years ago, Elaine began reminding me that they would be more difficult to get down than to put up. During Verlon's visit, he was able to get them all down. I hope to find a better picture showing them but you get the idea from the first picture.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse in Seward, Nebraska

We went out to John and Julie's to view the Eclipse this morning. John's brother Dan and his wife Kim are visiting there, so along with Verlon, Carolyn, Sadie and Jack, we had a good viewing party. We got out about 11:15am so with the beginning being at 11:36, we spent a little time watching what was happening out in Oregon and had our Pizza lunch. Then we moved outdoors as we put on our glasses and began to see the moon working into the path of the sun. The kids did great in keeping their paper plate, glasses mask in place by lying on the blanket and looking up. Jack had a good time just playing without being too concerned with the eclipse
It was a truly great experience but we were far enough away from the center point of the path that we were never able to see the "sunsets" that are referred to nor did it get dark enough to see any stars. I'm sure the street lights didn't come on in downtown Seward as we anticipated. With my viewing glassed off during totality and my regular glasses on, I was able to see something very similar to this picture during the 1 minute 36 seconds of totality. While the view may have been better near the center line, the fact that we were less than a mile from home and among family more than offset what we may have missed.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

No Water from the Faucet

There is an old adage that: "You never miss the Water till the Well runs Dry." Our City Water pressure was noticeably low as I opened the faucet mid-afternoon and by an hour or so later, it was just a trickle. Elaine was able to collect a half-gallon or so and she washed dishes with water from the dehumidifier. Word from the City is that both water towers have been totally drained by a water main leak in an undetermined location. The water towers are being refilled in an effort to locate the leak. Meanwhile, the stores in Seward have sold out their water supply and people are driving to Lincoln for water. Elaine has always kept a bit of supply in the lower level refrigerator, but it is definitely limited. We have a flush in each of our 3 toilet stools which we are planning to conserve till morning, at least. We did have an electrical and rain storm last night that left 1.50" in our gauge but doubt that could have caused the problem. We do have some flooding in the area which may make locating the break more difficult. Tomorrow was scheduled to have a lot of activity with the Total Solar Eclipse from 1:01:33 to 1:03:10pm and unless the water issue is resolved very soon, it will complicate the planned activities considerably.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Elaine and the Forest Service

Elaine had several years of very successful experience with the Forest Service in USDA while we were back in the Washington, D.C. area. She started with the FS as a Secretary and advanced rapidly to a Management Analyst position in the Timber Management Division. This 17 x 11 inch slab of Colorado Limestone, (3/4" thick) came from the Cattermole Studio in Idaho Springs, Colorado and was shipped to Elaine in 1973. The Lichen is natural and the drawing of the Deer on the stone, is done by a secret, Native American process. It has occupied a prominent place in each our Family Rooms since, in the  3 houses where we have lived.
This 11 x 12 inch, Forest Service sign also came to Elaine during the time of working with the Agency. The story is that one of our kids spotted it in a midst of garbage, pullled it out, cleaned it up and gave it to Elaine as a Christmas present. She never mentioned to any of her fellow Forest Service employees that she had one of these that so distinctly identify National Forests. It has never been displayed in our  Family Rooms, but usually put up in my shop rafters. It was one of several things that Verlon pulled down from places difficult to reach. At this stage of our move preparation, we are utilizing his ability to do many of the things we are unable to do as well as focusing of the things we know we will move to the new location at Brookdale Independent Living here is Seward.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Fish in Bee

The agenda today included Verlon using a Power Washer from Sack Lumber to wash our deck. It cleaned up nicely. He also did some back yard trimming as I did. In fact I did more yard work today then any one time this summer. Verlon got the last of the "rolls" down from the rafters in the storage area which we enjoyed sorting; some to recycle, others to yard sale and a few to garbage. I went through more old work files and was pleased to find some pictures of my long time SCS boss when he was a young man as a CCC camp leader. This evening we went up to Lou & MaryAnn's for fish supper. We didn't get there till after 5:30 and were fortunate in getting a table near the entrance. We have never seen as many customers as what were there this evening. We must have waited for over 30 minutes for our food but the fish was excellent and the helping seemed larger than normal. We estimate there were as many as 200 people involved during the time we were there. It's not only a great meal but also an interesting experience.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bringing in New and Hauling out Old

Carolyn was doing some work with drapes up at our Brookdale unit when our new living room chairs were delivered from Slumberland. We got up to try them out right away and decided we liked them. Elaine and Carolyn had bought them and I am well pleased with their choice. They fit well and I like the height at which we sit.  They will be moved around a bit as we bring in lamp table, and a narrow mahogany desk to the left of my chair. We are anticipating having a TV on the wall across the room. Some of the plans may change as additional furniture gets moved in. We  took up some of my jackets to a closet  and Elaine always has things to take along. We try to never go up without taking along something that we don't need here during the next couple weeks.
We used Verlon's height and strength in bringing down some boxes off the top shelf in our storage area. Most of which had been there since the shelves were built nearly 35 years ago. One box contained several of my GW university notebooks. The paper pictured is of an "Analysis of Management appraisal Methods" which was a 5-person MBA project in 1968. It involved collecting data from many Government Agencies and Private Industrial Companies. These are all in bags out in the trunk of the car headed for the recycle center. We took Verlon out to dinner this evening for his birthday and felt we had done a good days work.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Home Maintenance

Son Verlon was able to get the garage door railing support repaired this afternoon. While there are many additional items on his work agenda, this was at the top of the priorities. The thin, vertical, angle iron support from the railing to the base support at the ceiling broke last winter and I got it "wired up" to let us get by. He was able to get a heavier grade of material at the local lumber yard and got both this south railing support and the north one for the north door properly repaired. We also got up to Brookdale and measured the size of the garage. It is a single stall, 21' 6" by 11' 5" in a building of about 10 such garages.  Our car should fit in nicely with room for a certain amount of storage. It has a remote garage door opener for the locked door. Knowing the storage capacity of the garage will help us in determining just what we will be able to take with us. This is going to be a definite "down-size" after all the space we have had in this house with the finished lower level and a big finished, double garage. We are happy that Verlon will be able to spend his birthday with us tomorrow. It always brings back a lot of Happy Memories when we remember of the birth of our First Born.