Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Moving after 35 years Isn't Easy.

We were up to Brookdale again today with Carolyn, Julie and the kids to do more planning. We waited in the entry area with the Library room in the background while Carolyn got her car. It was a productive visit in that we got all the paint colors selected. The girls did some measuring and room planning. I took some pictures. This first one shows our entry door open, kitchen to the left, closet to the right. (little storage area to the left utilizing space under the kitchen counter on the other side of the wall.) I have never been a big fan of sliding glass doors but they are what all units have. We will have curtains and drapes on ours. 
We will need to have some furniture "cut-outs" to be able to move about to see how things will fit. We have been spoiled by having all the room that we have in this house with the finished lower level. 
We can't even think about taking the Mahogany Dining room set that we bought privately 50 years ago back in Virginia. While I use my laptop upstairs, the PC and all  other computer stuff is in the lower level; as is most of our books, pictures, records and player, shop, washing/drying/ironing facilities, storage of clothing, file cabinets, my man cave, tools and we haven't even mentioned everything out in our 2 car attached garage. We wouldn't be able to cope with all of this without the day to day help of family.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Indipendent Living at Brookdale

We did it!! We signed the papers this morning to move to a Brookdale independent living unit here in Seward. After my recent birthday, we decided that it would be well for us to visit the place to see if we needed to get on a list for a unit. As it turned out, an ideal unit had just become available. While we don't plan to move until September, the sale of our house and many of our things will also happen later. While this has all happened much faster than anticipated, there are things about this unit that we didn't want to lose. We have already started "cleaning out" stuff we won't need.
We took a load to Et Cetra and to the Recycle center already this afternoon. Carolyn had been a big help and did a lot to encourage us to do this while we can do it together. It is fortunate that Tim and Laura's family will be here for the Family Reunion and Verlon here a couple weeks later. We hadn't even mentioned the possibility to Jon's family while they were here recently. We haven't thought much about selling the house,  excess furniture, and a lot of personal stuff but that can all happen along the way. Our old '92 Buick La Sabre is probably one of the easier things to sell but it sure came in handy recently when Jon used our "new" car. It's 25 years old, still in good condition, and almost a classic. 
This is near the main entry room as you come in the front door. The "Coffee shop" is visible across the hall on the left in the picture. The entrance to the Dining Room with 3 meals a day, is just to the right of it. A Beauty shop is across the entryway to the Dining Room. The edge of the mail boxes show just next to the left edge of the green wall.  Our unit is the first one beyond the mail boxes. It has 2 bedrooms; one we will use as a sewing/computer room, 2 bathrooms, small kitchen, snack area and large living room that opens out to a patio. We think we will like it.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Check Mate

We enjoyed Rev. James Keck's sermon that was telecast from First Plymouth in Lincoln this evening. It included a story told by Rev. Billy Graham in 1995 in a sermon on the painting, "Check Mate"
The story of “The Chess Master and the Painting” 
“There is a picture of a chess game hanging in Paris. On one side of the painting is the Devil, and on the other side is a lad about sixteen years of age. They are playing chess. The Devil has a leering, triumphant expression on his face. He has just licked this boy at chess, and the boy is sitting there with his head bowed and big tears trickling down his cheeks. The Devil has just won in the game of life over this lad. He has no strength, he has no way out, and he has given up. 
The title of the picture is "Check Mate". 
He had him.
A famous chess player came through one day. He looked at the painting. He felt sorry for the boy and he hated the looks of the Devil.
He began to study the board where the men were placed, and all of a sudden he shouted: "Son, I have found a move, one move . . . if you will make that move you can lick the Devil." He forgot himself, he forgot it was a painting-he was so engrossed in it."
Rev. Keck went on to use the analogy just as Rev. Billy Graham did to say that when we may think the "Devil has us in Check Mate", we still have a move available. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017


I find it most entertaining to enter a topic in the little block at the top, left corner of the blog page and all my pages are searched for reference to the topic and brought up for review. As I understand, this service is provided by Google. My question is: How might it be possible  to put the over 2,300 blog pages that I have written during the past 8 years and make them available on an independent computer?  Another question has to do with converting VCR tapes to DVDs. I'm sure there are machines  and outfits that do it but I am not familiar with them. Your comments would be appreciated on these two questions.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Social Media

There are few days go by that I don't take a picture with my little Panasonic Lumix camera that I've had for the past 5 years. One of the features that I have appreciated is the date being shown on the prints. This morning as I went to take a shot of some of the plumbing that we had done, the message came up on the camera that the date needed to be reset. It opened to where it could be done. However, not being real astute at that sort of thing, I hit something that caused it to "go away". While I tried to bring back the "date setting page" with all the buttons on the camera, I was unsuccessful. In lieu of an instruction book, the camera came with a DVD that has over 90 pages of instructions. I was able to pull it up on my PC, find what was necessary to open it , and got the instructions. It was relatively simple once it was open  but it made me think of my dear old Czech Grandmother who never learned to read or write. She was about as handicapped in the 20th Century as some of us are in the 21th without computer technology "Know How".

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vrana Family Reunion

We have a "Tony & Florence Vrana Family" reunion coming up at the Mahoney State Park that has been in the planning stage for well over a year. Janice and Larry have provided the leadership in working with the park and the family in getting it all put together. We had a similar reunion there some 25 years ago but the number of participants has increased considerably since then even though there have been losses of siblings and others. There are many recreational activities provided at the park that attract the youngsters.
The water park, driving range, horseback riding, hiking, etc. don't hold the same appeal to some of us now that they did those years ago. Janice has reserved a room in the Lodge where we can get together. It will enable us to share memories with pictures, stories and just renew acquaintances with cousins, nieces, nephews and all family members. Two of us Florence and Tony siblings have Great Grandchildren so it will be a 4 generation group. Facebook has helped to keep familiar with some but this will be a great chance to get to know many of our own family members.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

TV Problems

Time-Warner was our TV service provider for a number of years. When our house was built back in 1969 it included cable outlets in appropriate rooms. We have used cable since buying the house back in 1982. Since we paid for the connection and the outlets were available, we have been spoiled by just "hanging on" to our old TV's as we updated. A couple of the old ones play our many VCR tapes is a reason for keeping them. A company called "Spectrum" took over the Time-Warner TV service a few months ago and have now announced that they will be going 100% digital on August 1st. It will require a "box" for every TV to get any reception. 
 While I can accept the need to get boxes for the TV's that we most often use, it could become quite expensive to have them for those in my "cave", next to my PC, etc.  Coffee discussion led me to buy an antenna as shown attached to a window to hopefully get some local stations. I went through the reprogramming of the TV to have it on "Air" rather than cable, but the results were not what I had hoped for.
My problem got more serious as I went to go back to the way it was on cable. This was all new to me but was satisfied that I had it set for the right input and went through the "Scanning" process several times but just couldn't get it back to how it was before I "messed" with it. I called my old friend Joe who came up and found that the cable connection was faulty which was the source of all my problems. I hadn't even thought of that possibility.