Friday, December 15, 2017

Auction Sunday

Loading the truck started this morning soon after 9:00am with the 2nd load leaving about noon. It's been a busy day with our items being moved down to the Ag Pavilion for our Auction on Sunday. Carolyn took the moving crew on tour right away to give them a picture of the task. We even made some final decisions as things were being loaded. We have been very impressed with Linda's ability to arrange furniture to make it and rugs attractive. She has worked with this moving crew so they were well coordinated in the unloading and setting up. We really just didn't realize how much stuff we had until moving it.
There is a flat bed trailer (hay rack size) loaded with all the yard and garden tools, some antiques, and various items from our big garage.
Linda has several tables set up like the one to the right. They hold various things like my collection of model cars and tractors as well as other collectible items. I think people will be well satisfied at the wide collection of our 68 years of marriage.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

We're in the Late Innings

We had Helen take this picture as we set with Verlon at the Guest table this noon. We had a good fish dinner with curly fries and pork n beans. I had cottage cheese for salad and a chocolate coated ice cream cone. We got back down to the house where Verlon had been working on leaves. We pulled the big aluminum extension ladder off the fence under the trees and cleaned it up to sell. Carolyn loaded some breakable things in our cars that the movers will not have to fuss with tomorrow as they load up all the furniture and heavy boxes. The movers are the same crew that moved us earlier.
We were a bit concerned when some rain drops and a few snow flakes began to fall this afternoon. Tomorrow the mower will be gone as the movers take stuff to the Ag Pavillion. We had done very little with leaves this fall so Verlon first chopped them up and then picked up the residue with the bag on the mower. He got it all cleaned up. Carolyn is shown putting some of those boxes in our 1992 Buick LeSabre that will also be on the Auction. We bought the car new back in 1992, and it has taken us on many good trips. 
The Nebraska girls just won the first volleyball game of the NCAA Final Four. They beat Penn State 3-2. It was a close match.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Auction Preparation

Ben picked up son Verlon at the Lincoln, NE, airport this afternoon after his flight from Richmond, VA. We all gathered down at the house for him to get his first look at all the boxes of "stuff" that Carolyn has prepared for the Auction. We will be getting the '92 Buick Le Sabre through the car wash tomorrow, moving it and all of the "merchandise" down to the Ag Pavilion on Friday. That will give the Auctioneers Saturday to get everything displayed on tables for the Sunday Auction. As an old "spendthrift", I have been encouraging limiting the amount of stuff that the "movers" would load and take down to the Pavilion. I had even made provision for some volunteer help and equipment. However, later this afternoon the decision was made that the movers will take the bulk of it and we will move very little ourselves. It appears that the weather may bring some moisture during some time during the next few days but will generally be very good for this time of year. Verlon mentioned that it was warmer here today than in Richmond.
Our 25-year-old Buick would give someone an opportunity to have an "antique" to drive in parades someday if they have storage to keep it for a few years. It would take very little to put it in "like new condition" even now with the new tires and overall, very good condition. It has been the best car we have ever owned as demonstrated by never having to add engine oil between changes during it's 160,000 miles. In 1958 we sold a '36 Ford Victoria in good condition to a couple farm boys who put it in storage. That car today would be worth thousands.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


"Joyfully Sing", a group of 10 ladies that began singing as a group 25 years ago, entertained us tonight at Brookdale. They were led by the Daughter-in-Law of Jim and Chris Mackie who are residents here. They sang a variety of Christmas music that included audience participation in several of the traditional carols. They were very professional and followed a group of Seward High School students that sang and played instruments. Their duet of "Oh Holy Night" by two girls was outstanding. 
My involvement with the two musical groups this evening followed a Church Denomination discussion group led by Cliff Lowell. Tonight's discussion was on the Episcopal Church. So I had a full 2 hours of entertainment here after doing some work this afternoon down at the house. This is one of the boxes of items that I put together of historic publications that will hopefully be of interest to people at our household Auction this Sunday, December 17th. We have several boxes that include old Seward papers, some going back nearly 100years and several from the WWII era. Carolyn has worked closely with the auctioneers and has pretty good ideas of what is appropriate to have on the auction. My involvement has primarily been in sorting our old stuff, some of which has even come from our folks. I have enjoyed sorting through things that I hadn't for years and some, I didn't even know that we had.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


We were favored by having a group from the Malcoln Lutheran Church sing Christmas Carols during our supper time. It reminded us of the many years that we were among the Carolers and never realized how much the audience enjoyed it. This group also sang for those eating in the Assisted Living facility which we could hear. Then they came back through the dining room and visited with people. It gave us a chance to tell them how much we appreciated their singing and visit. I talked to a young lady who was a Junior in Malcolm HS and knew a couple boys whose parents we have known since the boys were little. One little girl stopped to visit with Elaine. She was a real cute little girl.
We had a busy day, didn't sleep very well last night so really appreciated and enjoyed the caroling, even more than supper. Tim reminded us last night that our phone answering machine wasn't working. I spent considerable time getting it reset. It got up in the mid 50's so we spent some time out in the garage. Got the old car cleaned out and went on down to Walmart shopping for a few things. Carolyn continues to work at the house, she has even done some things in preparation for Verlon's "living there" when he gets out mid-week. I don't know when I've ever been more apprehensive about any event than I am this Auction coming up on Sunday, the 17th. The work that Carolyn has done by herself in getting ready for it is amazing. She will look back on it someday and wonder how she did it. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Letter

Christmas Letter from Tony & Elaine
The year 2017 brought about a significant transition in our lifestyle. On September 1, we moved to Brookdale, a retirement facility here in Seward. We have an apartment in the Independent Living area where meals and some housekeeping chores are furnished. The facility also has a separate Assisted Living component. We have a garage for our car and some storage. The transition from our house after 37 years and the need to eliminate many of the “keepsakes” has been overwhelming and quite a challenge.
We continue to enjoy our family. Carolyn lives here in Seward and has been working diligently in preparation for our December 17 Auction of household items. (Sale bill at: <>. All 3 of the boys and families have been back to visit during the year. Carolyn and Ben’s daughter Julie, husband John Owens also live here and have our Great Grandchildren Sadie (5) and Jack (3). They are always a delight to have visit and even decorated our Christmas tree! As we enjoy the cycle of life with Great Grandchildren, we recognize the loss of relatives and friends. Elaine’s brother Dale died in June a few days before his 90th birthday and her sister Joyce died in November at age 98.
We continue to participate in most of our regular activities but have limited the depth of involvement as we transition to the many activities available here at Brookdale. We enjoyed a Vrana family reunion this summer at Mahoney State Park and the Solar Eclipse was a major event. Tony was surprised this fall by being presented the Seward County Community Service Award. We were pleased to contribute our 100 year collection of USDA Agriculture Yearbooks to the University of Nebraska Hugh Hammond Bennett Memorial that is being established.
Our Christmas Letters have been a tradition during the past 68 years of our marriage but they too have evolved with technology. It was difficult to accept sending them by email without a hand written note. Now I am planning on putting this on my regular Blog page <Tony-The Crow’s Nest> for the benefit of family and friends. Our new mailing address is: 500 Heartland Park Drive, Apt. #125, Seward, NE 68434.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Best Wishes and Good Health to one and all!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

Elaine's SHS 70th Class Reunion

Elaine's Seward High School Class of 1947 held its 70th reunion with a luncheon this noon at R.O.'s here in Seward. The 8 pictured here are those in attendance from the 60+ that graduated. They are (l-r) Vernon, Lois, Wilma, Jean, Max, Elaine, Bonnie and Loren. Jean (seated) planned the event and reported on several of the classmates she had contacted who were unable to attend. While we ate in R.O. dining area, the class picture was taken in a back storage room of antiques. (Someone commented on the irony) The visiting during the meal was hampered somewhat by the cafe noise combined with a certain amount of hearing loss.
Classmates family members helped fill a long table that enjoyed the excellent food served. I had a Ruben sandwich which was among the best that I've ever had. Pictures were taken from both ends of the long table with "smart phones" by the "young people". Jean is given a hearty thanks for making the event happen, a good time was had by all.