Sunday, June 17, 2018


If you saw my blog page written yesterday, you are aware of my obtaining Adella Pospisil Schulz's paper back book called: "Undocumented". This 216 page book is the story of her Grandfathers coming to the U.S. from Bohemia in 1885. The story so closely mirrors my Grandfathers coming to this country that I found it most interesting.  While it was spelled a bit differantly, both men were born in Caslav, Bohemia. My Grandfather came to this country in 1872 with his parents when he was 9 years old. Grandmother came over in 1873 at the age of 3. They were married in Saunders County in 1888 and lived on a farm near Linwood where my Dad was born in 1896. I have often regretted never talking with them about their trip over, etc.  Adella explains in the "Foreward" of her book that she has   "woven a fictional story around what may have been his early experiences...".  Her story came so close to answering many of the questions I never got asked, that I finished reading it today. It also helped me realize that my Grandparents were from solid families to support them compared to many of the immigrants.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Garland HS Alumni Luncheon

The Garland High School Alumni Reunion was held this noon with a luncheon at the American Legion Hall. The number attending each year is declining with the class of 1969 being the last. The first graduating class was in 1923. During that span of time,  there were 324 graduates. I would estimate that there may have been 50 of us there today. Elaine didn't feel like going because of a cold and sore shoulder. I'm shown here with Adella Pospisil Schulz and her recent book, "Undocumented". It is the story of her Grandparents coming to the United States from Bohemia in the late 1800's and settling in the Brainard area. Adella grew up a couple miles from where I did, north east of Garland. The story of her Grandparents sounded so much like my Vrana Grandparents, that I had to get the book. 
Vivian Schluckebier was recognized for having graduated in the class of 1936. She presented an interesting message.
Some years ago, Elaine and I bought a new album and put all the GHS sports and graduation pictures in it from an old one that was falling apart. Now, David Kovar has scanned those pictures and has put them on a DVD which was shown on a screen during social hour. He has invited anyone with additional pictures to send them to him for addition. Looks like a good show, and Yes, Adella autographed my book.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Kramer Sisters

The "Kramer Sisters" from Crete entertained at Brookdale this afternoon. Both played guitar and sang for most of the program but the lady to the left also played a harmonica and the Accordion for a few numbers. They even harmonized by singing some of the Czech songs while she played the accordion. She mentioned that her Dad, Leonard Becwar had a Polka Band and she had learned to play several instruments as a girl. I told her that we had a record at one time made by her Dad's band. I did some checking and it didn't make the cut in getting moved up here. This was the first time we heard them entertain but understand they come 2-3 times per year. Rosellen even served little snacks during the program. We enjoyed it and later had a good supper. I apologize for the poor picture, the blinds should have been closed.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

It's not Easy

Elaine got her hair cut and permanent down at Shear Reflections this afternoon. I had planned to get my hair cut at "Bob's" but found a "Closed Thursday afternoon" sign on his inside door. This was after I had parked and went to considerable effort to get there. I then went down to Pac n Sav with the order Elaine had written. I got along OK with things I often buy but canned cherries, hand lotion, toilet paper and a few other things were a challenge. The shopping took me out to near the limit of time that I can be on my feet. When the checker left her register to take care of others, I just sat down on the "sacking circle". With the temperature pushing 100, I thought best to get them up to the Unit. When Elaine and I do this together, I can help unload at the front door and she can make whatever number of trips it takes to get them in #125. By myself, I just set them by the door, parked the car and made a couple trips getting them carried in. After a few minutes of resting, I went back down to pick up Elaine. In putting the groceries away, she noticed that I got cans of strawberries instead of Cherries.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Red Oak

Elaine and I planted this Red Oak at the Seward United Methodist Church some 10 years ago. It was a 3-4 foot, bare root little "stem" but is growing into a nicely shaped tree. It suffered considerable damage during it's early years from a "weed eater". At one time, I tried to keep the grass back a foot or so from the trunk but didn't keep it up. It has had a protective collar around the trunk for the past few years which  enabled it to grow into a beautiful young tree. There are some small flowering trees in front of the Church as well, but this is the only one in front of the Church that will become a big tree.

Monday, June 11, 2018

4-Hour Eye Appointments

Carolyn took Elaine and I down to Dr. Mousolf's office today for our annual eye exams. Elaine is shown here checking the  Amsler grid after having been through the reading of various sized letters and numbers. She had other glaucoma and pressure tests and will need to go back in about 6-weeks just to have the pressure tested. He didn't think there was a problem but wanted to do the follow-up to confirm it. I heard him use the word "stable" which as Tim knows is good news. I got a good reports and we both got appointment to see him again in a year. Neither of us will need to get new glasses.
We barely got home in time for supper. In fact our normal table was already filled so we sat at one by oursselves. As we finished eating, the young women known as the Ukaladies walked in. They played Ukuleles and sang a wide range of songs for nearly an hour. It was just what we needed. It wasn't that they were that good but they were having fun. That something  we don't see very often. Management has done a good job of bringing in professional musicians but none seem to have the fun of the Ukaladies. Only a couple of them had musical back ground but started by taking classes at Southeast Community College less than a year ago. They even sang Happy Birthday to me and Mr. Tesina, the father of the lady at this end of the line, for our June birthdays.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


These 4 "River Rocks" are on the outside ledge near our patio door. I wish I knew enough about geology to write about their "make-up" but am just happy they survived the move. The were on the floor of the front entry way at our house on 1st street. I just went out to check for a message written on one of them. It was a gray one similar to the #2 and #3 of this stack. It wasn't there and was the only one with it's location documented. With it being special, it may have been put in some "safe" place to be moved. This small gray one goes back to the 1980's when I used it as a paper-weight on my desk at the Nebraska Natural  Resources Commission. These rocks are an example of things that are of little or no monetary value and yet were (and still are) a part of our "environment". We were very well organized at our house in knowing where "things" were and are still getting organized here in Brookdale. I have reached a stopping point on my "Life Story" project until I get some help from Jon. That will free me up to do some more sorting of clothes and other things. I've also got a list going of things to discuss with each of the boys when they get here in a couple weeks. We are certainly looking forward to each of them being here and hope that we will be able to meet all our expectations.