Friday, November 17, 2017

Carolyn -Our Appreciation

After moving our '92 up to our #4 garage here, Jack Underwood brought the flatbed they use for hauling stuff down to the Auction which will be a month from today, December 17. I has a 2x4 edge which will hopefully keep things from falling off on the way down to the Ag Pavilion. Ben came down and helped them push it up the driveway and into the garage. We didn't go down until about 2:30 and Carolyn had this all loaded. I don't know how many trips she must have made carrying boxes up from the lower level. The Auctioneers have movers to take the furniture, etc. down and we will probably haul boxes of fragile stuff down on that Friday ahead of the Auction when Linda will lay it all out. 
We plan to leave the washer and dryer, refrigerators, ladder to go with the house.  I did enjoy seeing the color on the Burning Bush along the fence in the back yard. It would be easy to get sentimental about all of this transition were it not for the continued time and effort that Carolyn has put in to take over and relieve us of it. She had done everything possible to make our unit at Brookdale an enjoyable home while also doing the hard work of getting ready for the Auction. I didn't plan to do this blog page until after seeing just everything she had done in the last couple days. Her 3 brothers don't know what they are missing but hopefully they will appreciate it.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our '92 Buick LeSabre

Linda was over to the house Monday working with Carolyn taking pictures of things that she will have on our Auction at the Ag Pavilion here in Seward on December 17. 2017. This '92 Buick Le Sabre will be on the listing. We bought it new from Rolfsmeier's here in Seward in April of '92 and have continued to keep a record of all expenditures (including gas). We drove it over 12,000 miles in '93 which included Tim and my 4,000 mile Baseball trip. We have driven it from Coast-to-Coast and Mexico to Canada before my taking it as our second car when we bought a new Le Sabre in 2002. I drove it to the golf course, coffee and to the many meetings so that Elaine always had a car for her use. During the past few years as my activities have narrowed, so its use has been limited. It has 157,000 miles with less than 3,000 miles on 4-new tires. We have had it serviced regularly and never needed to add oil between changes. It has always been in our double garage and in very good condition with everything still working. It will make someone a very good 2nd car.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

All Things Considered

Our day was brightened by my having pulled this RCA radio, cassette and DVD player, out of the closet. I listened to a polka cassette and then tuned it in to the Nebraska NPR station at 91.1 FM. I enjoyed it the rest of the afternoon. I used it very little down at the house but had it on the card table next to my desk. I also had the instruction pamphlet and remote next to it. I have the distinct memory of picking them both up and putting them somewhere in our moving process. I have looked through everything up here and haven't found them. I can get along without but still won't give up.
This is an example of what I found in one plastic grocery bag today in my search. I pulled out the barometer as something that can be put on the wall as Carolyn hangs pictures. The golf balls all go in a separate bag and the pens went in the desk drawer. This Telephone # finder was a very useful tool during the 80's when I was with State Gov't and for a few years later while I was involved with many people. I'm sure its not been used in the past 10 years. As I "played with it" the only use that it may be put to is helping me remember names if I can think how it starts.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Picture in Lieu of ---

We were down at the house late this afternoon where Elaine had 2 loads of washing to do. Our cleaning lady is in the hospital with an ankle injury so we miss her laundry and cleaning. I sorted through some old books and papers and brought up all of the remaining cassette tapes. Just even sorting them out will require some time. I noticed one of Julie singing, "Somewhere out There", which will bring tears when I play it. I shot these 4 pictures near our front door as we were leaving. These items like the post cards, will have at best, a picture to look at of things we took for granted but were important to us.  The Flowerday butcher kettle has been with us since 1956. Jerry Hemphill did the 4" wooden pallet for hose storage just a few years ago. The part of one of the fins from the old
Dempster windmill wheel came from the old Vrana farm. As a kid, I remember when it was new and picked this up out there some years ago. The "River Rocks" are part of a small collection that we accumulated over the years in our travels. I used a couple of them on my desk while in Washington, D.C. for paper weights.  I may keep a couple of them.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Change is Sometimes Questionable

This picture of the off-street parking in the front yard of our first house came up today while making selections for our 2017 collages. I have selected some 120 pictures in each of the last 20 years, and put them on 3 or 4 collage pages. While I put all of our pictures on DVDs, the printed collages of selected ones are a quick way of getting an impression of our activities during the year. I got started on the project a bit earlier this year with having moved to this Independent Living Retirement Home. We are continuing to go through the adjustment process of downsizing and giving up many of our possessions and the lifestyle we enjoyed for many years.
When I set down at my PC and work on pictures, it's one of the few things that I can do exactly like I did before we moved. That is the reason I take time-out from getting ready for our Auction and getting things sorted out, to do it. I should add that writing  blogs on my laptop are also similar to what I did before. The upper picture was taken in April of this year and the lower one in 1954. It was also my Folks first home after getting married in 1920. We sold it to Elaine's folks who had it for years. It has a lot of family history.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Nebraska Coliseum

I spent much of the afternoon sorting through old picture postcards. We probably have between 2 to 300 of them and most with a memory. This one of the UN-L Coliseum prompted some research. I learned that it was completed in 1926 with Nebraska losing to Kansas 25-14 on 2/6/26 with seating capacity of 4,030. The Huskers got revenge in 1958 when Jim Kubacki came off the bench to score in the final seconds and beat the #4 Jayhawks with Wilt Chamberlain 43-41. University Basketball was played there until 1976 when Devaney was built. Nebraska women racked up 3 National Championships in Volleyball while playing there until 2012 when they too went to Devaney. The place closed down for inter-collegiate play in 2013 with wrestling bringing down the Curtain. I believe it it still used for intramural sports. I first attended a sporting clinic there with our HS Coach in early '41 and we stayed on to see a Nebraska basketball game that evening. Several of us "farm boys" remarked at how much hay this largest building we had ever seen, would hold. We saw many University basketball games there over the years including what may have been the greatest one ever played there when Kubacki beat Wilt Chamberlain. The question is, "What do I do with the old Post Card and many others?"

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Football and Walking Plows

I would like to have reported on the Nebraska football game up in Minnesota this afternoon but what can you say when your team is on the short end of a 54-21 score. Their running back the opening kickoff was an indicator of things to come.  So, I will make reference to my October 26 blog page where I referred to the USDA Seal. J. Sterling Morton, USDA Secretary of Agriculture at the time, spoke of the importance of the walking plow as part of the Seal. I told in that blog, the story of our little model plow having a broken handle and  unsuccessful efforts to repair it. As it turned out, a good friend was able to put it back in beautiful condition. I have placed it on top of a bookcase in front of Morton's declaration. While the picture leaves something to be desired, so too does the plow as a symbol for modern day Agriculture. Like many symbols, statues, etc. we have evolved in our thinking and practices beyond what may have been very appropriate at one time, . They can still be very useful in showing how far we have come in our evolution.
When the game was over, Elaine and I went back to the exercise room where I again rode the NU STEP bike.
 Elaine spent some time working on a Jigsaw puzzle that was in the process of being put together. She wasn't able to add many of the remaining pieces since they all were the same color. I enjoyed my supper of potato soup, dried beef/Swiss cheese sandwich with Rocky Road ice cream. We are already looking toward changes in Nebraska Football.