Monday, May 29, 2017

Lance Schwartz Journal

Soon after beginning employment with the Nebr. Natural Resources Commission in July of 1980, I started "highlighting" routes that I traveled with a State vehicle on Official business. I didn't include any personal travel and filed the map away after retiring from NRC in 1989.  I hadn't thought much about the map until Lance Schwartz featured Gunner Hulck in his Journal on May 22, 2017.  Mr. Hulck graduated from Lincoln HS in 1950 and worked for 40 years with the State inspecting elevators across Nebraska. Many years ago, he started coloring routes he had traveled with a pink highlighter. My map is pretty insignificant by comparison.
 I was much more limited in time as well as small towns. Much of my travel involved the NRDs and special studies in which we were involved. Had I used different color markings for private travel and that done while on the Center For Rural Affairs Board, it would have been much more colorful. It was interesting that when Lance finished interviewing Mr. Hulck, he showed his map marked with "stick pins" at locations withing the State where he had produced a program for his Journal.

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