Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Valention's in Town.

Following our after-lunch naps, Elaine and I took on the task of doing some cleaning in the garage. It was stimulated by my asking Elaine to bring me a little tree trimming saw yesterday. She couldn't find the one I was expecting but was able to make the cut with the big one she brought. There were 3 smaller ones hid behind "stuff" piled on the  2 x 4's laying along the south edge of the garage. Our main objective  was of getting that area "organized". Some things went in garbage, others got placed in more appropriate locations. My stamina requires that I do as much work as possible sitting down. A cold Coors also helps after an hour or so. After over 2 hours, Elaine said that she had no idea of what to fix for supper. I heard good reports on the Valentino's that opened here in Seward a few days ago. That solved the problem of getting some supper.
We ordered a small Pepperoni  Pizza which was very good. So good in fact that we brought half of it home for lunch tomorrow. It was apparent that the team of 8 people people working, were in the "spring training phase" of preparing for a successful season. We got down there about 5:00pm and waited for a half-hour to be served. They seemed to be doing quite a bit of "call-in" business with orders being picked up. The place is relatively small with seating for about 50 people. There were about 5 tables filled with people "eating-in" as we left. We brought home a copy of their Express Lunches menu and believe that will become a favorite for us.

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