Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pre Mother's Day Celebration

We celebrate Mother's Day for an extended time. It began on Wednesday when Carolyn had a Double-Impatience hanging basket for Elaine. Yesterday this bouquet of cut flowers arrived at the door from a local flower shop from Tim and Laura & family. We took some pictures this morning after Elaine got home from the Beauty shop. We had also taken things to the Recycle Center, checked out a local Auction and went to Walmart. We are continuing celebrating by going to Nate's on the Nine this evening with Ben and Carolyn.  I have no idea what all tomorrow may bring, but it has already helped Mother realize how much all of us appreciate how much she does for us. Since my Mother died 26 years ago, Elaine has helped fill the void, continuing to serve as Care-taker as well as wife.
An example is of her insisting that I had to also appear on the picture with the flowers since we both were enjoying them. Who was I to argue, after all the eye drops, hot and cold pack therapy she provided me while getting over recent eye surgery. We are also keeping a close eye on when the big house will be moved down our street. We think there will be "No Parking" signs on the street, at least some time ahead of the move. There are many features about the old house that leads Ben to believe that his Great Grandfather built the house. Ben owned and lived in a house before he and Carolyn were married that he had built, and the houses have some similar unique features. 

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