Sunday, May 28, 2017

An Exciting Holiday Sunday

We got to Church this morning where Rev. Robert Henre used Acts 1: 6-11 as the scripture lesson and spoke on the "Ascension". He used the question, "Why are you looking up?"; and then spoke of Jesus being in our midst. With the Holiday, there was a comparatively small crowd for the 10:30 Service, and we didn't stay for social hour. We had coffee when we got home and watched the prelude to the Indianapolis 500. During the years that Tim was in Indianapolis, we went on a tour of the "brickyard", at the time they were running speed trials. It included a visit to the museum where we saw many of the old cars that had been part of the race in the past. I never had any great desire to see the race live,
One of the most dramatic crashes I'd ever seen, occurred fairly early in the race when Scott Dixon, who had won the pole position, collided with another car and went "airborne". His car went high in the air and twisted as it hit the wall. Flames shot out of various places and parts flew all over. It is certainly commendatory to the safety engineers who have designed equipment which enabled both drivers to walk away from the wreckage. The race was won by Takuno Sato, driving a Honda, who had started from the #4 position in the front row. He is the first Japanese to ever win it. 

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